The media bias is now almost total

Seems to be the day for it. I’ve just been ranting at my home site about the media, mainly in relation to their coverage of Melania Trump and the meanspirited leftism apparent throughout.

Downunder, there is an issue which has blown up and as you read this, note the bias after a few paragraphs:

sonia kruger

On the Today Extra program, a group of panellists were responding to comments from television presenter Sonia Kruger, who had urged a ban on Muslim immigration.

Instead of asking themselves “What do I think?”, each presenter essentially pondered, “How do I feel?”

In the middle of this, splitting the text, was this box inserted by the sub-editor:

Ignore the cult of celebrity extremism
Sonia Kruger acknowledges views on Muslim immigrants may be ‘extreme’

Now if that’s not extreme bias, then what is? Then the article goes on:

Referring to the recent attacks in Nice, Kruger explained how upset she was at seeing an image of a baby covered in a plastic sheet. She also said her earlier statement was “extreme”.

“Is there a solution?” she asked herself. “I don’t know.”

This was a notable departure from her previous stance on Monday’s Today show, in which she suggested closing Australia’s borders to Muslim migrants. Later, she backed this up “as a mother” – though it was unclear if she had been taking policy advice from her toddler or her uterus.

That truly stinks.  And I’m rebelling by refusing to link to that story and that paper. I’ve had it, had enough. When we wake up in the morning, we cannot ANY unbiased news unless maybe at Breitbart and on blogs.

But even though it’s good we have those, that’s no answer to the issue – there are wealthy news outlets all over the world and they are are virtually worthless, for all the money poured into them.

Worthless. When a blog becomes one’s source of sane news, then it’s a very, very sad situation.

One last thought – you know where else I’ve seen this sort of thing? In Russia when I lived there. People knew, per default, that it was going to be slanted. But not towards the left, it was towards Russia itself.

2 comments for “The media bias is now almost total

  1. July 19, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Just reflecting on her surname – Kruger – wonder what other southern hemisphere nation she might come from. Hence she’s not yet fully brainwashed and braindead, something Channel Nine clearly overlooked.

  2. Henry Kaye
    July 19, 2016 at 10:46 am

    I wrote yesterday expressing my view of the power and influence of the media in overriding any public view that didn’t agree with their own (probably) distorted agenda. The time is surely long past when such powerful influences should continue to drown out public sentiment but how can we deal with this? We must never abandon free speech so just how can we control the extent to which the media influences the thought processes that dictate our political and social actions?

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