DNC Convention Bumper Edition

A week ago, the success of the RNC Convention had the Democratic Governors Association worried.

In fact, it was more than that. In their own words:

We’re PANICKED, Friends …

Their email went on to say that Nate Silver thinks Donald Trump stands a good chance of winning in November. Possibly more importantly, Michael Moore said on television that Trump

will win.

Trump’s acceptance speech galvanised and energised the GOP base. Trump is on his way.

Furthermore, Cleveland was hardly the disaster everyone predicted.

The Hill has a post listing five successes of the GOP convention: lack of chaos outside, organisational strength as a party, Ted Cruz’s damp squib of a speech which failed to produce a mass exodus, a great address by Mike Pence and a final evening of inspiring talks and films, many of which pointed to past greatness in American history.

A week ago I wrote:

It will be interesting to see how the Dems can top this in Philadelphia over the next few days.

That post appeared just as the BBC announced on the 10 o’clock news that Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned as DNC chair because of incriminating primary campaign emails released by Wikileaks. Although none of these implicated the woman herself, the content was such that she had to stand down.

What the BBC did not say was that Wasserman Schultz was becoming the honorary chair of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The BBC, and perhaps other news outlets, made the resignation look like a Democrat housecleaning exercise, when it was nothing of the sort. Wasserman Schultz is succeeded by Donna Brazile, DNC chair in 2008, when Obama won the nomination — over Hillary Clinton — and the presidency. Oh, the irony.

Little did anyone realise what pandemonium would break out in the City of Brotherly Love in raging heat and a mid-week thunderstorm.

To set the mood, most of this week’s quotes come from Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz. DuJan is an ex-Hillary supporter and an ex-Democrat. He is a Catholic from Cleveland now living in Chicago. Like other PUMAs (Party Unity My A–), he broke away after the 2008 convention. His Hillary story started with his Grandma Emma.

Whilst DuJan lacks the spot-on analysis and predictions of Big Pink‘s admin, he can explain the Democratic Party strategies very well and gives his readers an insight as to how their supporters think.

On Hillary’s own email scandal and the FBI’s blind eye, the Drudge Report posted this headline on July 6:


DuJan analysed Clinton’s predicament, in part:

The majority consensus is that the FBI damaged itself and its credibility by refusing to recommend prosecution of Hillary for things that others, such as a “hero marine nailed for secret email,” were prosecuted for. Americans are a forgiving people but also possess an inextricable sense of fair play. Cheating and favoritism are frowned upon here…and once people form an opinion that someone is a cheater, that opinion never changes. What Hillary Clinton did to herself with this email garbage is probably the worst political mistake that any human being has made in American politics…because it redefined her to a lot of people. Even people who hated her before now hate her for a more concrete reason…and people who defended her for years and years (and even decades) now have said they’ve had it and this was the last straw …

What people CAN understand however is favoritism and elitism and some people being above the law. I’ve seen people spitting mad since yesterday who have not been worked up about anything Hillary-related for years … This angers people in a way that I don’t think the talking heads pundits appreciate. If Donald Trump keeps on this and if he pulls no punches and just keeps hammering it, he really has an opportunity to make people angry at both the Clintons and the establishment in a new way.

On July 18, he questioned the prevailing anti-Republican media narrative:

Republicans don’t have a ground game and don’t have ground operations. Do you ever wonder about why they say this every single time? Did they say that in 2000 and 2004 and earlier? I only noticed them doing this for the first time in 2008…and they also did it in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections …

America has been transformed demographically and Republicans can never win another election. James Carville likes to say this, but is this true? If so, why bother having any more elections if Democrats can’t lose. But, Democrats lost big in 2010 and 2014. Democrats won in 2008 and 2012 because both John McCain and Mitt Romney wimped out and gave up at the end. Donald Trump sure doesn’t seem like someone who is going to wimp out and give up …

Hillary Clinton can’t lose and Donald Trump can’t win. The logic on this one is that because McCain lost in 2008 and Romney lost in 2012 that Trump must lose in 2016. What they forget to mention is that back in 2008 one of the arguments that the Media used to push Obama over Hillary was that the Media claimed that Hillary could not win the general election, but Obama could because people wanted to make history with the first black president. Well, all that history was made and is now history…and Americans are not excited and have never been excited about the first female president … As for Trump, we finally have a presidential candidate who is giving America the Bullworth moment that the country has long craved.

