Of May, Nigel, Blair and Hillary

The four issues of these few days, in no particular order, are 1. The leadership contest 2. Nigel stepping down 3. Blair exonerated and 4. Hillary exonerated.  Naturally, Twitter was full of the last one last evening.  The quoted article below is it in a nutshell [not blockquoted as it’s too long].

Just before that, an observation – to get the good oil on something, it’s really necessary to go to the opposition and see what they’ve managed to drag up on someone.  For example, Louise Mensch has an article with only one comment below, dissing Nigel Farage, not crediting him with even one achievement over his time.

And obviously she supports … guess who? Yep, Douglas Carswell, Dan Hannan and Mark Reckless. Her theme – that Nigel was kicked out, he never left of his own accord. Her bias is extreme, in every second word but out of that, one can get a picture.

Nige did run a bit of a one man show for so long but at the same time, put a structure in place which leaves the party in good stead. Near the end, certain key decisions, e.g. on Hamilton, weren’t great. Some felt the decision on Evans was the only one he could have taken.

Probably everyone was agreed that his time was up. The poster floats, if correct factually, were probably not good PR and Mensch has a point there that the vote might have been higher without them but don’t forget the Jo Cox factor too, which the biased Louise [a Leave girl] somehow fails to mention.

See they’re trying the dirt on Andrea Leadsom just now – faking parts of her CV and you and I are in no position to know that. I’ve my thoughts but am supporting Andrea in this contest. What does seem to come out of this is that they’re worried about her popular support. I watched one of her presentations and she could have been more forceful but still … let’s leave that. Anyone’s better than May.

A reply at Conservative home just now said it was unfair that 0.02% of the population [or whatever] determine the country’s PM and I replied:

Yes, not right but it’s also a conjunction of circumstances, innit, combined with Cameron’s backers’ cynicism. He resigns, sparking contest, Remain get in to stymie referendum result. Way it goes. The membership might still surprise on September 9th, provided they haven’t shafted Andrea L by then. One member I spoke with said that if they tried to shove her off the ticket, the membership would react not well, possibly even putting Gove in.

On Hillary, Americans for Limited Government are hardly going to be Hillary fans, so it’s the good oil you’re getting, always remembering the bias:

Hillary Clinton: Too big to jail

By Rick Manning

FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation Tuesday that Hillary Clinton escape federal prosecution for exposing our national security infrastructure means the Obama administration’s politicization of the entire federal government and the system of justice is complete.

For all of Comey’s scripted thoroughness, the net result of the FBI investigation is that Clinton failed in her most basic responsibility to protect U.S. secrets, but rather than recommend prosecution, Comey chose a cowardly path by giving Attorney General Loretta Lynch the OK not to pursue the case further.

It is inconceivable that General David Petraeus could be prosecuted and convicted for disseminating classified information due to his mishandling of classified information by providing it to his biographer who had clearance to read classified information.  Somehow the same FBI and the Obama Justice Department were able to prosecute that case where the information never made it into the public domain, yet cannot find the political will to prosecute Clinton whose recklessness dwarfed Petraeus’ mistake.

The FBI admitted that Hillary Clinton had a minimum of fifty-two classified email chains passing through her unclassified server, a breach of massive proportions due to her negligence. Yet the FBI believes the Hillary is too big to prosecute effectively taking off Lady Justice’s blindfold, leading her to the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building and executing her.

Just one day after our nation celebrated its 240th birthday, James Comey ended the noble notion that no one in America is above the law.

In 1973, Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned rather than fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, gaining praise for their integrity. Their resignations/firings became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre” and have been celebrated for the past forty-three years as examples of political integrity.

Just one day after our nation celebrated its 240th birthday, James Comey ended this noble notion that no one in America is above the law.

The politicization of the federal investigative and prosecutorial process should not come as a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the Obama administration’s turning the Internal Revenue Service into a political hit squad. It should not be a surprise to those who have witnessed the Environmental Protection Agency’s virtual jihad against the coal industry.  And it should not be a surprise to anyone who has seen the Justice Department’s political decision to not follow our nation’s immigration laws.

Tuesday’s announcement that Hillary Clinton violated the law but shouldn’t be prosecuted is just the final nail in the coffin for the rule of law under the Obama administration.

And the people’s referendum on whether a blindfolded Lady Justice should be resurrected and restored, will be held in November when Hillary Clinton stands as the very symbol of the new political elites who are now above the law.

James Comey may have given Hillary a pass on Tuesday, but ultimately the people will decide her fate, and in some ways that will be the ultimate test of whether President Obama’s transformation will last or not.

Richard Manning is president of Americans for Limited Government. Follow Americans for Limited Government on Twitter@LimitGovt, find them on Facebook  and visit their website.

2 comments for “Of May, Nigel, Blair and Hillary

  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 7, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Clinton’s bint is above the law? Well what a surprise that was, after the Benghazi murders, she slipped away unnoticed, on her watch but hey – responsibility – safety and protection of USA Embassy administrative staff – Hillary – nah…. The US Secretary of State, not her job mate!

    So it goes.

    Bliar unimpeachable? He’s far too important…..and for world peace – doncha know?

    The International Elite plays with fire, have screwed the law into a bloody hairpin – elliptical even, whether it is Hussein O’barmy or the ECHR the ass we made lawmaker, and is meeting itself coming back.
    YEP! that’s what happens when morality is binned, relativism is made God, Godless is as Godless does, heedless and yooman rites – where the right of one individual is raised up above all others…..and that turned common sense on its head.
    Yeah, I know, the little guy, shee-it they’ll do you for the slightest excuse, don’t drop a fag end in the street, don’t say a word of hate on the interweb and don’t utter a word about a strange event, an MP in West Yorkshire nor, a certain Doctor who ‘committed suicide’ so they tell us……………………..Who TF knows, do we trust them any more?

    But what we do know is, the law is bent and always sides with the rich, the TPTB and the political elite.

    We can conclude that, the law and British jurisprudence, Habeas Corpus, statute eroded, no longer does it protect the citizen. NO the law marches away from is civic responsibilities wrested from the people, the laws of this land are malformed, made to instill order and protect THE STATE………ONLY, Obama has learned the lesson over Stateside.

    Which is, for them [TPTB]: a very dangerous place to sit, just the other week, here in the UK 17.4 million people noticed. Unless we see some acknowledgement of a new way, events may overtake.

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