The move to shut Farage out of the Brexit process from this point on

Firstly, Johnson admitted they hadn’t a bleedin’ clue, didn’t have a cogent plan. We could say they didn’t need one, the issue being to get out of the EU.

Secondly, yes it was the issue and this the only slim opportunity. With the taxi rank of EU legislation awaiting the outcome of the referendum, with mass migration, Turkey and financial strictures high on that list [posts passim and articles on the web], we had to get out fast. We should have got out with the passing of the reins in 2010.

Thirdly, I firmly believe that the EU wanted us gone and bent to allow it to happen, maybe even organized for it to happen, though they could have asserted the rights their own treaty tells them they have, supported by precedent in their dealings with various vassal states. Ian Parker Joseph is the go-to man on this, his head and files are full of EU outpourings.

Fourthly, I do believe that this is just the next stage for what you could call the PTB, establishment, whatever – the people who run Europe and those at the UN I’m referring to – manifested in the Sutherlands. They do determine policy, mainly as they’re the ones with thinktanks, e.g. Chatham House, e.g. Demos and whatever it’s now metamorphosed into.

Fifthly, the question arises – who are the quislings in the Leave camp?

On this last point, there was a long twitter discussion last night – yes I know, I know your opinion of Twitter but all the decision makers were also on there, not just the loons, so one notes what they put out – and the two names which came up were Carswell and Hannan.

It may have been just pure spite or it may have been directives but they have stated that Farage is cut out of any further discussions in committee about Brexit. As those discussions involve knowledge of EU workings and people on the ground over there, and as he is the clear expert or at least is held to be so by most of the public, certainly the Leave bunch – then he should be involved in that process.

We, the Leave people, can only do so much and then these bozos have to at least get off their backsides and take it from there.

There is also the legitimacy question – that man has singlehandedly brought this whole issue to where it was on the 23rd, no question of that, no matter how churlish and meanspirited you wish to be.

Carswell was quoted as saying it’s time now “for serious people” to take Brexit further. Otherwise seen as it’s time to now hijack it.

Many Tories argued on Twitter last evening that as it can only be the govt of the day who takes this forward, not outsiders, and as it can only be MPs therefore, then Farage does not “qualify”for inclusion on the crossparty committee.

Maybe, but two points – Hannan, who was beside Carswell in this, is also an MEP, not an MP. Obvious conclusion, as he’s included, is that he is going to be an MP through a by-election and that before October. Hence him being a good little boy just now in that interview, completely different demeanour to his usual stuff. Many were quite shocked by the change.

Sixthly therefore, continuing on, Carswell should, at a minimum, be booted out. Maybe he’ll jump, as he’s called a UKIP meeting for Monday and I wouldn’t mind guessing Suzanne Evans will go with him.

Seventh, that gives them carte blanche to shut UKIP out altogether from the Brexit process. They could bring Nigel in on a consultative basis, should they so desire. This is an enormous putdown that they refuse because even if the Tories argue that he is not an MP – thanks to them, by the way – and therefore has no say, he, being an elected MEP until the day it’s signed, has every right, as a member of the other body, to be there in discussions.

Hannan is an MEP, not an MP, remember.

So there is a right royal stitch up, a fix going in. From the Tories to the parliament in general to the PTB behind them – they want Farage shut right out.

Eight – this referendum was never about the Tories or Labour. To be fair, Johnson’s cheery disposition helped get Leave across the line but it was the votes of the working class in the north and Wales which actually did it. Plus ours of course.

And these people who voted are being shut out yet again. Hannan went on the programme and said they had no intention of zero immigration. Tories jumped on that last evening and said Hannan was simply pointing out that they could never achieve zero.

But detractors coupled that with his other statement that immigration was not a major issue. Yes it bloody well was, it was why the working class voted out.

Nine – recognizing that, various charts started coming out showing that immigration had not been the prime issue motivating voters, that it was the desire to leave a corrupt institution first and foremost. You and I know that’s bollox, anecdotal evidence from yesterday just agreed with the point that immigration was the biggy, though you can see why the Tories are now angling to remove it as the prime issue.

Ten – we now get into a nice technical question. Yes, on paper, only the parliamentary party can carry this forward but in the minds of so many who voted, that’s not so if Farage is cut out. 3.8 million voted for his party last time, so he is very much a player in many people’s minds, even those who don’t like him were conceding this last night.

All of this could be solved by just bringing him in as a “show inclusion” but these people are petty and they fear his influence. So they’ve cut him out.

