The lies which are told

John Redwood brings this one, on the lies told to Norway before their rejection of EU membership:

Some of us have seen it before but it’s still a poignant reminder.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    June 12, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I make no apology for the intemperate language, this is a serious business and we go up against the scum of the earth.

    All of the browbeating and unconscionable bullying of Norwegians by the EU shills……..All of it – were fucking lies then, now those self same tales of woe and misery…FFS = Britain receives the same treatment: but the rhetoric ramped up and they are even bigger lies now. Lies – the key word.


    Fuck off to Dave and ‘project total wanker’ and fuck off to the UK establishment – all of you!! Fuck off to Brussels and the corporate blob and Goldman Sachs, too.

    OUT, OUT of the EU and NOW!

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