Right, it’s getting close. There are things we want, post-23rd but they’re going to take a little time.

Not the sort of time spoken of by the EU and OsCam but it will take time. There is the UKIP manifesto, which was damned good if you read it, there is Flexcit. All good and something workable can be cobbled together.

I’m speaking of the post-event early days. Clearly OsCam go, Gove-Johnson take the reins. Let’s be practical here – they’re already in parliament, UKIP are not, except with Douglas.

Then it’s a case of political will. If Gove-Johnson wanted, they could set the ball rolling to overturn Thanet South and that’s Nige in. Methinks he might be a bit weary now, should the referendum say Out. Maybe he would want.

Also, just because we got over the line, does not mean the treacherous left-establishment is going to take it lying down. They are going to pull every dirty trick they can and dream up others. The media is still in their pocket.

What it seems will happen is the worst case scenario – the thing will drag out, those voting Leave will start to get cold feet – oh, what have we done – and the Empire will Strike Back. If some sort of constitutional committee is set up, they’ll worm their way on, as they have the political tools to do this, then they’ll stall, stymie, generally act for their masters.

However much you might not like the idea, there is probably going to be some bloodyminded shoving out happening, quite violent stuff. It might even be that this is being allowed to happen now because it was shaping like an assassination and the PTB do not wish for anyone to get those ideas in Britain. So let OsCam slide, Gove-Johnson achieve nothing, it’s the least worst for the PTB.

Real change does seem, to me, to be a dream, like the Marxist 5th stage. The best we’ll get is some sort of new Magna Carta for the people, not a long way from the American Constitution. Farsighted people will see that as being of more value than any temporary power sharing.

At this point, it’s not helpful to put the Christian eschatological scenario that this thing is actually heading inexorably downwards and it’s time for you and your family to look towards their souls [Ephesians 6:12 onwards]. Not helpful because though it might be the worst case scenario, who says it’s now, in our current era? Who’s to say it won’t be six generations from now?

So it does seem indicated that we go out Dylan Thomas raging, fighting for right etc. etc. The left are the major obstacle to anything good, simply because they really believe right is on their side, that they are doing good work, even though their actions are aiding and abetting destruction and their narrative-soaked brains are addled.

Did you see Charlotte Church on her Thames boat yesterday, adjusting her boobs in her kini? That is the nu-left summed up. Geldoff’s viciousness too. Tinfoil hat on and maybe it’s the cynic in me thinking the thing’s a set-up to get Leave over the line so the other Bollinger Clubber can have his turn as PM.

We’re divided right down the middle in this left-establishment society. Unless members of the left start waking up, maturing perhaps, and the RINOs/CINOs are shown up for what they are too, we’ll get nowhere. They do have sheer numbers, unfortunately, combined numbers with the migrants.

Don’t think Gove-Johnson need go to Her Majesty, it’s just a change in leadership for now. Can’t see anyone voting Corbyn’s lot in just yet.

How do you see it all playing out?

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  1. john in cheshire
    June 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    My feeling is that as soon after 23rd June as possible, on a Leave vote, the EU needs to be served with the notice to quit via Article 50 otherwise, Messrs Cameron, Osborne et al; maybe even Mr Johnson, because I don’t trust him; will begin to manoeuvre matters into another round of renegotiations in order to reverse the Leave decision.

    Also, I don’t think we’ll see the benefits of Leaving for maybe 10 years because of all the unwinding that will have to be done; that includes the recovery of our fishing grounds; since there are legalities that protect the incumbents. There are lots of people to be trained to do proper jobs, including our politicians and civil servants and there will be equipment to be acquired; such as coastal vessels to guard our shores and fishing grounds, and border guards at ports and airports.

    Having said that, I’ve lived for over 40 years inside this monstrosity, 10 years to return to normality is a drop in the ocean given the legacy our future generations will be bequeathed.

    • June 16, 2016 at 7:29 pm

      Yes, that would stop any further legislation affecting us regarding the EU.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    June 16, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Apparently, in some distant outpost of darkest Yorkshire some fairly anonymous female politician was shot today……

    Already, the politicians are out to make political points, and add a few more…

    Under orders we all are, the world has to stand still, because the UK media in tune with the virtue signallers in the lav party and tagging along are the cognoscenti have deemed this grievous act to be politically motivated crime (oh dear and isn’t everything?) – done in by a ‘reight wing thug’ and thus leading the country on down a cul-de-sac and to infer, the bullets came from a Brexit (Brevik?) supporting assassin, aye and what fantasy is this?

    But…but…..but – is there another agenda here? Certain Lav MPs have been too quick off the mark and the opportunity for maleficent mischief making and casting mud, smear and aspersion – directed at a leave camp which is clearly winning the argument.
    Cue, shrouds and candles, flowers, teddy bears and pious keening – from those who never knew her and from her friends, the usual hollow, monotonous panegyric, though let us hope that, the mourning isn’t for a fatality, the doctors can save her and make her well again – Jo Cox.

    Gun crime is rife in these ‘ere parts (West Yorks, Sheffield, Manchester) and over recent years there have been victims aplenty. In each case, what does not happen though, is that, the country brought juddering to a standstill.
    We can never condone this type of violent act – we swing to the opposite in fact, this lunatic shooter should feel about his sorry arse – the full force of the law and tried under the scales of justice by twelve of his peers and then banged up for the rest of his natural.

    But please, please, please…………….

    A little objective and proportionate reaction would not go amiss, for sure it is a dire event but that, she is not the first MP to be attacked, remember Timins’s assault, yes there was an outcry but that attack of course was made by a woman on a male MP. Whereas, the other ways around – it’s somehow deemed to be different – in these days of enlightened gender equality for all – why is this so?

    • June 16, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      Didn’t know what you were talking about, have been away. Just saw it. Must read.

      Have read it. Mail coming the line that it was Leave campaign who did it [no comments allowed on that post]. After all, she was the silly person carrying the In flag on the Thames, therefore this far right man [probably a Manchurian for the PTB] shouts Britain First so everyone knows it’s the Leave campaign behind it and kills her for carrying the flag. Yeah right.

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