A post June 23rd scenario

Steps in the setting up of FEMA:

February 16, 1962: President John Kennedy signed several Executive Orders which would allegedly give authority to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to control: communications, energy, food, fuel, farms, transportation, highways, railroads, inland waterways and seaports, health, education and welfare, drafts citizens into work forces under government supervision; designate areas to be abandoned as ‘unsafe’; relocates communities, and control all public storage facilities.

February 27, 1962: Kennedy signed E.O. 11051 designating FEMA as the authorized agency to implement the above orders.

President Nixon signed E.O. 11490 combining all the above to be enacted at one time;

July 20, 1979: President Carter added a few minor amendments.

Presidential Directive Number 54 in April of 1984 allowed FEMA to activate a secret national readiness exercise. This exercise was given the code name REX 84, purpose – to test FEMA’s ability to assume military authority.

June, 1994: President Bill Clinton signed E.O. 12919, encompass the various E.O.’s.

The Emergency Health Powers legislation, pending in state capitols all across America — if passed — would give the governor the power to declare a state of health emergency by executive order.

Apart from — and sometimes combined with — these Emergency Health Powers Acts are varying forms of “anti-terror” bills that redefine the words “terror,” “terrorism,” and “terrorist.”

In more detail:

Executive Order #10995: Seizure of all communications media in the United States.

Executive Order #10997: Seizure of all electric power fuels and minerals, public and private.

Executive Order #10999: Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control of highways, seaports and waterways.

Executive Order #11000: Seizure of all American people for work forces under federal supervision including the splitting of families if the government finds it necessary.

Executive Order #11001: Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, public and private.

Executive Order #11002: Empowered the postmaster general to register all men, women and children in the U.S.

Executive Order #11003: Seizure of all airports and aircraft.

Executive Order #11004: Seizure of all housing and finance authorities to establish Forced Relocation Designated areas to be abandoned as “unsafe.”

Executive Order #11005: Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private.

Executive Order #12919: Signs June 3, 1994, by President Clinton. Encompasses all the above executive orders.

Also, civilian inmate procedures:


CBS News reported on November 10, 2012, that FEMA camps are in place and being used to house victims of super storm Sandy.

A memo was also leaked in 2011 from a Bob Siefert, he was questioned on it and responded:

Dear Mr. Firth,

Thank you for asking about the truth concerning our search for subcontractors. First, KBR is not a subsidiary of Halliburton, and hasn’t been since April of 2007. KBR intends to respond to an upcoming Request for Proposal. FEMA is looking for companies that can set up temporary camps to house First Responders to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, etc. The services included in the KBR request for information are ones we cannot provide ourselves and will need companies who can react quickly enough to meet the FEMA goal of having a place for their responders to stay within 72 hours of a call up. The camps will be temporary in nature, and nothing is being “activated”. FEMA is trying to be proactive in preparing for timely responses if emergency responses are required. I hope this answers your question.


Bob Siefert
Manager – Small Business

Excerpts from the memo, which was a proposal to FEMA to be considered for tender:

“The Continental US will be broken up into five regions as indicated in the map below Services” will be required in each State within each region.” 

“(Contractors will) Establish services listed below within 72 hours for initial set-up and respond within 24 hours for incremental services. This is a CONTINGENCY PROJECT and it should be stressed that lead times will be short with critical requirements due to the nature of emergency responses. Subcontractors must be flexible and able to handle multiple, shifting priorities in an emergency environment.”

“Subcontractors will mobilize, transport, erect, install and demobilize temporary fencing, barricades, and associated equipment according to federal, state and local laws, codes and manufacturer installation instructions. The Subcontractor shall be able to mobilize and deploy key personnel(s) within four (4) hours of NTP to meet with KBR Site Manager at the Responder Support Camp (RSC) site in order to finalize the site design plan and acquire site specific design requirements and layout. Number of linear footage:

“Approximately 2,300LF for a 301 person camp after 36 hours of NTP”
“Approximately 3,600LF for 1,000 person camp after 72 hours of NTP”

Which would put paid to permanent camps and boxcars – the need appears to be for temporary and rapid holding areas for those designated “terrorist” or “insurgent”. Victims of hurricanes and floods need such incarceration of course.

This comment on one site, from late 2012, therefore makes sense:

That “camp” in Oceanport is an active, privately owned racetrack that’s not far from the ocean. The track is closed for the winter right now. I’m not debunking the fact that FEMA camps exist, but using this particular “camp” as an example probably isn’t the best thing to do. However, not too far from there is a closed army base that will be used as housing for displaced residents.

It matters not what a facility is at this time – the whole point, even in an innocuous response to a natural disaster, is rapid response housing and incarceration.

To go back to REX 84 [Apr ’84], the response force was called a “readiness” force.   Leaving the US for now and looking at Europe:

eu army takeover

If the EU is ready to admit a little over 800,000 Turks post June 23rd, plus the current wave of immigrants is stepped up, is a “high readiness” force to incarcerate those invited in? Or those who disagree with it?

Let’s say we lost the June 23rd vote, Austria also got its Green leader instead of the rightwing candidate, Let’s say there were now no barriers to the gameplan.

What would people such as you and I do? Nothing?  Or join demonstrations and the like? When someone organized a resistance force, this would now be illegal. Similarly, in the States, let’s say Trump does not get in, Clinton does.

The great number of people with guns across the States right now who have been quite vocal – what will they do? Meekly go home and do nothing, particularly if they feel there were shenanigans in the process?

