How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear?

‘Don’t forget to post my Leave vote!’: Last words of dying WWII veteran who ‘fought for his country until the end’ and passed away with Brexit on his lips.

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear? We’ve looked at the immigration poised to be dropped on us, inc. Turkey’s accession, we’ve looked at Gove’s economic argument, which is sound. We’ve looked at the appallingly unprincipled tactics of Remain and have seen how they then, risibly, have tried to accuse Leave of those same tactics, thereby creating a did, didn’t, did, didn’t, did, did, did scenario, like the children they are.

Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many vets left to put the case this old soldier did above. They were relying on the new elderly, us, to keep putting the point.

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear? The enemy are most mindful of the past – whether they really are descended from the bloodline and from the mystery religions of the ancient world … or whether they’re johnny-come-latelys who are pretending to be the custodians of the ancient wisdom, point is, in practical terms, that a small bunch of German dominated, unelected, undemocratic, unprincipled people have somehow seized control of the nations of Europe and are still hungry for more. They cannot be removed by any process.

And beyond “grants” to us taken from money we paid them in the first place, what are they offering? The turning of the Bruderheist screw. They’re neither more nor less than a European mafia, a bunch of gangsters.

The old soldiers fought for their country because the poor sods bought the narrative of Dad’s Army, which was the only narrative left once Hitler was let off the hook, funded by American concerns, once he’d become a monster. Our parents and grandparents had no choice by that stage, it was well past Chamberlain by then.

And the big lie has even seen some of our vets, through never wanting to see war again, buying the narrative that this bunch of crooks are going to guarantee posterity freedom from European war?

Shouldn’t older people be able to see the wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing? By every action, from the arrogant failure to sign off accounts for two decades to the sudden directives and demands from the bunker for money, more money, more, more, more, haven’t the gangsters shown what they’re really like, it coming through the actions of the Remain campaign? You saw a globalist on the Thames the other day, sticking two fingers up, his face contorted in sneering rage.

Show me once that Farage or Gove acted like that, without personal decency, whatever you think of their policies? If the ghosts of the fallen could come back today to offer their opinions, which of the two would they see as a better future for the land? The one trying to destroy or the one seeking some sort of continuity, steeped in the traditions of their nation?

EU bringing peace? Preparing to draft national armies into an EU megaforce? Why are we so blind? I’d even accept it if there were a structure of elections and accountability but there’s not. There is just this bunch of vile men [and women], Alinskys, who have somehow got control of the continent with the collusion of quislings in Europe, the Vichy Europeans.

My vote in two days will be for my father, a man who ended up with half a dozen medical conditions, half of those war-related, dying in a forces hospital. If I don’t vote Leave, I am denying his sacrifice. He’d be the last to make a big deal about what he did during the war, most of his mates just did it and left it to those such as me to write it up later.

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear? To what extent must there be a continuity to the generations, to what they stand for, to their core principles? And in England, how many times overrun up to 1066 and then … not? And now we meekly hand over the nation to the VERY people, and the worst elements within those people, against whom our forefathers fought and died.

How far should posterity heed the concerns of yesteryear?

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  1. Henry Kaye
    June 21, 2016 at 9:16 am

    So many of us are grieving what has happened to our country in the last half century or so. Clearly the older citizens are more aware of the changes whilst the young people have known no different. I am currently reading Mark Steyn’s After America and found his chapter entitled Britannia to be a pretty fair summary of what has happened to this once great country. Read it.

    • June 21, 2016 at 9:24 am

      Yes, must get hold of that.

      • June 26, 2016 at 6:56 am

        It’s a great read! Steyn is often spot on.

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