Nice – implications

“It would appear that the globalists are throwing white people into a cage with Muslim barbarians.”

So wrote one commenter at Breitbart and such a statement would have been laughed out of the room, had it been made even five years ago. Yet we’ve seen so many examples of this globalism – globalism is the gentle name for the phenomenon and many think it means global companies and other seemingly innocuous things, whereas it means something far more sinister and coercive, something really nasty for the peoples of a land.

For one, it means this insanity of open borders. Last night I was on Twitter, not on the blog [reason in the next post] and was there when Nice happened, so to speak. Saw the initial tweets from people in the area, which Twitter does so instantly [more on that in a following post sometime today], saw it all unfold and also saw the lies begin, plus the left.

Not sure which I despise more – the MSM’s and police lies and cover-ups – the military police put out a demand for people not to report it was Muslims – or the ordinary leftist. One tweet which enraged so many was an idiot saying, and I kid not, that ‘it was not Islam, it was a few infiltrators from ISIS’.

All those people dead and injured in the streets and this idiot decides it’s time for the Muslim apology, even before anything had definitively come out.

Now, this morning, I woke up late [for me] put in a prayer for the souls of those people and families and then came to the computer. Yes, I am still actually alive to come to the computer. And the lies are out in force, the false photo spreads with ne’er a mention of the multiple gunmen in the back of the truck taking hostages.

I knew it at midnight – I knew it because Tommy Robinson reported that gunmen had poured out and taken hostages to some place call the steakhouse or whatever, his sources had written that to him on the samizdata. This was an Islamic operation without the slightest doubt or as even Breitbart are calling it – Islamic sympathetic.

And all the usual people on our side – Geert Wilders for example, Marine Le Pen – are demanding authorities call this bloody thing what it actually is, stop this hedging, tell the effing truth!

Going back to the opening quote of this post, the authorities did nothing beyond the usual rescue and ambulance things. Nothing whatever on the Muslims who did it. Why? Because 1. they wanted this, as I have blogged about consistently now for a long time, at cost to my own reputation and 2. the situation in France is tinderbox.

But apart from the souls of the dead calling to me this morning – a chilling thing and very real – there is this overwhelming anger at the left who are actually trying to defend effing Islam to the hilt, desperately so. What is wrong with the brains of these jerks? And over in the States, there is the vehement defence of HRC and her crimes.

These leftists are far more intent on sticking it to ‘the right’ as they see it, even to condoning felonies, than upholding right [used in the sense of wrong and right]. This is despicable and society is now deeply scarred – I’ll not forget what these weasels have been coming out with, with zero respect.

Whenever you have a situation, in any walk of life, the N1 step is to remove the danger – switch off the appliance, drag the child from the burning house, whatever. But in this case, the globalist Islamification, there is NEVER any removal of the cause or removing us from the cause. No lesson is learnt whatsoever and so it happens again. And again. And again.

And every single time, the same responses come, such as theirs, such as mine now. Whether it’s Muslims themselves or Muslim sympathisers or the inevitable fruitcakes in the community wanting to be Islamic slaughterers or Manchurians or whoever it is – this was brought on by:

  1. Open borders and multiculturalism;
  2. Bringing the most toxic demographic into our countries in droves.

On this last point, did they bring in Poles and Hungarians in droves? Yes and no – do you see this scale of death and destruction, of rape, from the eastern Europeans? We did with Alice’s death, we did with the Romanian sub-group that even they wish to see the back of. We’re talking the dregs coming over here, not the ordinary Pole or Czech.

But none of that is like the Muslims, with their own sets of laws and tribunals, a complete system to displace ours. That is what the left cannot get through its stupid, thick heads, the horses’ backsides. Unfortunately, some of my own friends are this thick.

Wake up, you idiots! The dream of multicultural love and peace is NEVER going to happen because all the policies do is guarantee a Pandora’s box opened and the riff-raff, not the ordinary, hard-working in each land, flood in.

