Anti-Trump violence in San Jose

The violent anti-Trump and anti-Trump-supporters protests in San Jose have beggared belief.

So has the poor response by the city. The mayor, a Hillary Clinton supporter, said that Donald Trump brought the trouble through his ‘irresponsible’ behaviour. Police did not seem to do much. The lady who was egged put on a jovial face, even though the second egg could have easily blinded her; thank goodness it was just that tiny bit off-target.

Something to ponder is that if Soros is helping to finance the protesters and is a friend of Trump, then it could be construed that he is helping Trump. But what happens if a Trump supporter meets violence with violence in a serious way? Then, are all bets off? An Ace of Spades reader thinks the Donald might not have thought this through. Hmm.

A 2016 re-enactment of the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention has pleased only the radicals. Even the #NeverTrump contingent (see comments) are beginning to change their tune.

Dilbert’s Scott Adams lives near San Francisco and is not a Trump supporter, however, he has been blogging consistently since Trump’s candidacy began about his winning use of persuasion. Even Adams, who is left-wing, took a dim view of the protests and tweeted:

The anti-Trumpers with Mexican flags, and violence, are making a deeply persuasive argument for deportation.

After the Anaheim rally, the police sagely directed Trump supporters out the back exit of the convention centre. They avoided violence as the noisy protesters were all out in front. Then again, unlike San Jose, Anaheim is a conservative city. editor and Trump’s premier British fan Milo Yiannopoulos was touring California as the presumptive nominee was holding his rallies. Milo is speaking at American university campuses to shine a light on the falsehoods behind leftist memes and the LGBT movement. With regard to the latter, he knows whereof he speaks. He too has protesters and hecklers. After his talk and Q&A session at UCLA, he gave an interview during which he said:

I’m a creation, I suppose if you want to demean me in that way, I am a creation of the progressive left. I think I am a necessary correction to the insanity on college campuses and in the media.

There is no question whatsoever that American college campuses and the American media are infected with a disease — Social Justice …

And you can tell from the hysteria outside, you can tell from the furiousness of journalists at BuzzFeed and Gawker and Vice, and, and all those horrible places — You can tell from the ever-greater hysteria about ever-smaller subjects, you can tell they know the jig is up. You can tell from the atmosphere on campus. You just know, it is starting to dawn on these people, they’re starting to get the message that shouting, ‘racist!’ is not going to shut people up anymore.

It doesn’t shut me up, it doesn’t shut anyone in this audience up. Now you’ve got to come with facts. Because for too long the bogus cult of social justice policed peoples’ lives. And forced people to watch them speak.

I’ll have more on Milo in another post. My jaw dropped at certain points when I watched his Q&A session at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. But I digress.

Newt Gingrich shared Milo’s view of the protesters. Discussing the San Jose violence, he said that:

it is representative of fear on the part of the left and “fits into a general pattern” of political violence. “All of us who want real change in Washington have to realize that our opponents are not going to be helpful,” he said. “They’re not just going to roll over and accept this change.”

“They know that if Donald Trump is acceptable in October of 2016, he will be president,” Gingrich said. “So they are trying to paint him as unacceptable.”

Everyone is saying that Trump can’t win with Hispanics come November. Yet Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, a reporter for NBC News, says he will do better than people think. Whilst it is unlikely he will reach the 44% that Bush II polled in 2004, it is possible he could ‘flirt’ with 30%.

She gives several reasons for this: Latinos have a large group of independent voters; Trump is addressing Latino groups on the subject of jobs as well as safe communities and is also emphasising border control, without mentioning the wall:

He’s locked down his base with the anti-immigrant bluster. Now he just needs to expand his voter pool. If the address to the National Hispanic Christian Conference is any indication of what’s to come we’ll see less of the Mexican “rapists” comments and more of his populist economic message … 

These folks are not voting for Trump because, “he’s just like them.” They’re voting for him because they want to be him …

There will be Latinos who just like Trump’s style and aspirational message and can look past his bluster and outrageous statements as well as his dangerous dance with conspiracy theories. And then there will be those who don’t like Trump but believe in the GOP. Either way, there will be Latinos who vote for him — as of now, that portion is believed to stand at 20 percent. And that’s before Trump has gotten into his moderate general election groove.

The stagnant economy will help to drive Trump’s numbers up universally from now through the beginning of November.

Trump focussed on Hillary Clinton in San Jose. He replied to her criticism of his temperament:

“Let me tell you. My temperament is so much tougher and so much better than her temperament,” Trump said. “And by the way, we need a tough temperament. All of these countries that are our allies — she talks about our allies — our allies think we’re very stupid people.”

He compared her to sleeping tablets:

“It’s like taking Sominex. To watch her is like Sominex. You ever hear of Sominex? Sleep all night. It’s hard to stay awake,” he said. “I think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep. It was hard.”

And he made no bones about where she should end up:

“Hillary Clinton has to go to jail. She has to go to jail. I said that,” he said about the email scandal. “She’s guilty as hell.”

And finally, Paul Ryan has now boarded the Trump Train. Real Clear Politics reported on Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd saying that, as Speaker of the House, Ryan ‘had no choice’ but to do so.

Two Real Clear Politics readers responded bluntly to Todd’s statement. They explained that Wisconsin voters are angry Ryan ‘pushed’ Obama’s Omnibus Spending Bill through the House of Representatives and are busy donating to his opponent Paul Nehlen’s campaign. Those supporting Ryan planned to vote for Nehlen had the Speaker not endorsed Trump.

The GOP Congressional primaries take place on August 9, 2016, so there’s plenty of time for that campaign to unfold.

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  1. mona
    June 6, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Just wait till Trump gets his depopulation plans into operation (operation fumigate).

    • June 7, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      When has he said that? Link(s) appreciated, if you have it (them). Thanks.

      Otherwise, this kind of comment/rumour exacerbates anti-Trump hysteria.

      • June 7, 2016 at 4:45 pm

        Think it may have been tongue in cheek.

  2. June 7, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Thank you, James — much appreciated.

    Those types of comments are deeply unhelpful and unproductive, particularly during a charged — and violent — primary season.

    I am shocked and surprised that, after San Jose — the subject of this post — this reply was submitted.

    My thoughts are with the woman who was egged (who could have gone blind) and the man who was dripping blood. It was one big joke, right? /sarc off

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