Who would vote Leave or Remain?

Thought it was time to summarize Brexit. Groan, says everyone, haven’t we had it up to here?

brexit for and against

Who would vote Remain?

1. Simple and most obvious first answer is he or she who would stand to financially gain, would be penalized for leaving or who has a sinecure or nest egg to protect.

a. Bankers and multinational corporations who are getting rake-offs from the EU or EU smiled-upon business, plus those standing to get an EU pension, e.g. Clegg.

b. Those living over there who see reason N1 below for getting out as a reason NOT to get out. I mean British with property over there. And I’m afraid Leavers would be out of order were they to put this latter group down – let’s see you lose your own property due to penalties and then we’ll discuss principles. Merkel and Hollande are vicious muvvers.

Juncker says on Brexit: British ‘deserters’ to get no EU favor

2. Those who buy the Remain economic arguments, that it would cost Britain deep in the purse and this is tied into that same N1 reason to leave – fear of vindictiveness should we leave. It’s also tied into believing the whole debt economy via the ECB, EBRD, the BIS, IMF et all is the way we should be going.

3. Contract fulfillers who believe that because we made certain agreements and signed on the dotted line, Britain must honour its contracts, no matter how punitive. This is largely a Tory argument and does not take into account being forced into bad deals by both incompetence on the part of our pollies, plus weakness.

4.  Those responding to the fear factor. Those who think they’re holidays will now be ruined.

5. Tribalists, either Labour, immigrant, esp. Muslim, pollies, Guarianisti – all of those. Those on the kool aid or bought, such as the MSM.

6. Those who dislike and resent people like Farage and the whole Leave bellyaching for years.

sweden no go areas

Who would vote Leave?

1. Those who know just how vindictive and rip-off the EU has been, that the politburo and socialist pollies in each nation are vindictively anti-British. It comes out in everything from trade deals to Eurovision. The graphs show that the UK has fared worst in getting legislation passed and votes heeded at the EU, whilst at the same time, are having more and more laid on the people of this land.

Osbourne points to a net loss in the short term upon leaving but does not point to devastation of such things as the fishing industry and other infrastructure in the nation, gaining a ban on electric kettles and things like that.

You can call this Little Englander but it is lunacy not to recognize when someone detests you and sees you as subsidizing their own nation in perpetuity – that our production is for their benefit. And yes, there will be initial reprisals against us before the monstrosity collapses under its own weight, with a main funder now gone.

2. The essential corruption and taxpayer money wastage. The EU makes a big deal about whom they’re subsidizing directly here, failing to mention that it is our own money in the main which is paying for their earmarking. Are Poland and Lithuania contributing to our economy, apart from in their nationals occupying jobs or on benefits? The most famous is the failure to have accounts signed off by auditors in the EU for 14 years, and things like the butter mountain before that.

We owe it to Europe to bring this lot down and many European nations are looking to us, e.g. the Dutch, to kick start their movements, which will inevitably cause the collapse of the socialist EU state. This is the nobility reason.

heath lies to uk

3. Sovereignty. There is no doubt the EU [read Germany] wants its hands on the City wealth as it sees it. In Germany’s case, it has always had that aim of gutting the heart of Britain – England – breaking it up. There are many historical reasons, even spiritual, for this.

The simple question is – should a nation determine its own future, undictated to by external bodies and able to trade with anyone it likes? And this includes a collapsed EU, where unilateral deals are done by individual firms.

Those advantaged by this include the Commonwealth again, plus the US. The huge advantage in the medium and long term to our trade balance is near incalculable.

4.  Those just sick to death of being pushed around and seeing loss of freedom and loss of way of life:

this england

There are many immigrants who have assimilated, are doing well and do not want all of this EU and invasion stuff to wreck it. They came for the idyll above, not for this:

shape of things to come

5. Defence. The EU has gutted our armed forces and equipment, just as in all western nations ruled by socialists. With the EU forming an army with a German axis, plus the flood of migrants planned for the next few years to alter the face of Britain and complete Blair’s work, we are sitting ducks. See The Man in the High Castle for an idea of how life would be under such a regime.

Coupled with this are our forebears in WW2 and the Great War. I’ve seen people claiming they want the EU as a bastion against further war. Bollox – it is the warmongers at the top who determine that. Just because they remain peaceable in order to sell the EU to the constituent peoples does not mean they will remain this way. The warmongering formation of an EU army should be sufficient warning of this. There is deep trouble coming up within EU borders.

6. The invaders. This is UKIP’s main thrust, rather than Leave but it certainly concerns people in this country. Anecdotal evidence is always shaky but from what I’ve read and heard myself from people, many are concerned about this factor.

There is also the accompanying factor about pressure on housing and benefits to non-Brits at a time where we’re already under the pump.

7. Not sure this reason is going to resonate with many but Christians should be opposed to the EU as part of the worldwide, global governance push by establishment socialists and Them, from the high Masons to the other muvvvers skulking in the background. Ephesians 6:12.

Would it be better outside on this count? No, as some of the main global push drivers are from here, e.g. the Rothschilds, Scottish Rite. What it does is set back the grand plan for a time, the great work of ages. Delays it.

8. Less sure is that Direct Democracy will come. It certainly can never come whilst inside the EU, circumstances, e.g. the cry of more and more people could only come outside but I for one am not holding my breath on this. No ruling class is going to give people any power, whether national or supranational.

No doubt I’ve left out some important points here but hey, it’s early morning and I’ve just woken up, it’s pre-first coffee.

8 comments for “Who would vote Leave or Remain?

  1. woodsy42
    May 21, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Or a simple argument: By leaving the EU we would not be deserting the countries of Europe, we would be leading them.

  2. mona
    May 21, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    The Conservative Party as we once knew it has now morphed into two parties 1 The Conservative and European Unionist Party, 2. The United Kingdom Independent Conservative Party. please vote for number two on 23 –

  3. Ed P
    May 21, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    Brexit could become like the kiss which awoke Sleeping Beauty, sending a shock-wave around the world. But we are not alone: now Texas are considering leaving the US. So Brexit is a catalyst for all Separatists, worrying Them sufficiently to try to nobble this referendum.

    It all comes back seeing that TV shot of traitor Heath. Pity he’s dead, as a trial would have been nice. We’ll never regain that old Britain and its gentle, rural ways. Heath was a traitor to Britain in other ways too, relaxing constraints on the construction industry, (his friends, plus ca change) which accelerated their encroachment on natural areas, in some cases degrading forever the natural balance which had pertained for centuries. And if only Enoch’s warnings had been heeded.

  4. Katabasis
    May 22, 2016 at 11:21 am

    Great piece James.

    One quibble – the QMV figure looks too high. Last time I checked, UK’s share of the vote is 8.4%?

  5. May 22, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    QMV – you could well be right. Thanks all.

  6. May 22, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Great article and graph! Thanks, James.

  7. Vera
    May 27, 2016 at 1:06 am

    EU accounts – not signed off for 20 years. How far will the EU have to go before our clods see the light? Not the Remainers who vote for their own self interest ‘self before country’, always with us, but the undecided who don’t make an effort to get informed but play ‘safe’.

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