National pride is misunderstood


George Friedman writes that the current rise of nationalism has nothing to do with fascism; rather, it’s a return to “the core of the Enlightenment’s notion of liberal democracy” – the right to self-determination.

Absolutely. Two co-existing threads underlying European culture – the Judaeo-Christian beginnings, the Enlightenment tolerance [pre-hijacking] and getting that balance right.

Pride in heritage and culture without the jingoism of the far right and without the self-loathing of the Jack Straws.

But it’s far more than that – it is beginning with the politics of integrity, honesty and nobility, dare we say even gallantry, and then tackling the beast by promoting, supporting, maintaining and fighting for:

1) Ordered, accountable, national government and the rule of law
2) Private property
3) Inheritance without taxation
4) Patriotism
5) The traditional family
6) Freedom of religion
7) Blocking all attempts at a world government

Many will recognize that list in reverse. I’d just add treaties of friendship between European-rooted nations worldwide, very real working partnerships.

The trick for any government is to keep out both the communists on the left and the jingoistic flagwaving on the right – to steer the ship of state down the middle of the channel, so it neither founders on the rocks nor becomes grounded in the shallows.

2 comments for “National pride is misunderstood

  1. Henry Kaye
    June 3, 2016 at 9:00 am

    James, have you never thought of going into politics? I’m sure you would be very electable!

  2. June 5, 2016 at 7:44 am

    The irony of the BBC shrilly declaring that Crusader dress-up was ‘offensive to Muslims’ while ITV’s Mars Bar adverts showed a load of celebs so dressed happily charging towards Paris wasn’t lost on me…

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