Notice to readers

This is for OoL readers who also visit nourishing obscurity, this being the best way to inform them.

N.O. is currently down, meaning neither the front page can be accessed nor the dashboard. Cloudflare has always been a problem where I/we have had sites, even OoL was on it for a time and it went down far too often. Now it’s off it, there’ve been no further problems.

Cloudflare call it a 522 error, meaning they send out some packages to N.O. to make contact, N.O. then should respond with a thing called an ACK. It is not doing so and Cloudflare surmise that it is because the host’s server has something on it hogging resources. Could be a firewall, could be a limit on processes, whatever.

Some techies might dispute the word “down”. I call “down” unable to either see or get into the site, as admin. I understand though that some people are saying they can see it. Firstly that might be a cached version, secondly they might not know if a new post had gone up or not. As for me, I’m getting only the 522 notice on all my devices, even after rebooting the devices.

The usual way to fix this is for the host to reboot but I’m also getting no response from the host. Therefore, I’ll be blogging from:

… until the main site decides to come back again. Sorry to trouble you.

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  1. June 13, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Connection was a bit slow, but achieved with no real difficulty.

    Browsed a little, but really enjoyed the copied tweet from one Daniel Ashcroft about the importance (to himself) of marriage.

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