But that’s just bizarre …

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We are in a truly bizarre situation where not only are there diametrically opposed opinions – and bitterly so – but there are also bitterly opposed timelines.

At one end of the continuum – the Leave voters, ranging from disgruntled workers to Tories and including 96% of UKIP … and at the other – from the mildly Remain stances based on lack of knowledge to truly evil muvvers like Blair who were telling the UK today that there is probably no need to leave after all.

No one from govt told him to shut it, the media gave him a platform to say it. It’s … bizarre.

A once in a generation event takes place in the UK and delivers a reasonably clear 52-48% verdict.  The EU itself concedes the result and says start the process now, not later.  The other European nations concede it’s taken place, this Brexit, it’s done.

Austria, Hungary [interesting combination in the light of past history] say they’re ready to go if such-and-such occurs. Poland makes noises. In the eyes of the world, from Australia to India to Canada, everyone’s clear that it’s happened and trade approaches are made.

All candidates for the Tory leadership say Brexit is Brexit, even Remain leadership candidate May, the front runner.  So, what’s the issue?

The issue is the demonstrations, organized by someone – they don’t just happen – plus the appearance of Blair on tele, out of nowhere, boldly stating it’s by no means a done deal, this Brexit, we could still stay.

Which sends whatever proportion of the 17 million plus who voted Leave and don’t regret it apoplectic. Polls are trotted out again, just as before the referendum and it’s started all over again, as if it had never happened a week and a few days ago.

And that’s the whole thing – as though the referendum had never occurred. Referendum. Not opinion polls – referendum.

It’s weird, freaky, bizarre what happened this Sunday. It’s not that all those snowflakes went marching the day before, it’s that the MSM played it up to the hilt and those not accepting the decision – senior people, supposedly learned, gravely ‘admit’ that perhaps Brexit is not as cut and dried as ‘some people’ think it is.

The 17 plus million have no recourse, no say, except for comments threads on online news services and in social media.  The vast majority of comments are agonized fear and anger that the PTB are going to try to ignore the result, actually try.

My friends from other lands are asking what’s going on? We heard about the referendum result and then – nothing. What’s going on?

It’s bizarre.

And I have to explain that because the Prime Minister suddenly resigned, there is now a party leadership contest and therefore, Brexit is on a back burner.

Well when is this contest going to conclude?

Sometime before autumn.


I have to further explain that the defeated half of the party in the referendum actually has, according to the polls, well over half the votes in this leadership contest and will put their person in, a person who has already indicated she won’t honour the spirit of the referendum, although she might be eventually forced to – by next year, in 2018, maybe in 2019 – start the process going.

But that’s bizarre, say my overseas friends. There was a clear referendum result.

I know, I know. We sit here, nonplussed.

But that party can’t just sit on it and do nothing.

Yes it can. Because of the bizarre rules, the people of the land do not decide on their leader – the very MPs who have been the issue all along are the ones to decide. They give two names to the members to choose from. That sort of thing has always been done.

Is it fair?

Well no, as the lead candidate has urged her own supporters – she has enough for herself already – to vote for the N4 candidate, thus keeping N2, who would start Brexit tomorrow, off the ballot.

But this is about taking Britain out of the EU, surely it’s not just who will lead the party?

Yes and yes. One leader will do what the people ordered but the other will stall and try to stymie the whole process, with Blair in the wings to ‘help negotiations’.  She is the one in the ascendancy.

But this Blair’s for staying in.


But that’s wrong for him to say these things if he’s not involved.

Yes. He’s not even a Tory, although Labour likes to think so.

Can’t it all be stopped?


So you won’t be leaving the EU?

The EU thinks we are leaving, most of the country thinks we are, the world thinks we are. It’s just these politicians who say no.

Well, can’t they be recalled?

No mechanism. We simply don’t have any way of stopping politicians holding the country to ransom, doing the opposite of what 52% of the people clearly want.

Well surely they come up for re-election?

Yes, in 2020.

I see. But what about the campaigners for the referendum, don’t they say anything?

Yes – on blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter.  Doesn’t reach the wider public, as Sky News does or the BBC.

Well surely the campaigners take up the cause?


So these Remain politicians get to choose the leader and that leader can be against taking Britain out.

Correct … to a point. It is actually the Tory membership who finally decide, but only from the two candidates presented to them by the politicians.  Those are that party’s rules, have been for a long time.

It’s just that on this occasion, the fate of the nation rests on it.

Well surely they are aware of that, that there has been a verdict in the referendum?

Many are but many are not.

How many?

I’d say in the same proportion as the parliamentary party.  I’ve made contact with some of those members who have been my friends.


Two responses. This is them. The first refers to the Remain candidate who would keep us in according to many:

ann on vote

The second here [Freedom Association man] refers to the Leave candidate who would take us out:

simon on vote

Well, that’s something.

Yes it is. The difficulty is that we, the Leave public, have just become so frustrated now with these tactics against the people that when another looms, we plunge into despair and anger.

There are those who want this to happen. It’s like some kind of slow motion crash. You can see it coming, it’s telegraphed ahead, all the moves are known … and it just goes ahead that way.

But surely the land will not stand for that?

A bit over half the land won’t.

And the other half?

They embrace the stymying. Never mind a democratic vote, never mind that a person is being foisted on the land as PM whom maybe 20% of the land supports, the people’s opinions mean nothing.

So no Brexit?

Well as the lady above said, she doesn’t think this woman would be so crazy. Rather, she’ll do it but in her own time.

Well, they do need time to elect a new leader.

Why? Why did they even need one in the first place? Why didn’t the current one just take up the people’s vote and implement it? Why did he create this further turmoil?

Well, in the end, this party will pay for all this ego-tripping.

I doubt it. These sorts of people never pay. A former PM, Brown, of the other party, sits up in Scotland on a pension and lives a happy life. To the grave.

Another, Blair, globetrots and drops in with his opinions when he wishes.I’m inclined to believe my two friends above that the membership is not as crazy as the MSM and the Remain pollies.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

This second candidate – how is she regarded?

Andrea Leadsom? She is largely unknown or was, now she is, and she seems to be generally liked. The country would accept her PMship.

But not the other, this … May?

May, yes. She’s detested by many. That’s why people, in their cynicism, expect she’ll be the new PM. That then will cause many people to flock to UKIP, the party the Remain side detest.

But so what if there will be no election?

Precisely. And she knows this. They know this.

Sounds bizarre.

3 comments for “But that’s just bizarre …

  1. Stonyground
    July 4, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    I don’t think that the remainers expected to lose. The plan was to hold the referendum, get a win for remain and sideline UKIP. This hasn’t quite gone to plan and now they don’t know what the hell to do. They are desperate to find some way to ignore the referendum result or possibly procrastinate until the EU commission changes the rules so that we can’t leave without their permission. Regarding the leadership contest, I can’t believe that they are seriously considering anyone who campaigned on the remain side for the job.

    • July 4, 2016 at 1:32 pm

      Fortunately, many seem to be coming out and saying similar things today. Most heartening.

  2. Errol
    July 5, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    It all comes down – as it always has – to democracy. While the political class control what is spent, who stands, who is elected, who sets the law, who can remove that law then we are not a democracy, we are a dictaroship.

    Consider: Cameron chose to step down. Why should he be able to? We ‘elected’ him to govern. He can’t just give up because it isn’t what he wants. He must – because that’s what we hired him for – do the job we pay him to do. In the first place he should have set out a clear plan of what would happen when we left or if we had stayed chained. That he didn’t is absurd.

    It all – everything – comes down to a complete lack of democracy.

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