How could it ever be anything else? We are NOT going to get the middle-classes here, even the tradesmen. We are going to get the drifters and dispossessed.

I’ve every sympathy for the dispossessed but we have our own too and it’s not that we have no room – it’s that they bring their toxicity with them. If for no other reason, the left MUST start to see that their ‘victims’ they are giving succour to, whether it’s from their bad childhoods or oppression – are highly toxic and they bring this with them.

I saw in Australia in my time there how the Italian immigrants brought cuisine and other goodies [a bit of culture?] but they also brought the mafia and whereas it had had the geographically contained equivalent of the Krays, it was not on the scale the Italians now brought. Then the Greeks, then the Vietnamese.

But even those do not even start to approach the level of toxicity of the Muslims, which is why there is this reaction. You NEVER see marches for Hindus – though they’re a caution too – nor for the Jews, nor for the Hungarians, nor for Pacific Islanders, nor for the Brazilians. You never see that.

Only the effing Muslims! Only. Only them. Or their left, twat sympathisers and abetters.

The left have blood on their hands over Nice, just as much as the PTB and the actual perpetrators of the deed. We MUST stop the left, in their utter stupidity, from influencing policy. We’re talking dead bodies everywhere sort of seriousness about this.

And for those who are looking out for ‘hate crimes’ in blogs and tweets, I am advocating the opposite of violence – that we do nothing, that the authorities finally act to intern this narrow demographic of Muslim males of this age – in order to PREVENT violence, not encourage it.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 15, 2016 at 9:13 am

    The UK Communists, its extreme left wing act as; apologists for the cult of death and see open door immigration as a means to pursue their own end, the building of some Socialist paradise in Britain and across Europe/world.

    Lessons of history are totally ignored by the left, it is almost as if they are children who are dead set opposed to learning full stop, not least about the summary of mankind’s past mistakes.
    Though in fact, the left are more stupid than even that.

    Socialists, particularly Champagne Socialist, they refuse to read the blindingly obvious, the writing on the wall and continue to peddle the insane myth put about {UK media constantly by al beeb], ex the Medina propagandists, that, and alluding to some vague historical perspective concerning Andalusia of long ago.
    Andalusia, Oxford and Cambridge where Wahhabism intertwined with Gulf funding of academic Faculties runs rampant weave myriad tales out of Arabia, that, there was and can be, some sort of [paradox made manifest] accommodation, where enlightened Islamic domination in Europe is, by some leap of faith and that, Europe is missing out on!

    Missing out?

    Now, tell that to the Romanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats [Syrians, Cyrenians et al] – who lived under the Ottomans and think on those people dhimmis who lived under the yoke of the scourge of Islam in southern Spain circa 1100 hundred years ago. Or, observe if you will, a little closer to reality: to the people somehow still surviving in Raqqa – some Islamic paradise that is.

    The left have always been the enemies of the people, cloaking themselves up as representatives of the people – that was a very clever subterfuge and one they still champion and peddle. Ponder on the truth, that, you can know the left by scrutinizing the company that they keep and promote……beware the neoMarxists and their friends now taking over London.

    Simply put, I dread it with all of my heart, mind and body, what happened in Nice, Paris and Brussels, Bombay, Dhaka, Sousse, NYC, Madrid, London in the past, could return here and then Pandora’s box may be opened.

    Thus, the arrogance, purblind policies and insanity of the left will have played its part, will we ever learn? Furthermore, why do we, indirectly, through the offices, media, authority and power of the state, still allow the left; Academia, NHS, Common Purpose, Met D. C’s, the BMA, Unite, DoE – [any government department you care to mention], quangoes call it, them, what you will – to totally dictate and run our lives..and so badly, actually maliciously done?

    We pay their wages, are we stupid, bovine or, ovine: means supine.

