Sidelights on Yahoo and Verizon

Back into it again:

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It’s been my view for a long time that detailed blogging can’t be done without support and this is a perfect illustration of that.

I’d covered it from something haiku had sent:

Verizon and Yahoo are set to announce that they are striking an acquisition deal, according to sources close to the situation. The news is expected by Monday, although it could come earlier or later.

But Yahoo told other bidders this afternoon — those interested in buying Yahoo have included private equity firm TPG and a group led by Quicken Loans’ Dan Gilbert — that the telco giant was the winner of the four-month process, said sources.

The transaction of about $5 billion still has to pass regulatory muster and also faces difficult integration issues. Also, the reception of the deal from Verizon shareholders will be an issue.

As per usual, there is always a chance it will not work out and one of the other bidders — most likely Gilbert — might lob in another offer once the terms are revealed.

That was several hundred percent better data than the MSM deemed to give us but it still doesn’t dish the dirt, get to the crux. Enter Ken Craggs:

Regarding the sale of Yahoo to Verizon

In 1990, Apple and Acorn Computers entered into a partnership and launched a company called ARM, with each owning a 43 per cent share. Today the company licences – but does not manufacture – a range of ARM processors that are in virtually every electronic device such as PC’s, iPads, phones, TV’s, and cars. ARM succeeds through essential being in partnership with all the major tech companies. ARM Holdings develops the architecture (instruction set) and licenses it to other companies, who design their own products that implement one of those architectures. ARM is at the very heart of the Internet of Everything that will be connected to trillions of sensors & devices.

ARM is in the process of being acquired by SoftBank, a Japanese company that partnered with Yahoo to establish the Yahoo Japan CorporationVerizon was founded as Bell Atlantic which was formed after AT&T was split into a number of subsidiaries. See my blog post Rothschild, AT&T, IBM.

Sophie Wilson developed the ARM CPU while at Acorn, she later moved to Broadcom which developed the Netxtreme wireless driver called Rothschild.

Now that puts a different complexion on it. Even so, why the hell should we have to do the digging for free when the bloody MSM journos get paid and turn-over nothing of note?

The MSM is a crock of faeces, excuse my French.

UPDATE: Just in from Chuckles:

Yahoo is arguably the worst-run major company in the history of high tech. In 1998, Yahoo could have bought Google for a mere $1 million. Four years later, after Google was already crushing Yahoo’s search-engine business, Yahoo offered $3 billion for Google, and was turned down. Google wanted $5 billion, but Yahoo wouldn’t pay that much. Google is now worth more than $350 billion. In 2008, Microsoft offered $44 billion for Yahoo, an offer Yahoo rejected.


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  1. Errol
    July 26, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Feminists have completely missed that our greatest, most popular electronics, a device used in more devices than any other – was invented by a woman.

    When I hear a hard Left feminist wanting special treatment and enforced quotas on FTSE boards, on matching salaries without the merit to earn them – I am reminded, quietly, of women who’ve made it on the basis of effort and genius, not a Left wing Leg up they haven’t earned.

    • July 27, 2016 at 9:05 pm

      Which device is that? Battery?

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