Trump’s strategic choice of Pence as VP

Although Big Media were rolling out endless stories about Donald Trump and his VP choice this week, none of those news outlets captured the essence of what was actually going on.

In choosing Indiana governor Mike Pence — also a former congressman — Trump has placed himself firmly in the Rust Belt, making it the heart of his campaign. Only the wise ex-Hillary supporter, admin of Big Pink, picked up on that.

It got even better when he stayed in Indiana and asked two other VP hopefuls, Newt Gingrich and Jeff Sessions, to travel to Indianapolis for final discussions. Trump’s children were also there.

All of that could have been done at Trump Tower, but in choosing Indiana, the New Yorker was making a clear statement about his campaign priorities.

While the media were busy comparing Trump’s decision-making to an episode of his show The Apprentice one of Big Pink’s readers made this observation earlier in the week:

I have no idea what Trump will decide. But it has ruined the White House, Hillary, Dem rollout of BLM and a drummed up race war set for a televised roll-out this week. It has also shut up the Never-Trumpers with hope that their guy will be the veep and put a damper on their plotting keeping them off kilter. The media cannot handle two marketing media stories at once. Trump wins the media game this week with his “apprentice” gamesmanship AND next week with the convention. Momentum. Lucky Trump.

His momentum improved, albeit in a tragic, undesirable way, on Thursday, July 14. He was going to formally announce his VP choice that day but postponed it to Saturday because of the Nice attack. We all know how concerned he is about terror. Therefore, it is odd that on the very day he was about to announce his running mate, a terrorist on the other side of the Atlantic indirectly prevented that from happening.

Whilst Trump tastefully delayed his announcement, 83-year-old Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg piped up that day to say that she regretted her anti-Trump remarks. Among other things, she had called him a ‘faker’ and someone who ‘really has an ego’. She apologised for crossing the line into partisan politics, taboo territory for Supreme Court justices.

Friday, July 15 was a Day of Rage with rage scheduled at specific locations in various cities around the United States. One long-time blogger, Adrienne, noted that all the unrest is distracting Americans from Hillary Clinton’s ‘crimes’. Adrienne also pointed out the presidential candidates’ reaction to the ongoing violence:

While Hillary and the likes of Paul Ryan call for “dialogue” and understanding, Donald Trump simply says “Make America safe again.”  Who do you think caught the ear of the public?

Too right. Terror, violence and mayhem play into Trump’s hands perfectly. People will be flocking to him come November, just as they did to Richard M Nixon in 1968.

Speaking of Paul Ryan, a handful of political sites picked up on the perimeter of his home. Gateway Pundit, with a photo at the link, said:

Speaker Paul Ryan won’t fund a border fence on the US southern border but built his own border fence around his own property in Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan, a real man of the people. Or not. His opponent in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlen, is playing this up now.

And, speaking of protests, not every minority American thought that was the right way to go. A young Trump supporter, Dixon Diaz, had a terse message for Barack Obama which reads in part:

All you’ve done is live the good life on our tax money while you party with celebrities and give our jobs away to illegal aliens.

Other Americans share that sentiment. Although pundits from the Democratic Party say that Trump is damaging the GOP brand in their favour, a Quinnipiac poll of July 14 shows:

Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Rob Portman of Ohio are not only fending off their Democratic challengers but also, in some cases, they’re widening their leads.

You don’t need me to point out how important those states are.

Some independent voters, women in particular, are deeply disappointed that Trump has chosen Pence. However, they miss the following positives. First, Pence’s presence on the ticket can help corral Republicans, especially those on Capitol Hill, who are leery of the billionaire. Pence has been a very loyal Republican. Secondly, although he shares a June birthday with Trump — indicating both share the same outlook on life — his demeanour is completely different. He is calm, mild-mannered and a safe pair of hands. Thirdly, he is conservative enough on social issues to bring more Evangelicals into the Trump camp. He might also attract more military voters. His son is a Marine.

Big Pink’s admin put it this way on Bastille Day. The middle paragraph is magic:

It’s the rust belt strategy. It’s the rust belt strategy. It’s the rust belt strategy. Chemist Trump thought Pence made sense.

