The Narrative Must Not Fail…

Browsing through the free ‘Metro’ paper on my way to work last week, I noticed TfL plugging a new charity.

Intrigued, I read up on the horrific accident itself:

Most times she saw Simon Eccles, Sarah would calmly ask him to cut off her leg so she could go through the same experience as Pollyanna. Yet she drew great comfort from the nurses, many of whom had come from dangerous third world countries, where they had witnessed horrific scenes, for a better life in Britain.

You get the picture. Even recounting personal tragedy, the proper regard for the Third World immigrants who enrich our culture must be observed.

But what of the Third World immigrant driver, Somalian-born Ismail Ahmed, 43, whose impatience at the wheel caused the devastating crash?

Speaking through an interpreter, father-of-four Ahmed then said: “I’m not that sure how it happened but my foot slipped from the accelerator pedal and got under the brake pedal.

“I did not succeed in moving my foot out of the position it got in.

“My heel got on top of the accelerator, that’s why the bus moved more than I wanted.”

Today’s proceedings were halted for around 15 minutes when the mum ran out of court crying.

Ahmed was given four years for the dangerous driving charge and three years for each of the two counts of GBH to run concurrently.

Judge Susan Matthews told him he must serve two years.

The judge said: “I assess competent ability as a momentary act of reckless. Dangerous driving that is falling below that of a competent careful driver.

“It’s arising out of impatience, frustration and complete discard (sic) for the safety of others.”

Hmmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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  1. May 22, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Off their effing brains.

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