    • July 15, 2016 at 10:35 am

      Very difficult to add to this. I spoke to two people in town this morning, one ex-army and he was cautious. The other said, ‘I don’t care any more what they do to me for saying it but …’

      I personally am not there yet, still not brutalized enough. Plus if I go, that’s one less blogger against it, one less vote and guess who we’d meet inside, as Tommy Robinson found out. That man has my undying admiration for what he’s put up with for simply speaking his mind. If Nigel gets a knighthood, so should Tommy.

      Indicative this morning was that people mentioned two things and Islam was not specifically named. One was the French govt and the other was Arabs in general. So even among people of a like mind, the MSM has got to them and they do not see that it is Islam.

      In Indonesia, they’re not Arabs. In other parts of the world, they’re not Arabs. They are Muslims and we’re they are, atrocities follow.

  2. Lord T
    July 15, 2016 at 10:36 am

    Nice to see you are taking the passive Christian treatment of abuse. I’ll lean towards violence myself. it is the only thing that is going to work. Nothing on this earth controls violence more than more violence despite the SJW shrieks of denial.

    • July 15, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Lord T, have you thought that this is pragmatic? We can’t do very much in a slammer, getting buggered by inmates. If we move, we have to do it en masse. Who will be the catalyst? You? And yet it is very close now when someone will. Don’t know if it will be me, someone else.

  3. Restoring Britain
    July 15, 2016 at 11:52 am

    I saw this last night just before I turned in. Terrible stuff. I’ve picked it up again this morning and seeing that Cobra will be meeting and in France lots of senior uniforms with fancy braiding across their hats and epaulettes. Lots of official scrambling.

    As I saw it I am reminded of the articles that Mark Steyn has been writing since the Charlie Hebdo massacre – all of them pointing to the window dressing that spawns up around these attacks. Nothing will really be done. There will be lots of briefings and tough talk but ultimately we will not have an honest conversation about what we would be doing if we would be genuinely determined to win the battle that lies before us. They will call it realpolitik but it will really be arse covering dithering which as Steyn identifies will result in them trying to get us to accept a manageable tolerance for these attacks. We’ll be left with hashtags and Facebook colour changes. Those who carry out these attacks will look on and conclude we are weak. They will look for our weaknesses and exploit them. There will be more of these attacks as a result and the cycle will simply repeat itself.

    We are either winning this or we are not. There is probably an answer but it is an ugly one and it gets uglier every time one of these attacks occur and we dither with the charade of action because we cannot have an honest conversation about it.

  4. barnacle bill
    July 15, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I do not know which I hate the most; the whole Muslim diaspora who are infecting all the societies they come into contact with or, the apologists from our very own communities?

    The time is coming when we will need to stand up and be counted as we cannot rely upon our respective governments to protect us. They have instead become a bunch of quislings and fifth columnists.

    Picking the right moment to arise is going to be a very careful decision, as I’m sure “they”, our political elites, would love to provoke an early uprising. Then they could pick off the leaders and corral the followers. So at the moment it’s softly, softly … Carry on with the getting ready for that call to arms.

  5. Henry Kaye
    July 15, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    As long as our political leaders continue to subscribe to so many of the basic elements of the “Frankfurt School” and Cultural Marxism philosophies, they will continue to see these atrocities as the price that has to be paid to achieve their One World aims. Until we can rid ourselves of all of those imbued with this philosophy we cannot win.

  6. July 15, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Agree with every word, especially this:

    Picking the right moment to arise is going to be a very careful decision, as I’m sure “they”, our political elites, would love to provoke an early uprising. Then they could pick off the leaders and corral the followers. So at the moment it’s softly, softly … Carry on with the getting ready for that call to arms.

    Yes, the timing is everything.

  7. Wolfie
    July 15, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    France must learn to “live with terrorism”, French PM Manuel Valls says after #NiceAttack

    The fruits of Neoliberalism.

    • Wolfie
      July 15, 2016 at 9:08 pm

      As are also BLM, who have an almost identical motive (whilst pretending that it’s a reaction to police racism).

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