Every revolution, full of chaos, full of turmoil, full of fire and music, needs a bland figure at a high level to lessen fear of the unknown if the revolution is to overthrow the ancien régime. Pence is that lower-the-fear-of-the-unknown figure Trump has chosen to help on Bastille Day.

For the rust belt strategy, Pence Makes Sense.

On Saturday, July 16, Trump formally made his VP announcement in Manhattan. Governor and Mrs Pence were there along with their daughter. Trump’s adult children and their spouses were also present. Melania was not. NBC reported:

When Pence finally appeared, Trump patted him on the back and strode off-stage. While a bit awkward, the gesture did allow Pence the chance to introduce himself on his own terms. He described himself as a “basic guy” with midwest roots, who called himself a “Christian, conservative, and a Republican — in that order” …

Pence’s speech also sought to bridge gaps in the two men’s policies. He softened the language a bit around Trump’s infamous wall and Muslim ban, said Trump “wants to build a wall and temporarily suspend immigration by countries compromised by terrorism.” Not long ago, Pence openly opposed the proposed Muslim ban.

Hmm. Well, it’s all new for the two of them.

One thing that did need immediate attention was that horrible campaign logo. With true Trump efficiency, a new design, more in keeping with the one he used during primary season, was rolled out on Saturday.

The convention starts on Monday, July 18 and runs through the 21st. Cleveland law enforcement are gearing up for trouble.

According to Politico, which has spoken to Republicans in the know:

Forty-eight percent of Republican insiders said the odds are high that there will be violence at the convention that is likely to nominate Donald Trump, compared with 52 percent who thought the convention would be a mostly peaceful affair …

“It’s simply too big of a target for the malcontents and violent left to miss,” said an Iowa Republican. “George Soros’ money will pay for thousands of disaffected screaming thugs. Think Seattle [1999], Chicago 1968. Riots and looting. They are the tools of the liberal left.”

“I say this with no joy whatsoever,” a Republican in the host state of Ohio added, “but the far-left agitators in Cleveland will make the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago look like a fourth-grade slap fight.”

Indoors, it will be interesting to see what happens. Although the media reported that the #NeverTrump people have been defeated, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. On July 14, ABC were cautious:

A last-ditch effort to block Donald Trump’s nomination by freeing delegates to vote for whomever they want has been soundly defeated in the convention’s rules panel tonight …

It’s still not technically over for the group: anti-Trump leaders will have until Monday to submit the names of 28 rules panel members who support the effort in order to force a vote on the floor of the full convention.

This appears unlikely, but despite tonight’s failure, it’s still possible.

Meanwhile, Trump’s support is climbing among the under-50s. Yes, that’s right. Gateway Pundit reported Monmouth’s polling figures for Iowa:

Donald Trump leads ‘Crooked Hillary’ 44% to 42%.

But among voters under 50 Trump leads Hillary 51% to 32%!

Bernie’s people must be boarding the Trump Train.

Trump will have much to discuss between now and November. On July 15, the 28 pages heretofore missing from the 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into the Sept. 11 attacks were finally released. New Benghazi emails have also come to light pointing the finger of blame at the White House.

Just as damning — perhaps more so — is the Daily Caller interview with Lt Gen Mike Flynn, Obama’s Defense Intelligence Chief. Flynn says Obama never met with him — not once in four years. Flynn is now advising Donald Trump, who has spent hours with him discussing intelligence matters.

I’ve written twice on OoL — here and here — that I’d hoped Trump would choose Pence as his running mate. Now he has.

Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics, far from being a Trump supporter, also thinks Pence is an eminently sensible choice:

Overall, Pence is probably about as good as it gets for Trump. A pick like him was probably necessary for the businessman to have a shot at winning the presidency.

Time magazine has taken an even bolder step. They’ve put Trump on the cover on their July 25, 2016 issue — in the Oval Office with a plaque dated January 20, 2017. It’s no parody. It’s on newsstands now.

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