They just got fed up of being bloody patronised!

I would begin by copying a comment which I posted on the Conservative Woman blogsite:-

I feel I must extend a heartfelt apology to the Labour voters of the North-East and other areas of Wales and England. I have often accused them of behaving and voting like a large herd of sheep, placidly either grazing or voting as the Labour masters directed. But I read this morning that the herd has revolted, gone against the dictates of everyone from Corbyn downwards; and voted in massive numbers to leave the accursed European Union.

How nice it to awake this morning to the news that we will be, in due and deliberate time, once more an Independent Nation. And even nicer to hear that we shall not be encumbered with the lies and plans of ‘Our Dave’ himself once he realised that the game was up!

I was about to play Beethoven’s Ninth on my music system,but view of that superb piece of music’s association with the EU, decided instead to opt for Judex, from Mors et Vitae. Justice sometimes must be celebrated!

I listened to the BBC Today programme this morning, the broadcast journalist was stationed in Sheffield, bleating with amazement that this staunchly Labour city had plumped, with 16 million more; had actually voted to leave the EU. And that was the theme of her whole broadcast. All the experts had virtually dictated the terrors, the horror which would befall anyone who doubted the ‘received truth’: all the world leaders had, with just one exception, opined that to ‘stay in’ was the sensible

Eddie Izzard makes a plea to young people to vote to stay in Europe.He is taking his 'Stand up for Europe' campaign to 31 cities in 31 days.He urged young people to have their say just 3 days before the deadline to register. London 4 June 2016. (Mark Thomas/REX/Shutterstock/CP)

option: even such individuals of immense sagacity such as Eddie Izzard had solemnly warned the voters that to leave would be just ‘so terrible’: and still they voted to Leave. The Sheffield piece ended with two segments, the first recorded in a pub, with the unmistakable flat accents of Yorkshire stating that they had voted to leave because they were fed up of being lied to; being preached at; of being told that they were literally too bloody thick to understand how difficult it all was. The second segment came from a H.O.M.O., otherwise know in the trade as a House of Multiple Occupancy, and all interviewed were female university students or graduates, all Labour supporters; and with no exception all spoke of their horror, their absolute dismay, at a decision being taken by the ‘plebs’, the ‘lumpen proletariat’, the mob; which disagreed 180 degrees from their own.


A Labour politician put his finger right on the pulse when he said, “A huge turnout from council estates has happened, people who have never, ever, voted before; have turned out, and walked, shuffled, strolled and sauntered along to the Polling Stations: and made their own bit of history!”

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  1. wiggia
    June 25, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Oh I think it is a lot worse than all that, the endless appearances of “baffled” remainers who are talking of the uneducated mob who should have never been allowed near a polling booth and of how the young have been hung out to dry by an even less educated over 65 section of the population.

    Polly Toynbee has this in her piece on what “happened”

    The old were leavers partly because only 7% of 65-year-olds went to university. Half the young now get degrees, so 75% of them voted remain.

    not long now and the sages of Hampstead will have a university degree as a requirement to vote, I see reports of the unwashed at Glastonbury awaking from their drug addled slumbers in tents to the full horror that the country has a different view from theirs, the same people of course unless they used a postal vote who put the most important vote in recent history below that of attending a pop festival.

    And how many of the millions of young despite an extended time frame to get them signed actually could tear themselves away from their iPhones to be bothered, to late now of course so just blame everyone who voted as uneducated and lets sign a petition so we can have another go at getting the right result, exactly like the institution we have just voted to leave.

    Just look at this as an example of the sneering foot stamping can’t we do it again because everyone is thick brigade, and people like this say divisions have been created in society by the current government, not by attitudes like theirs of course !

    • June 25, 2016 at 2:02 pm

      It’s interesting that Ms Toynbee, born in 1946, appears to have missed the fact that many older voters grew up in families directly affected by the Second World War; perhaps that’s not surprising, given that, according to Wikipedia, her parents spent the early 1940s ‘living a bohemian life in London’s Fitzrovia’ while her father wrote experimental novels and continued his career in journalism.

      If a straw poll of my older relatives is anything to go by, the wartime and immediate post-war experience of less privileged citizens has left them decidedly sceptical about the sunlit uplands of ever-closer European unity.

    • June 26, 2016 at 7:00 am

      And what, one wonders, are those 75%ers degrees in..?

    • BobH
      June 27, 2016 at 12:11 am


      There has been a whole load of drivel about the youth vote.
      The TV and Radio discussion progs are ranting that the youngsters opinion has been completely discounted by the votes of us old wrinklies.

      Here is your simple and logical answer to that, an answer that needs to be rammed down the reporter’s throats till they capitulate.

      As a young man, I voted to remain in the Common Market because, just like today’s youth, I believed the lies that the government of the day spouted, the same lies they use today.

      Then, whilst still a young man, I gradually realised that I had been completely deceived and thus joined the campaign to leave.

      It is only the decades of obfuscation and dishonesty by the political elite that have delayed my voting chance till I became an old wrinkly!

      Youngsters should listen to the oldsters occasionally, we have seen it all before and have learned by hard experience.

      I expect my experience is matched by the majority of wrinkly voters, surprisingly, we were all young once!

      May I suggest you pass this sentiment on next time you hear the youth vote deception being spouted.

  2. Errol
    June 25, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    Toynbee is an oaf with the brain of a snail. She is a big state hard Left champagne socialist. Someone who expects other people to pay for her decisions. It’s really rather tiresome to read the drivel of such fools. The idea that Leave won because those who voted are thick is typical of her mindset. This condesencing arrogance, the greed and petulance of those who consider thmselves superior.

    Te BBC disllikes the referendum because it to is big state champagne socialist construct. It’s full of people with degrees but little experience or ability.

    The EU is ended. It was a stupid idea dreamed up by stupid people who only wanted to profit from the work of others.

  3. John in cheshire
    June 25, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    I’m worried about the Remainiacs petition for a second Referendum. I hope this doesn’t gain a momentum of its own. There are now over 1 million signatures. How can its pernicious effects be neutralised?

    • June 25, 2016 at 4:17 pm

      I’ve just addressed this in a post.

    • June 26, 2016 at 7:01 am

      They don’t need to be neutralised. They can safely be ignored.

  4. mikebravo
    June 25, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    That “angry, patriarchal, finger pointer” really is a total wanker. “what do you say to the thousands, nay millions of romanians?”. Pretty much what you say to all the revolting, working class voters mate!

  5. Richard
    June 25, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Eddie Izzard, hmmmmm, if he’s supporting something get down the the bookies and bet against it. You’ll win.

    • June 26, 2016 at 7:02 am

      I’ll remember that next time, but I don’t think I’ll get good odds now.. 🙂

  6. barnacle bill
    June 25, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Both of my daughters who are under thirty voted “Leave”.

    They don’t have degrees just a couple jobs each to support their famillies, whilst their respective partners have gone from well paid secure employment to trying to exist on zero hour contracts. They can only afford to rent their homes. Have had to suffer the effects of unrestricted immigration on their lives.

    Yet they all made the effort to make sure they could vote on Thursday because they wanted their country back for their children’s sake and futures.

    I’m proud of them.

    • Mudplugger
      June 25, 2016 at 4:31 pm

      So am I, Bill.

    • June 26, 2016 at 7:03 am

      I’m proud of them too. They helped raise the turnout to levels that the political establishment can no longer afford to ignore.

  7. Stonyground
    June 27, 2016 at 12:46 pm

    I don’t have a degree but when my old Hinckley Triumph shed its camchain and bent two of its valves, I took it apart, fixed it and put it back together again. Could you have done that Polly?

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