Or would they stick their heads above the parapet, as this blog and many others have done?

And where will those people end up? With around half the voting population actually agreeing with Never Trumpers and over here, with around half the population having returned Cameron and Osborne, will they not shop people such as us?

Many preppers and gun lobby people have this idea that they can sit on their property and if someone comes for them, they can unleash their arsenal. What they do not see is that by this time, we will have been redesignated as terrorist or insurgent, even though we’ve done nothing illegal in our lives. And the more anyone speaks up for us, the quicker they’re added to the list.

Under martial law, people are designated by colour – Black, Red etc. Blacks would include wild types who, say, make their own weapons and put out threatening messages.  It takes not a lot of thinking through to see where Pegida are on these lists. Hence all the provocation at this moment, the inanities, the deliberate dishonesty. It’s to get those to show their hand who may not have done so. Taking to blogs is a radical act in an emergency situation.

A highly politicized time of unusual events and unrest

There are any number of scenarios. Let’s say we do win on June 23rd but then nothing is done. The EU says it will take 9 years, Cameron will agree and be forced out, the Tory Party goes through its death throes, a new leader takes over who demands loyalty or people like the IDSs are booted out.  They’re then on the dissident list, are they not?

I think people do not fully comprehend just how rapidly it will go from more or less polite argument to a state of illegality to make any statement. We see snippets of it here and there.

There is currently an induced – by govt measures – highly politicized time of unusual events and unrest and this time can be described as “fluid”.  That is, any provocation by govt can result in a boiling over and is doing so. It needn’t be Brexit or Trump related, it can be anything.

france petrol

At this time, the main thing is to have the “readiness” ready and the offenders identified and classified.

As if this is not far enough left field, let me return to Svali, of illumined infamy, from the year 2000, in that Toronto CentrExNewsdotcom radio interview with HJ Springer:

The random factor in all of this is how the average citizen reacts. It can’t be predicted, although … leadership will often invent different scenarios, and try to decide how they will act if the ordinary citizens react in an unexpected manner. I was told that around 2020, the … agenda would be revealed openly.

That timeframe appears to be on track.

Subtle moves

We’ve seen it in education, in the courts, it’s in Common Core in the States. It just needs slight changes, the most imperceptible. See anything different from the actual Constitutional provision?

change amendment 2

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now in a major textbook:

The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

That need spelling out?  The Democrats already run with that definition. Were Hillary President, that would be the Federal interpretation. Hence, unless you could show you were militia, you surrender your arms.

That’s just one small example. As you know, they never rest, pore over everything, introduce legislation when your attention is elsewhere.

In the context of all of the above, it hardly matters then whether it’s Remain or Leave, as there are scenarios for both. Ditto with Trump/Clinton. With a Trump victory, the left causes civil war and the Trumpites are rounded up. With a Clinton victory, it’s easier – the Trumpites are rounded up.

And not for a second do I think it will be military. There’ll be a bureaucratic letter in the box, querying certain things and imposing a fine or asking you to explain. Piecemeal, person by person.

You are provoked there, put in an untenable position, you react, standing on rights. There are no blogs any more, there is no Twitter. Facebook is already censoring its members.

You, the reader, are perfectly at liberty to call this post for being a piece of paranoid dystopic fantasy. Or you can think it through – look at June 23rd and beyond and ask yourself what would the scenarios be?

8 comments for “A post June 23rd scenario

  1. Brightside Bob
    May 23, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    In all genuine seriousness, pray to God.

  2. Barnacle Bill
    May 23, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Quite frankly I do not think Quisling Cameroon has really thought thru the aftermath of the referendum vote. I think they will be the narrowest win for the “In” camp. Maybe only a couple percentage points in their favour.

    It’s going to leave a big, open festering sore in our society; both at a political, community and personal level.

    So much so that I can see some sort of martial law/dictatorship declared. As for the next general election in 2020, I don’t think we will be having one, as we will never be trusted to vote again.

  3. DICK R
    May 23, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    The army if it were even large enough would never come out for Cameron and the EUSSR against the people .

  4. May 24, 2016 at 1:21 am

    The British Military has ‘threatened’ before. Threatened the Gummunt, that is. 1973/4 the last I heard.

  5. Penseivat
    May 24, 2016 at 10:08 am

    The oath of loyalty made by anyone joining the Armed Forces (and the Police) is to the Crown rather than a politician or political party. As such, unless the reigning member of the Royal Family suddenly became a citizen of, say, Kazakhstan – possibly not too remote due to recent events – then it is doubtful that the military would act. Many years ago, when stationed in the Ministry of Defence, there was a paper exercise called TEWT (Tactical Exercise Without Troops) in which the plans for a military coup were formulated. On the final presentation to a coterie of senior members of the government, the conclusion given was that the British people would not accept, long term, a military government and the solution would be to try and find an honest politician. It seems they are still looking, and the Army Major presenting it remained a Major for a long, long, time!

  6. Voice of Reason
    May 24, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    And in the US, we have a subculture of mostly white males who are oiling their guns in hopes of massive civil disruption, just so they can run out to kill people. They will even tell you that.

    • May 24, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      W-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, you have to give these things a workout – they’re not cheap.

      • Voice of Reason
        May 25, 2016 at 2:48 pm

        In my neighborhood, we have one man who fires of hundreds of rounds on a typical weekend, another with a small cannon, and a third with a machine gun.

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