Eleven – were Carswell and Hannan rapped over the knuckles for their stances? Were they hell. They were allowed to go on and speak for the Tories. Carswell is UKIP at this point, he fought his by-election as UKIP, he used their resources to get him over his line, though he would argue, rightly, that that was largely his own Tory base.

I believe he will set this in order on Monday or Tuesday – the timing is a minor point. Maybe he’ll put an ultimatum which he knows they can’t accept. Needless to say, the talk among our lot has not been kind to Carswell.

Thirteen – to whom, asked a few Americans, in as many words? Indeed. Both Carswell and Hannan have assumed powers, abetted by the Beeb and ITV, out of all proportion to their actual current status. You saw the pics the MSM put up as Cameron v Boris. Where is Farage’s moosh?

The Tories say the people only THINK they have a say in all this.

The people say – we bloody well do have a say, this was what the whole thing was about! This is precisely what all the unrest is about – things being done over our heads.

There it is Sunday morning.

10 comments for “The move to shut Farage out of the Brexit process from this point on

  1. Henry Kaye
    June 26, 2016 at 9:01 am

    As I mentioned before – what has happened to honour amongst our elected representatives?

    • Ted Treen
      June 26, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      I believe it was strangled at birth.

  2. Mudplugger
    June 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

    It’s probably expecting too much to imagine that the establishment, the very same establishment that he’s just single-handedly shafted in the most public way, to bring Farage in from the cold ‘wilderness years’ and into any acknowledged position of influence.

    Remember, they let that equally-flawed character, Winston Churchill, back in from his wilderness and he ended his days with a god-like status which still persists half a century after his death – they sure as hell don’t want that for Farage the Truth-Speaker.

    What happened to the kid who pointed out that the Emperor had no clothes ? No-one knows, he had his moment then vanished without trace. That’s the plan for Farage.

  3. June 26, 2016 at 9:36 am

    Always knew Carswell was a plant, ingrate and weasel. Knew Hannan was suspect but never believed that once offered his establishment place, he’d so completely and publicly renounce his stated principles, principles this referendum was fought over.

    Don’t know why I’m shocked and angered – maybe it’s the last vestiges of Toryism in me.

  4. John in cheshire
    June 26, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Good analysis, James. The question I have is what mechanisms do we now have to make our voice heard as to whom is appointed to plan and manage our actual exit from the EU?

    There are two key types, namely a small team of managers or coordinators and a larger team of for want of a better descriptor, technocrats who conduct the negotiations. None of them should be part of the old regime; ie from the main political parties or even senior Civil Servants; none of them should be euphiles and all of them should be known patriots. Mr Farage should have a role, not least because he will be a reassuring face to us the people when reporting on progress. He’s not a detail man but he’ll certainly keep an eye on those who might conspire to negotiate a bad deal for our country. I agree that Messrs Carswell and Hannan are untrustworthy and should be excluded from the exit process.

  5. barnacle bill
    June 26, 2016 at 10:44 am

    Perhaps it is time for Her Maj to step in?

    Dissolve parliament or at least tell it that they will only have to manage the country not the exit, assemble a panel of experts to negotiate with the EU, then invoke Article 50.

    At the moment with Quisling Cameroon having petulantly gone off with his ball, not prepared to at least start the spade work of extraction, the country is rudderless. Grove & Johnson seem to have gone off on their hols. The one person I heard yesterday talking as if she grasped the seriousness of the situation and at least was preparing for what was to come was Ms Sturgeon!

    This is now above petty party politicking, since 8am on Friday morning this country has been a leadership vacuum, if we’re not careful our political elites are going to do a putsch on us.

  6. June 26, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Naturally, Nigel Farage is due the most credit and should be included, but politicians are self-important, party-faithful creatures, unable or unwilling to cater for those who are a bit different.

    Earlier today, my own MP (SNP) unfriended me on Facebook because I commented unfavourably (in his view – he has many ‘gay friends’) on his post about London ‘Pride’. They seem to think they are above us, rather than our public servants.

    I called out Dan Hannan as a possible plant four years ago:

    Whatever the truth, it’s a dirty business is politics. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole referendum shebang is a charade for an even worse future than the EU was offering. While elated by the result, I’m still waiting for the kick in the face – perhaps some manufactured ’emergency’ as an excuse to keep us in.

  7. Ted Treen
    June 26, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Hannan & Carswell have always been friends of the transnationals – and therefore derivatively, closet supporters of TTIP. This should not be a major surprise.

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