The new Ottoman invasion

“1878 the Russians came to their aid when the Ottomans were massacring them in their thousands. 1912 the Balkan nations formed a league against the Ottomans and despite being outnumbered defeated the Ottomans.”

battle of varna

The Battle of Varna: In 1444 in eastern Bulgaria, the Ottoman army under Sultan Murad II defeated the Hungarian-Polish and Wallachian armies commanded by Wladyslaw III of Poland, who was also King of Hungary. Stanislaw Chlebowski/Wikimedia Commons

Were it subtle, a person could be forgiven for not seeing.  But it’s so openly being done, this is the amazing part:

1. Soften up society with navel gazing PCism, such that no one may criticise the process, on pain of arrest for hate crimes, ruin education and surreptitiously move people of this global mentality who believe they are spreading love into key roles, e.g. in education.

To a lesser extent – this current one is mindboggling in its scope – the softening up of Norway by Germany was similar.

2. The PTB create not only conflagration in the Muslim regions but actually start up a killer organization, fund it and give it Toyotas. This creates millions of refugees, naturally wanting asylum in our land. The key positions and media all in deep captcha, everyone except those pushing it is urged to take in thousands, in every town, every city, every village.

This mass of alien humanity contains the seeds of the Ottoman strike force and we see that now. This was what Farage’s posters were all about and why the left and Tory reaction was so vehement – they knew it was the truth. Gove and Johnson tried to play it down, Remain obviously did the outraged bit.

3. Send out Manchurians at intervals to shoot people up, creating demand to ban all weapons for ordinary people. Rely on the brainwashed to never see posts like this or if they do, inadvertently, they’re now trained to dismiss anything outside what they’ve been fed.

4. With the sleepers already in place in almost every major town across Europe, create a ‘coup attempt’ in Turkey which the media immediately so-label, resulting in purges of anyone soft enough to not want all-out Muslim slaughter.

5. Through the quislings in the EU politburo, either admit Turkey to the union and make sure May ums and ahs long enough, say until March in 2017, or just sign an agreement to let 200,000 in now, then another, then another.

Oh, and create an EU army even now, despite everything’s which has happened, to support Turkey.

6. At the given command out of the mosques, just as you saw in Turkey during the ‘coup’, the Muslim masses take to the streets and the trained and hardwired among them do the slaughter. The Euro populace are too wimpy and all-loving, the army too small – it is stretched to even cover three or four towns.

And who is in charge of the security of Europe?

federica mogherini

I fear it’s too late, even if we leave the EU, which we’ve never been able to influence anyway.



One of Bulgaria’s top businessmen has called for Balkan countries to form a union to defend against a potential Turkish invasion of Europe. Vasil Vasilev said that the supposedly “tolerant” and “solidarity”-loving European Union (EU) could not be relied on to protect the Balkans if “hundreds of thousands of so-called refugees” from Turkey descend on them.

Pardon, brother, it would hardly be enough. It needs Britain, France and Germany to step in and bolster the buffer nations. Instead of trying to provoke Russia, NATO needs to do this.

But they won’t, just as Merkel and Hollande won’t, just as May speaks of it but delays, delays, until enough Muslim fighters are inside.

Accusation of treason to the nation? Well what else is it? If it quacks and has webbed feet, it’s a duck. Call it a duck. Call this the start of the Muslim invasion.

It’s not as if there is no precedent and the most maddening thing is that it’s precisely the same people all over again, you wouldn’t credit it – the bloody Ottomans.  And their insane quest to subjugate every land knows no rest – they WILL continue, as they all, even the so-called moderates, have this as their scriptural destiny.

stupid snowflakes

They welcome their own rapists and murderers of their families.

Why do people not speak up, rise up?

That’s dead easy – Europe and America have been effectively de-Christianized. Last time, there were sufficient Catholics, there was sufficient infrastructure, now there is just butter for the knives to slice through.

And even with their grandparents being slaughtered and their daughters being raped, these numbskulls of the left will STILL cry out that it’s just a few bad eggs. Aaaaagggghhhh!

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  1. Henry Kaye
    July 22, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    I’m ready to believe anything! No doubt there is much information passing between the various heads of states – none of it managing to reach the people who are the ones who’re going to be affected . Is it true? Or is it the feverish imagination of a few minds? One thing is for certain the PTB will say nothing and the wondering and worried public will be left to stew.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 23, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Theresa May? Miss piggy more like, the Tories are still part of the problem.

