‘How Dare Someone Have A Different Opinion!’

The author of an autobiographical account about becoming quadriplegic, which is featured in the romance Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke, has joined the chorus of disabled activists criticising the film.

Francesco Clark’s book, Walking Papers, describes his life after an accident in his early twenties left him paralysed from the neck down. The book was referred to in the film without the author’s knowledge.

So what?

“I was never asked if my book could be included in the movie, nor was I ever told that it would be included,” Clark told Page Six

Newsflash, Mr Clark! They don’t need to.

Just as they don’t need to inform ‘The Times’ when the villain is sitting in the park, reading the paper when his henchmen come to deliver the bad news that Jason Bourne has foiled his plan.

Or contact Stephen King to tell him his novels will fill the bookshelves in a scene where two protagonists have a row in the study.

Me Before You has proved controversial because of – spoilers ahead – its seeming depiction of disability as something the quadriplegic character would rather die than endure.

Aha! What really grips Mr Clark’s shit is that the film portrays, not his book, but an opinion on disability he doesn’t share.

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  1. July 3, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Julia, you didn’t warn us you were going to write this or that you were going to have bangers and mash for dins.

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