Now there’s a good notion…..

Simples; really.

  • Buy the rights to the broadcast video, and alter the dialogue to read ‘The United Kingdom’ instead of ‘Australia’ along with any references to the Australian Government altered to read ‘The Government of the United Kingdom’. Add the dialogue necessary to include any who have sneaked in on the back of a lorry.
  • Engage a huge search to find Tory Politicians and Military Personnel with the backbone to implement the changes necessary within our immigration, asylum and illegals policies.
  • Institute all changes, inclusive of withdrawal from all Treaties (UN, etc.) necessary to lift us out of the morass we are presently involved in.
  • Change the Law, and then broadcast the video.

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  1. July 28, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Video messages have been ‘adapted’ before. I recall watching a ‘community’ advert in Tasmana a few years ago about high power electricity cables and the dangers of touching them. It showed a sailing boat mast touching an overhead wire with the message that such incidents had doubled in the past 12 months.

    I enquired with the relevant gummunt department as to the actual numbers. The answer was that in the last three years there had been no such incidents in Tasmania, and that the advert had been bought from South Australia. There they had two in the previous year and one the year before – hence double.

    I asked why it was deemed OK to put it on Tasmania’s TV and the answer was “we had to use the budget’.

    Taxpayers’ dollars at shirk.

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