Wait, What..?

Whenever there’s a suicide on the rail or Tube network, I always try to spare a thought for the poor railway staff and ambulance workers who must – we have been assured – clean up the mess, even to finding all the pieces.

But that’s now something I may not bother to do in future:

British Transport Police were called at around 9.20am on Thursday (June 16) after the remains, believed to be a leg and a foot, were found under the platform.Police initially said it was believed to be linked to a ‘historical incident’, and now further information has come to light.

On Friday (June 17), a British Transport Police spokesman said: “We believe it relates to a fatality that happened in 2014.”

Oh, well, there’s bound to be one case where they miss something, some small body part, but it’s rare, so…


A man whose severed head was found in a quarry last month may have been hit by a train, police have said.

Police have been working with experts from the Natural History Museum and forensic dentists to find out more about the head, which was found in a quarry in Mepal, Cambridgeshire.

It is believed the head is from a man who was aged between 30 and 50 when he died.

He is likely to have died around a decade ago but it could have been as long ago as the 1960s.

Officers think the head may have been stuck in a bridge in Sharnbrook for more than a decade before coming loose when the bridge was cleaned.


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  1. Gala
    July 5, 2016 at 11:39 pm

    There is the story that goes round the mess room periodically about the one under where no one could find the head. Until they got it the depot and some hapless maintenance worker found it wedged under one of the cars while carrying out checks/cleaning.

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