1238 – the case for a nutter at the top

Do not disparage the place for the nutter up top.


A look at his background shows a man his kids love, a susceptibility to women [whatever his views on their competence might be], a competitive streak which has his opponents/partners second guessing and yet a hidden competence behind the bluster, an ability to plan and come out ahead.

And certain traits people call “liberal”, such as compassion for the less strong. Plus a knowledge that it’s all BS anyway and he can get other people to provide the details in conference.

It’s this latter point I believe Priebus saw the possibilities in. Make America great again? Hmmmm, well why not, let’s do this Reagan thing again, it’s time. We’ll still control him, it’s just a different ballgame now.

Where the Donald didn’t know, he brought in people who did and learnt along the way. That’s why he’s where he is. Those who like to control and advise must be thinking – you know, it’s not all bad as he does listen.

The disconcerting thing is that, having listened and they’ve pushed X, he does Y, a variant of X which gives the advisers no sinecure. Fine, then Dealey Plaza awaits.

I’ve no doubt either there’ll be nepotism and why not – appoint those you know and trust and they will be loyal to you and by extension – the country if that’s his bag.

And then there’s the American predilection for a winner, someone who can pull it out of the fire. A man of that sort of fanaticism often does come out on top, simply by definition.

Plus an anxiety among those opposed that they can’t predict him – he seems a nutter. It’s not all bad, they must be thinking. And seriously, people, look at the cynical, criminal alternative or if not her, the communist.

2 comments for “1238 – the case for a nutter at the top

  1. The Jannie
    May 27, 2016 at 9:18 am

    The headline made me think of Jasper Carrott’s “Nutter on the bus”

    • June 2, 2016 at 4:03 am

      For Jackie Robinson in particular, he says, I can bring myself to vote for or even endorse somebody like Barry Goldwater. As long as he in the party, I will not be supporting the party in any way, shape or form. I will do everything I can for state and local but at the presidential level I going to campaign for Lyndon Johnson. So he becomes head of Black Republicans for Lyndon Johnson.

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