Citizens’ court should try former and current PMs

Call that wild talk? I wonder.

Like you, I’ve read the histories, from the Club of Rome onwards and filled them in with other histories, e.g. the Frankfurt School and American writings, e.g. on the Fed and the communist menace etc.

Even after all of that, the question still remains:

How the hell did it get to a stage where two people like Schultz and Juncker can ponce around directing what happens in this country, who fishes where etc?

And the final straw is this EU and Facebook/Twitter collusion involving incarceration of offenders.

This moves it, does it not, from bossing us about to actually rounding up dissenters. If you look at the purported numbers dissenting from the EU, they’re not just a band of insurgents, they are maybe 50% of people. That’s a lot of rounding up and yet the holding areas are all in place, are they not? You’ve seen the multi-purpose areas, you’ve seen the instant Paris holding areas for migrants the mayor has just set up.

How the hell did that communist woman get to be mayor?  How on earth did Khan get to be London’s?

But more than any of this – are the general public aware what the EU are trying to do?  The FB/Twitter rounding up, the EU Army and the mass gate-opening to Muslims following June 23rd?  I can’t tell because I’ve neither TV nor radio, only online.

Now online, sure, we’re all talking about it. But what of the great unwashed – is Leave/Go bringing this warning to people about those three things? And if not, why not?

OK, one can understand Leave not doing it – they hijacked the out movement – but all the same, why isn’t Nigel warning about the EU Army and this latest thing about FB/Twitter?  Maybe he is, the MSM does not report it.

Trump really went off at the press yesterday, you saw? Quite rightly too but what of our press over here? Disgraceful bunch, all but Breitbart, the last free forum apart from Mail comments. Say what you like about that rag, the Mail, but it does let through much dissent. Hell, even mine yesterday was put in moderation and finally posted. And never forget it gets the widest readership of any other publication in the world. That’s gold.

So, back to the original question, who facilitated those two unelected clowns Juncker and Schultz to dictate to us?

And the answer is our PMs, with collusion from their underlings. And those have been Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron [the dimmer Blair clone].

We are talking trial for treason here. This is no hysterical overreaction or rhetoric, this is what must happen when they knew full well what they were signing us into, the full horror of it.

Of course, where is the political will to try them? Clearly, this is getting revolutionary now and never thought I’d ever say it, being bourgeois and for law and order, being libertarian too – there are going to have to be citizens’s courts. Not kangaroo courts, not that, but something presided over by, say, Farage/Hannan/Redwood and a smattering of reasonable Labourites of the old, patriotic type.

That’s just a thought. Far more important is that a spanner must be thrown, now, into the works of this globalization push because I’ve seen their writings on the global govt and it’s not pretty.

The scenario in Terminator III where those two hid in the facility and started the fightback is not all that far-fetched, it seems to me.

What this whole post is skirting around though is the bottom line – the only way any of this has been allowed to happen at all, even given the PM’s collusion, is that the people themselves allowed it.

Hands up those who voted for Blair multiple times? Even once? Come on, who voted for him over Major, believing there’d be a better world through him? Ever thought of voting sideways, for someone else entirely?

No candidates groomed and parachuted in are ever going to give you anything the establishment don’t have planned. For all his faults, Farage was the best hope but how many people heard the message? 3.8 million? Out of how many million?

There is the impasse – people believing lies for far too long.

2 comments for “Citizens’ court should try former and current PMs

  1. rapscallion
    June 1, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Whilst I completely agree with your sentiment, I don’t think a “People’s Court” is the solution. A trial for treason must be conducted under British Law (because that is the law they broke), and it MUST be trial by jury. Those found guilty are to be publicly hanged – pour encourager les autres.

    PS. I could never vote for Blair, or come to think of it Major or Call me Dave.

  2. mona
    June 1, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    We have a problem Khan was elected because of the enormous Muslim population in Londonistan, voter fraud, look at the Birmingham bombing Hillsborough, Blair, Dunblane, Diana. Roberto Saviano a Mafia expert told the Independent Britain was the most corrupt country in the world a world leader in corruption, foreign aid anyone?? Cameron is such a liar even the corrupt BBC cannot stomach his blatant lies and he is our PM .God help us.

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