Before continuing with DuJan’s insights, here are more impressions of the convention from other sources.

Another ex-Hillary supporter and ex-Democrat, Larry Johnson — a former analyst for the CIA — pointed out that, although not every Republican in Cleveland was sold on Trump, no one booed him. They booed Ted Cruz instead:

Ted Cruz was booed for not being a man of his word, but not Trump.

That was not the case at the Democrat Convention. The mere mention of the name, “Hillary Clinton” brought forth boos and shouts.

DuJan spared a thought for Bernie’s people:

Sanders is at the end of his life and the attention of running for president would be something he would relish…and if Hillary would win the presidency, no doubt Sanders would get some sort of appointment to make him happy for his last days. But then the unthinkable happened and Sanders caught on…and it all went to his head. Sanders will never admit to his cult that he was in on losing from the beginning and that he was always supposed to lose to Hillary. His cult truly believes that he had a shot to win, when this race was always as rigged as a carnival game. I actually felt bad watching the special Sanders snowflakes melting in the lights of the convention center, tears streaming down their faces … All of this is so very tragic. The lies and deceit that the Clintons and the DNC continue to engage in are just too much. Politics does not have to be this way. The Democrat Party does not have to be run this way … And it’s sad that the Sanders cult, many of them very young and naive, got such a shockingly clear exposure to gross corruption at such young ages.

As for the booing on Day 1:

I couldn’t believe the amount of booing that went on last night. It felt like nonstop booing from beginning to end. They even booed during the prayers! I have never seen people more poorly behaved during a political convention. It shouldn’t come as any shock, but the Left really has taken over the party and it’s held control for so long that the Democrats’ internal culture has changed. There are no longer any grown-ups running things …

Although Wasserman Schultz was supposed to have chaired the convention and stood down afterwards, her breakfast meeting with the delegates of her home state, Florida, went so badly that she decided it would be better if she made no appearance at all.

As Donna Brazile was not due to assume the successor role until after the convention, the DNC appointed Marsha Fudge as permanent chair for those four days. Fudge is a congresswoman from Cleveland.

DuJan watched every bit of the DNC proceedings on all four nights and took notes. He did the same the week before for the RNC. He came out with a much better impression of the Republicans than the Democrats. Excerpts follow. I have left his notes as they are.

On Day 1, Bernie’s people were upset with everyone, including Marsha Fudge:

13. Marsha Fudge from Cleveland area … I think that Bernie Sanders people are shouting and booing. Some have signs that say NAY. Says we are in a time of hate speech and war and chaos. We are at crossroads of history and hope … Claims they are going to have a different kind of convention. Whenever she says TIM KAINE, there are loud boos. Fudge actually had to ask people to stop booing. 349pm CST she is completely overpowered and shouted down by BOOS. She has to shout and ask people to behave. I think that the shouting is BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE. No one is listening to Fudge, just booing her … Fudge just said we are all Democrats and now have to act like it. I would say that by booing and acting foolish they are all acting just like Democrats.

