Not just ‘Far-Right Wing Party’-speak

The disgraceful and disgusting lapses in police and social services in Rotherham and other Northern and Southern British towns and cities have faded from the headlines, but with sporadic revivals as further trials of the sub-humans involved proceed. But the ongoing mental trauma experienced at that time by these (for the most part) schoolgirls still carries on, and we look on as they attempt to dredge their lives from the filth which they were subjected to; with absolutely no movement at all on the religious and political side of Government as to the treatment of the cancer which has been inflicted upon this country of ours. Inflicted, from what had been revealed over they years, by entirely legal processes with full support from Labour, Tory and Lib-tard Parties.

It may surprise some intellectuals, and many well-meaning voters allied to both main political parties, as well as the sopping-wet Lib-Tards, but the siren calls of warning against the Muslim rapists and despoilers of young White British girls came far earlier than the scholarly dissection supplied by Professor Alexis Jay. These warnings were from a name and a Political Party which were so outside the normal political structure that the very mention or association of the Party or its then Leader was enough to commence multiple heart attacks generated from sheer disgust. That Party was course the BNP, and its Leader was then Nick Griffin. It was Griffin who made those allegedly incendiary but perfectly true remarks, and for that he was prosecuted for ‘stirring up racial hatred’ as well as ‘using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred’. Fortunately for Griffin, our Justice system still, if creakingly, works according to the Law, and Griffin, together with his co-accused, was acquitted of all charges, but later lost his position within the Party. But the truth is that it took a further eight years before those 1,400 girls’ stories and complaints were finally believed; the Muslim scum were jailed; the Council powers were removed, and Councillors removed, inclusive of at least one Councillor who was himself implicated in the abuse cycles.

The BNP itself is but a shadow of its former self, with no British or European MPs or MEPs at all, but it still publishes a website with one of the highest readerships in the political world. When you read the words referred to on the BNP website:-

“We must reject political correctness and call things by their true names. Rather than shedding tears like [Federica] Mogherini and … organising marches that solve nothing, authorities should ensure the safety of citizens.”  and …..‘newcomers from Africa and the Middle East simply do not integrate’  as well as ‘cannot coexist with the culture and values of newcomers to the continent, and that multiculturalism is “wrong” as a concept.’

They are not the words of the BNP leader, they are the words of the Polish Interior Minister.

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  1. Henry Kaye
    July 18, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    There have been many voices raised in recent and not so recent years, saying exactly the same things. There were always many sympathetic minds throughout the land – with the exception of the media and the political class who together made sure that those voices would be drowned out by ridicule and accusations of the usual “unjustified” and “exaggerated” views. Our system of Democracy does not serve us well – is there a better way?

    • July 24, 2016 at 7:17 am

      Churchill didn’t think so…

  2. Lord T
    July 18, 2016 at 7:41 pm

    Democracy is fine but it relies on a MSM that is willing to point out exactly what is going on and not cover it up and be complicit in covering issues up.

    I actually blame the MSM more than politicians, sure politicians are liars, thieves but that seems to be their job description for the last few decades. With the MSM covering up for politicians we are unable to react and fix the issues. They are complicit in these actions because it usually fits in with their SJW agenda. Personally, we need to fix the MSM and democracy will fix itself.

    • Mazz
      July 18, 2016 at 8:14 pm

      My sentiments, exactly!

  3. Mudplugger
    July 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    The city of Bradford is twice the size of Rotherham and with a high proportion of the ‘target’ community. On a similar basis, one would expect around 3,000 young girls to have been subject to such abuse there.

    Last week, the Leader of Bradford Council said “The time is not right to conduct an enquiry into such sexual abuse in this area”.

    The rest of the 89 councillors sat on their grubby, stained, malodorous hands in silence – no-one had the balls to ask when the time would be ‘right’, because they all know it never will be – it has been going on for decades, they’ve all known about it, indeed covered up for it, and the last thing any of them wants is for that particular high-volume, local can of worms to be opened to public scrutiny.

    Just let ‘wicked Rotherham’ carry the can alone for all of them, then it can still be business as usual elsewhere – don’t want to upset the apple-cart, there’s an election every year to think of, we need those sacks of Postal Votes…….

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