Definition of …..Dozey!

So, this guy attempted to kill you, or at least severely assault you, three times; and was convicted on all charges?

Well, yes.

He was also convicted of your false imprisonment ?

Well, yes again.

So, after this appalling treatment by a large, muscled man who has already proven that he has a hair-trigger temper, you actually wrote to him whilst he was in prison, re-kindled your relationship and after he was released, agreed to marry him?

Agreed, I realised I still loved him.

But you then decided to end your relationship, and valued your engagement ring with a view to selling it. You told this six-foot-odd body builder that you were breaking up with him; but you agreed to go for a walk along a secluded path to discuss it?

Well; yes.

He then attacked you again, got you in a choke-hold, then turned you around and strangled you. He then, believing that you were dead, disguised your body with branches and leaves; drove home in your car, drank most of a bottle of vodka, and crashed your car. When arrested by the police, your ex-fiance stated ‘You will never find her’, but appeared shocked when told that you, the woman he presumed to be dead, had already been found and had contacted the police.


Upon reflection, when you re-kindled your relationship with a man who had already assaulted you three times: were you in love; or naive; or slow; or just plain thick?


2 comments for “Definition of …..Dozey!

  1. Lord T
    July 23, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    This sort of relationship tends to sort itself out in the end and all is fine. One dozy person gone and another in prison. Seems win win to me.

    • Mudplugger
      July 23, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      When it costs us £40k a year to keep the one in prison, I’m not sure it’s an entire win/win situation.
      The truly innocent (that’s you and me) end up paying the price in our higher taxes, so in that apparent ‘win/win’ situation we’re the only losers.

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