Tory betrayal

It’s like a nightmare before our eyes, a stitch-up in slow motion, a train wreck about to happen.

Not having a TV, I can’t gauge the outrage up and down the country … or lack of it but I can sure gauge the 5000+ comments at the Mail. The utter chutzpah of the Tory Remain and the craven reaction of the Tory Leave. But more than chutzpah – it’s straight-out betrayal of the British voting public who voted a clear 52-48% to get out now. At a minimum to start it now.

May goes over and whines about being allowed to remain in? I just haven’t words for that snake. Tory chairman too, casually stating that the plan is to trigger A50 by 2023. Meanwhile, single market and paying through the nose to the EU for its army and the mass influx of migrants, meaning jihadis.

On the weekend, this:

dan hannan meets remain

I don’t think I have the words, the labels, to be able to adequately express how much I despise Remainers as people, people of no integrity, no ethics and a gd-given right, they think, to do what’s best for the silly people who didn’t know the issues in the referendum.

And this crap of May’s of having to represent ALL views after the referendum. No you effing-well don’t, you express only the winning view in that war – that we get out and we get out now.

Am I and the 5000+ at the Mail the only people today totally outraged? Not even Breitbart is carrying it.

The complete impotence of the people on the matter. Because, apart from shouting, WTF can any of us do? These Tory and Labour MPs are determined the referendum is not honoured … and there it is. End of.

And what can we do? SFA, until 2020. And what is the alternative? Dysfunctional Labour? Give me a break.

UKIP? Nigel gone? Pussies vying for leadership? Not even having the leadership until September! What effing use is that to Britain?

This picture from Terminator II has special relevance to all situations where ordinary people see exactly what must happen and yet the PTB, closed to this voice, continue on their merry, destructive path, with the inevitable result:


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  1. Lord T
    July 25, 2016 at 10:17 am

    If democracy has failed we need to move to try something else.

    They are only doing this because they know we are cowards. We have been disarmed for this very purpose so that can ignore the wishes of the people, commit treason and know that nothing will happen to them.

    Violence is inevitable if this is true and you can now class me as a moderate citizen. One that won’t commit violence, too cowardly and too much to lose, but I won’t condemn it and I will celebrate with a glass of wine and a smile the next Thomas Mair’s.

    That is their choice not mine and I think we should write to Donald Trump and ask that he invades the UK to restore democracy when he becomes president. Arms drops and bombings of the government seems the next step.

    What a farce. The home of democracy screwed over by our own lying politicians.

  2. Henry Kaye
    July 25, 2016 at 10:36 am

    How many of us are now saying: I told you so”?

  3. confused
    July 25, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Is there a missing link? What you are talking about?

  4. John in cheshire
    July 25, 2016 at 11:48 am

    James, Henry, like you I’m beyond angry not least because I knew if Article 50 wasn’t triggered immediately after the Referendum these traitors would drag the process out until the majority of the country has lost interest, so they could slowly and quietly shelve our withdrawal. I’m sure invoking Article 50 would have been traumatic for those who will be responsible for negotiating our way out but that’s what they’re paid for; but in doing so there would have been no going back. And if more than two years are needed to complete the negotiations I believe strongly that more time would have been allowed.

    I’m sorry to say, James, that you and your fellow exit support bloggers are going to be needed for a lot longer than you might have wished.

  5. barnacle bill
    July 25, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    Yes there is something we can start to do by joining and taking over our local Tory constitutency parties. Then start agitating for de-selection of the local MP or prospective MP unless they support a quicker invoking of Article 50.

    Take a leaf out of Momentum’s book.

    • Lord T
      July 25, 2016 at 6:03 pm

      Too slow. The earliest that will make a difference is 2010. May can hold out till then very easily.

  6. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 25, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    The Westminster claque abhor with a passion all that is direct democracy!

    The CONs, they hate the idea of being out of the EU, they will withdraw from the EU only as a final resort.

    Be not a fool, don’t be kidded on, by Theresa’s platitudes, she has no intention of leaving [the Brussels Empire] and Theresa carries on in a great tradition winning the Heath commemoration perfidy award a CON quid pro quo, with the Grandees; Tarzan and Ken, Major – “Theresa, we’ll make you PM in turn you will keep us in the EU”. I’ve said it time and again, once Dave lost the referendum, Theresa installed as PM was always plan B.

    The Tories, are the enemy of Britain, democracy and thus the opponents of the people just as much as Corbyn’s extreme left wing poisonous weasels are.

    The bbc plays the game, “evil Tories!” they shout, and
    “cuts, cuts, cuts and woe and thrice woe!” but all the while – the bbc love the Tories who are the lavs who are the libs, who are all together in Westminster bubble.

    We must find a new way, because, the old ways mean: more EUrope.

  7. July 25, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Yes, stroking the chin, sipping on a wine. We certainly must, at grassroots level, do something. One thing is, as BB said, to join the Tories. I would add that then we’d vote UKIP or similar. Let’s see how the Remainers like treachery done to them.

  8. Junican
    July 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Do you not think that we should be a tad more patient? The border between North and South Ireland is a real problem. It may be better to get problems of that nature sorted out first. Is there a reasonably simple answer? I don’t know, but it might be better it the four countries of the British Isles are not shouting at each other when Brexit discussions begin. I see no problem with May first talking to Eire and Scotland.
    Whatever anyone may say, not everything about our relationship with the other countries of Europe was bad news. What can be salvaged and how? I don’t mind taking several years for the accumulated dross to be sorted out.
    To my mind, it is the political manipulations among the top people in the EU which stink. I am talking about the secret connections with the UN, WHO, IPCC, etc. When Anna Soubry failed to go through the proper procedure with regard to the latest TPD, and then virtually admitted that she did not know what was in the TPD, my eyes were well and truly opened. How many other treaties and directives have been voted through without sufficient scrutiny?
    I could see a step by step withdrawal being the best way to peacefully bring Brexit about. There is 50 years of gradual loss of sovereignty to be reversed, and it will not be straightforward.

    • July 25, 2016 at 8:15 pm

      Voice of reason, Junican. However, Juncker spoke of months, Brexit ministers of end of 2017. No one except May and Tory chairman spoke of 7 years.

      Yes, go round the home countries, another two months to prepare, then set it in motion before 2016 ends or at a minimum, before March 31st.

      But 7 years to even file? This is taking the P in a big way. It is EU cronyism, deals and pensions talking.

  9. Hereward Unbowed.
    July 25, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Insofar as Ireland is concerned, when it is admirably demonstrated just how much cheaper and better things are in the North and ie out of the EU, with people flocking from the south to buy goods and food, inevitably the Irish will insist on some sort of frontier checks, so be it.

    Britain voted to leave, what goes on in the provinces is for another time.

    Art 50 should be invoked if nothing else to concentrate minds, and let necessity be the mother of negotiation. Because once Art 50 is invoked we know for a fact that, the Germans will sue for terms almost immediately irrespective of what the French desire and the Netherlands will be no problem, the Scandi nations, Visegrad too will be totally supportive and……….. the rest – well who cares about them, we’ve never been friends with Spain and Italy – have we?

    Divide and conquer, the EU is in desperate financial straits, and beggars can’t be choosy.

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