The snuffing out of free speech and the threat of violence

Woken up early again by neighbours, thoughts were on that and on May and Brexit, enhanced by dental issues.

Last thing I had in mind was this post but turning to the Beeb page, here was the tale of the army general’s treatment of any dissenting in Egypt – forcibly disappeared, kept in their equivalent of KGB HQ, tortured and mutilated, murdered and dumped.

We express no surprise, as it is 1. Egypt 2. Muslim 3. the army. Yet those of us who are bloggers would probably reflect on our own output and how that would sit in Cairo.

So, though we’re outraged by the whole May coronation and talk of 6 years Brexit by Hammond, it still doesn’t quite compare to this flat being raided at midnight and being taken away as these people were.

The natural tendency is to leave it at that and put it down to despots, all violence by the PTB on the people, none from them.  But as we saw in the burning of Christian churches, the MEMRI monitoring of state television programmes and various reportage, it’s not just the PTB, it’s at least the fathers in families.

We saw an example of the group behaviour of these men, plus their sons, with the mobbing and near-rape of Lara Logan in Egypt in 2011.

Apologists will still claim that that is over there, nothing like that could be here. The left MP in Europe raped and failing to report it shows how far this refusal to face facts gets anyone.

And then, of course, comes the report of ‘foreign men’ in Sweden attempting rape on girls at a Swedish music festival.

Not to be outdone, Germany provides the spectacle of 2000 ‘foreign’ offenders but only 200 ever being charged.  Right on our doorstep, yes?

So the retreat from reality now dictates that it is only the men at fault. Let’s for the moment accept that premise – why then, in that picture shown by UKIP on those floats, were the vast majority men?  If even the left accepts that these men are the products of bloody repression from birth to death, then why the hell are they allowed in in those numbers?

No no, it’s women and children too, the left cries, meaning they make up the numbers. Well yes, there certainly are children sent over, like these Afghanis:

Afghan parents are sending their children to Europe unaccompanied in the hope they will be granted asylum and seek reunification with the rest of their families, a report by the European Union’s (EU) asylum office has said.

Last year, nearly 96,000 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum in the EU, four times as many as the previous year, with the vast majority coming from Afghanistan.

Ward Lutin of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) told Euractiv that the numbers coming from Afghanistan were “huge”.

Which leaves the women, often aiding and abetting honour killings, the young ones going off to join ISIS, the women are not guiltless by any stretch.

The hearts naturally go out to victims, even our hearts. Going back to the start of this post, those brutalized by the Egyptian regime, the heart can certainly go out to those victims – there, but for the grace …

But there is also this cycle of violence, isn’t there, where victims become perpetrators later and when the whole culture is toxic and violent to begin with, what chance is there for those children to be in any way normal and accepting?

And of course, they run into a barrage of it here in the mosques.  The whole thing continues as before, only displaced a few thousand miles – upon us.  We have enough to contend with with our chavs and our leftists.

Julia has a post coming up in a few hours on a leftwing council deciding to fly gay flags. OK, there was a vote, just as there was in the referendum and let’s not even accuse them of a Tower Hamlets type vote.

As Julia shows, they not only won but then turned on anyone who didn’t vote their way and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the essential difference between vaguely civilized people like us and the barely civilized left.

Not just the left, you say? All right, let’s test that out. There has just been some sort of coup against Leadsom and there is similar rancour in UKIP.  Please detail to me here any instance of actual or threatened physical violence attached to that.

I’m not referring to hard words – there’ve been plenty of those. No, I mean violent behaviour, even pushy-shovy.

There’s been none, has there?  Only words.

Now let’s see what happens when Angela Eagle decides to stand for leader.

Further corroboration? Farage and the Sunday lunch, the pushing and shoving of him in Rochdale or Rochester, can’t remember which, the one with Sarah Champion who failed to condemn it in the least. They’re all much the same in their behaviour.

Or the SJW who got up on stage at DePaul and physically had a go at Milo. Or the hysterical and uncontrolled Bunny Roche at the televised debate, full to the brim of righteous PCism. Or the black female attacking a boy for having dreadlocks [cultural appropriation].

It’s bleedin’ obvious that when the left tries the democratic process, they do not do it well. Trump rallies? The left actually wearing nazi T-shirts to make a point and boy, did they make a point, just not the one intended.

Just as in Egypt, just as in the rest of the Muslim world, just as over here in Tower Hamlets and other places UK-wide, just as anything the left gets involved in – it is always minus respect, minus any sense of the rule of law.

Whatever you have to say about May and Cameron – and I’ve a lot to say – do you see any of that behaviour?  You do not.

Is there anything more I need add to make this case?  That case is, by the way, that no matter how badly those poor sods have it over there, we cannot import the lot – who decides anyway who stays and who leaves?  Who is the god who decides that?

And yet over here, albeit in a much milder form, our own chavish left has the seeds of intolerance deeply embedded and on show for anyone who cares to watch.

Now, what are you going to call this post – Racist? Sexist? Disablist?


Which leads to this PM. Posts passim from many pundits have shown her own attempts at snuffing out free speech in this land. GCHQ is already well known, May was attempting to refine that for her masters. You really think she is an independent mind in all this?

And her judgement – she appoints Soubry and that other feminist? Stacks the cabinet?

I submit, ladies and gentlemen, that we as a country are in deep do-dos.

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  1. mike fowle
    July 13, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    “Which leaves the women, often aiding and abetting honour killings, the young ones going off to join ISIS, the women are not guiltless by any stretch.”

    Indeed, as Kipling said:

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
    And go to your gawd like a soldier.

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