    God knows what is to come, a nation abandoned to the whimsy of such as Theresa the procrastinator, her devotion to all things PC and equality batshit as she undoubtedly is, she will and can provide no shield.

    What is needed, for a start, is for the authorities: to acknowledge what exactly is the problem. All we hear is equivocation, drivel and reluctant, truculent silence or worse, misdirection…………………………

    Two knifemen, described as ‘of Middle Eastern appearance’, attempt to abduct a serviceman outside RAF Marham in Norfolk. Police immediately issue a statement saying that there is nothing to suggest the incident is ‘terrorism-related’.

    So that’s all right, then.

    DailyMail – LINK.

    Heads in the sand.

    Really when you see what they get away with and we know the authorities, social services abetted with police help and the labour party Denis MacShane public peculator and ostrich – covered this abuse up for 20 years!
    Furthermore, by no means is the appalling scale of Rotherham exclusive – is it, I could name twenty even, thirty different English towns where the same sort of serial gang grooming and rape has been happening, night after night, weeks, months, years. Done, right under the noses of the authorities.
    A nation, its people, the electorate – let down?………huh, far more like, all responsibility for public safety and security of the majority has been derelict, abandoned, the authorities you know the ones we have to pay our taxes to [on pain of imprisonment!!] = they don’t fucking care!

    Still, open doors – they let them flock here, allow Saudi funding of Wahhabist mosques run amok and amok they do run, up and down in boy racer cars in West London.
    If it ain’t true already, it’s surely, logic dictates, that, it can be only a matter of time before ‘they’ really commence to flex their muscles.
    They have numbers, are all in their favour and we already are paying Jizra, benefits galore and children by the hundreds of thousands…….. then, soon enough there will be only one religious/political/theocracy.
    Be aware, open your eyes, and see, take a look at Turkey to see how this would go or go a bit further south to Syria and Iraq. Mosul, a city of 1.5 million fell overnight to a gang of a few determined zealots and think really hard: on that.
    This will not end well at all, I dread it with every fibre of my being, more, in certain areas and on certain days, I will not walk alone, even in daylight hours,

    FFS, I thought once that, this is my country, the land of my birth, I have doubts now, the cities have gone, nigh on, they’re even moving on the countryside but at least there, they will meet stern resistance.

    One final thought, only Littlejohn and Rod Liddle have the nerve to report on what we all want to say but dare not, is it not also true that, the media and journalists alike all play for the enemy?

  3. barnacle bill
    July 23, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Islam in it’s present “Dark Age’s” version and those Muslims that support it are once again the biggest threat to our civilization.

    I am ashamed/weep that fellow human beings can believe it is right to act in such barbaric fashion towards fellow humans. The beheadings of PoWs, the throwing from high places of gay people, the hacking to death of other religious follwers in the Indian sub continent, the “honour” killings by family members which takes place even in this country.

    One could go on but just these examples are enough to warn us.

    There is coming a time when we will have to stand up to defend ourselves from this creeping cancer. By “we” I mean us plebs as our sneering politically elevated elites are not going to do it for us. Although it will be their necks we will be saving as well as those of our famillies.

    That time maybe just around the corner or, further down the road but for now we must use all peaceful methods to combat the lies put about by both the Quilsing Lefties and our political elites. The twin beacons of Liberty & Truth are flickering flames at the moment, it is thru blogs such as this one we can keep them alright, ready for when they need to be turned into blowtorches of freedom.

  4. July 23, 2016 at 11:02 am

    We see it this way, it’s so bleedin’ obvious to us.

    Have you been into leftist sites, meaning the whole media now but I mean the hardcore ones and they simply ignore the whole issue. They just choose other issues or angles of the same issue and go hell for leather for it.

    They’re not wrong in many ways, e.g. the banksters and fiat currency, fractional reserves and so on. Further, these things are key issues. But they’re part of it, not all of it and they leave out utterly critical parts, e.g. The evil intentions of the EU politburo, e.g. the genuine Muslim infiltration and readiness.

    And then the coup de grace – they VOTE for people facilitating those things. I’m not sure if insane is the word or what the word is.

  5. Hereward Unbowed
    July 24, 2016 at 12:12 am

    Heavens! Some pols actually, with exactitude, really do get it:

    “Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again,” she told them. “You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism… Those who choose the status quo become complicit with our enemies.”

    Ici, dans La Grande Bretagne, ou est, notre propre Marechal Le Pen?

    Out of, the total Westminster bubble its political claque and across the board in the media one word sums it up.


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