The exploitation of Jo Cox’s death

Jonathan Isaby at the TPA wrote:

Everyone has been shocked by the horrific killing yesterday of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire. I offer my deepest condolences to her family. She was a wife and a mother to two young children, and few of us can begin to imagine the pain which they will feel at having lost her in such gruesome circumstances.

As a wife and mother, no argument whatsoever. For any family to be torn asunder is an abomination.


Yes, there are caveats, quite vital ones. Many of these have been talked about over social media and I can add little. But there may be some things you’ve not seen. The Purple Scorpion takes up the tale:

We don’t know yet if it was a political murder or not. The suspect evidently has a history of mental problems. His neighbours say he wasn’t political, but he had a gun, and what did he look at on the library computers? Had he been radicalised?

It seems they didn’t know him well.

Or – whisper it – was there no political element at all?

He went armed, evidently to do damage. We do not know why he and another man were fighting. Jo Cox came out. As far as we know, he didn’t try to burst into her surgery. If she was his target, on the face of it he went about his foul deed very oddly.

Did he shout “Britain First” before walking away? Witnesses differ.

Well, they did differ but not so much now, because of this:

message in the window


Purple Scorpion also asks about the South African website and the contents of the man’s flat. And into this come Maria Eagle and that other Labour MP I can’t find the name of, both making as much mileage as possible from it, let alone those on social media.

Contributor Chuckles [blogosphere ghost] commented:

One trusts that the police will be charging Maria Eagle with ‘hate crimes’.

Theo Spark yesterday quoted American Power as saying:

From Paul Joseph Watson, at InfoWars, “‘Not all Muslims’ Crowd Will Blame All ‘Vote Leave’ Conservatives for Shooting of MP”:

The shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox will be swiftly exploited by the political establishment and blamed on those who want to limit immigration and vote to leave the European Union.

Brendan O’Neill had this to say:

brendan o'neill

Dellers put it more strongly:

So we have the horror of a wife and mother gunned down, under quite disputed circumstances, not unlike Sandy Hook and Lee Rigby, much still unknown, to the point wise people said it best not to comment until “all the facts are in”.

I could have told them “all the facts” would never be “in”. It doesn’t work that way. An example of the dirty tricks was that while these things were in dispute, whoever syndicates news worldwide leapt onto one narrative and one only. It’s at Le Figaro, at Der Spiegel, and also at the Melbourne Age:

‘Remain’ MP dies after attack. A Labour MP who has campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU has died after being shot by a man who was reportedly shouting ‘Britain First’.

Other news sources said similar, the EU commissioner for migration jumped in and blamed Brexit hatred. Some major news services said those things then did not provide a comments thread. Where they did, I tried to comment but was asked name and address. Why? Why do they need that?

Mental health

One thing not being pursued is the state of mental health – NHS patients being released to live alone, that sort of thing.

The fallout

It does matter that Remain and the PTB who fund and run them have done this, in collusion with the media.

Today I was able to show a local lad the facts and figures, e.g. the £2.6bn invoice the EU is about to drop on the UK, the admitting of Turkey to the EU and therefore free passage to the UK and the effect on housing, jobs and welfare and so on.

He’d seen nothing in the media on it, zilch. But he understood the concept of the media lying. Question is – how many other people have seen the facts and figures? I asked him if he trusted Cameron and Osborne, the main drivers of Remain?

No he didn’t and he was leaning Leave. That’s one person.

The “due respect” game

I waited 24 hours and got a bit of mild GBH from blogfriends for waiting but it was out of respect for the wife and mother.

However, Remain are milking this. In other words, when is it appropriate to comment on the campaigns again? Today? Tomorrow? Sunday? Tuesday? After the funeral? After the 23rd? You see where this is going.

Finally, that poor, deluded woman herself

So far, it’s been Jo Cox, wife and mother. And yes, she was doing the surgery in her constituency and for sure, this needs looking into and protection given to all MPs, no one’s saying any differently.

remain traitors

However, there is another side to this lady. It’s one thing having differing opinions from others, e.g. which film is best, which song is best, it’s even a matter of opinion whether one likes certain characters or not.

One thing which is never opinion is where, for reasons of either ignorance or intent, not just as a private citizen but as an MP of the realm, a person takes wrong information, turns it into a narrative and by pursuing that narrative, not only do they create and maintain the hatred in the land:


… but through their own silliness, their own obstinacy and refusal to see facts, start supporting groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, trying to make out ISIS do not base their horror on the Koran [many, many posts on this to come] and openly invite in migrants to swamp the NHS, jobs and welfare.

Dogooders? Doing no harm? They are doing very great harm, very great harm indeed. This was not a good woman who died, this was a silly little cow who’d got the wrong end of the stick and was supporting genuine harm to this country.

I’m speaking here of Jo Cox the Labour MP, not the wife and mother of course. And what are you going to tell me – that it is beyond the pale to speak ill of the dead? Should I have spoken well of Saul Alinsky when he died?

This woman has done very great wrong. One half of the UK would agree with me. The other half, including the PTB, would not and would try to pull this “inappropriate” stunt, to prevent her legacy being dispassionately scrutinized.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    June 17, 2016 at 12:23 am
    • June 17, 2016 at 12:29 am

      Indeed. By us not following suit, perhaps the public will be able to compare and conclude.

  2. June 26, 2016 at 6:45 am

    Didn’t help the ‘Remain’ campaign in her own district – they voted ‘Out’!

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