Housekeeping – tech problem

It’s the most annoying thing when comments do not appear. At the Mail, for example, it often says thank you and then doesn’t show it. Yet half an hour later, it does. Am I on some special moderation, do they not like my views?

More often than not it might have been that the moderator was out to lunch at the time in London or just a tech glitch. To remove such glitches, one needs to be techie and I for one am not.

Just why Hereward’s comments were in spam I do not know but they were there. Just why a system which should have recognized him as one of the most consistent contributors suddenly didn’t like him, as it also does to me, is a mystery I don’t have the expertise to explore and those that do are busy.

Do you know it won’t let me comment either? I have to go in via the dashboard. And I’m meant to be the moderator. Sheesh! Now there may be some reason such as some trojan or whatever I don’t know of and it picks it up.

Trouble is, there are baddies out there who do come in to wreck and the system says look, do you want keen filtering or not? Sadly, we must have it. Therefore, Julia and I must come in at intervals and manually sort it.

Which p***es off some of our readers. Which we don’t want. Which is the ongoing battle. Sorry again.

4 comments for “Housekeeping – tech problem

  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    June 22, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Thanks James, I know many don’t like what I say, it has also happened to people far more erudite, intellectually superior than me – Enoch Powell for one.

    I am resigned to believing that, some people cannot bear to hear the truth – a simple fact of life. Indeed, what pathetic existences they must lead and money provides no answer to conscience, no matter that and even if you own the earth.

    Indeed, the left have worked this closing down of the debate by taking command of the perceived high ground. For example, in that if you talk about mass immigration – you’re a waycist and xenophobe, if you question the man made religion of anthropomorphic induced emissions of CO2 causes warming – you’re likened to a Holocaust denier and worse than even that.
    If you question the EU and all that it is – a federal superstate – even some ‘leavers’ question your analysis (FFS) – what are they on, I wonder?

    Oh yes, are the left are full of hate but why are they able to portray themselves as something they clearly ain’t? – as ‘the good people’. Since the beginning of the C20th – perfidious, mendacious, purposefully the left – they’ve trashed the Christian ideal only to replace it with something infinitely worse Socialism.
    Cultural Marxism and Socialism ≠ equality, in actual fact Socialism enforces, perpetuates and cements inequality and inequity but the public cannot seem to grasp that basic truth.

    All round the truth is twisted and only people like us (though I’m quite sure we are not in the minority) – are able to fathom it.

    I feel that, I do know what Galileo felt like and like on so many things man’s theologies and theologists – can get it so wrong. Further that, evil is in us all, as you James have alluded to before – man needs, thirsts for, demands a higher authority and if we don’t have it, don’t aspire to a greater consciousness and a higher ideal. then, the devil wins hands down.
    There is no perfect answer but I know one thing indubitably, that if, Socialism is the answer – then society is asking the wrong questions.

    N.B. Gremlins, IT probs, I know for a fact that Brussels employs a number of computer geeks to stir trouble on right wing blogs and now time is of the essence – I always thought that they would – stir up endless trouble on the eve of the ballot, it seems I maybe was correct…….maybe?!

  2. June 22, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    Whether your views are liked or not is irrelevant. You put them with full force, we expect no less. As it turns out, most here agree with you.

  3. Ted Treen
    June 23, 2016 at 1:07 am

    To err is human: to REALLY foul up takes a computer…

    • June 26, 2016 at 7:27 am

      So true!

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