14. More weirdness. At 352pm CST, a bunch of Democrat big-wigs come out as Convention officials. They get booed and chanting happens as well. Not sure what is being chanted but Fudge is mad …

In summary, DuJan’s impression of the speakers was that they had to fit into Democrat box-ticking. No oratory skills or memorable messages were required. The more hyphens and identity politics per person, the better:

That was my big take-away. Everyone who spoke had to:
* list the different groups they could be carved up into with as many hyphens as possible
* say that their parents or grandparents or some relative was a janitor or bus driver or garbage man
* tell people they had lost at least a leg, but also other body parts or had survived some other illness
* talk about picking cotton or being a sharecropper 100s of years ago in their imagination
* shout angrily in Spanish for a while

All the problems the speakers mentioned, especially teachers’ buying school supplies for their pupils and employers paying less than the minimum wage, raised these questions (emphasis mine):

Is that really happening? What the heck are those supplies and are they really needed if the schools won’t pay for them? Who are all these people who claim they are being paid less than minimum wage? Why don’t we ever hear from them and why don’t they ever identify the employers who are allegedly doing this? And after 8 years of Democrats being in the White House, why is this happening? Why haven’t Democrats stopped this while they were in control?

On Day 3, Obama spoke, notionally in favour of Hillary’s candidacy, but not really:

The speech went on and on. He brought out all his old tropes. Talking about himself. Some painting of an owl he has. It’s very little about Hillary. Just about him …

Hillary Clinton then appears and the two of them hug. You can tell they hate each other. She resents him still for taking her presidency 8 years ago. He hates having to do this for her.

Hillary is dressed like a giant blueberry from Willy Wonkaland. She’s like the shark from JAWS: she appears only in glimpses during the whole convention.

On Day 4, Clinton gave her acceptance speech, which covered all the usual Democrat pet topics and goals. Also:

Says she will go after Democrat pet projects. Says she believes in SCIENCE, then laughs like crazy person. Wants more immigrants to come into the country because they are more Democrat voters …

The Democrats copied the Republican big balloon drop at the end. The Kaines and the Clintons played with the balloons for 15 minutes or so. DuJan noted:

All kinds of people came onto the stage, including Hillary’s brothers and nephews and others. They did look like a crime family.

DuJan’s commentary is worth reading in full. His witty and considered convention posts will round off your weekend well.

While there were Muslim speakers and Muslim delegates, there was no mention of terrorism or extremism. In fact, a group of delegates displayed two large Palestinian flags. It was only on the last day, during Clinton’s acceptance speech, that the Stars and Stripes finally appeared. We know that was the final day, because Hillary wore a white Mao/Merkel-style pantsuit. On Day 3, she wore a blue one, and on Day 2, a red one. Red, white and blue.

Outside the convention hall, a parade-protest took place early on from a variety of disgruntled leftists.

On the evening of Day 2, protesters were burning the Israeli flag yelling ‘Death to USA!’ I don’t quite follow the logic, but it appears that a lot of mentally incapacitated people were both inside and outside the convention arena.

From another source, there’s this picture of all the rubbish left behind in the convention hall after Day 1.

Check out the difference in the stages between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Dems’ is on the left. The very people opposed to walls built one around the stage! They also had a perimeter fence erected around the arena which protesters eventually tore down.

In closing, Lame Cherry, who began blogging during the 2008 campaign, had this to say about Bill Clinton’s speech and the Democrats in general:

This reminds me of what a Baptist revival sounds like without the band.

The life of this DNC convention went out the door, when the Sanders voters walked out.

To think, this shaking hands, hoarse voiced old man is ……….even with applause signs in a 100% Clinton voting block, is just sad.

We honestly are watching the death of the Clinton political campaign o[f] 2016. Bill Clinton brought up dead friends who died that day, and his dead father. Death is on every person’s mind and you can feel it in the air …

They all know. They are all sitting there wanting this all over …

The DNC is dead and everyone is whistling over the grave and the left is pretending the buzz of the flies begins tomorrow.

What a contrast to the Republicans.

8 comments for “DNC Convention Bumper Edition

  1. July 31, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    It’s almost like a melodrama, where the baddies are so bad and the flagwaving so passionate, the drama is neverending. They certainly know how to do politics over there.

    More specifically, various Americans and I are tweeting back and forth this evening, one has just written. The core issues there reflect ours. We have dishonest May, they have Clinton, we have Farage, they have Trump, we have Cameron, they have Obama.

    Always, it’s the MSM lies, the machinations, DWS and Warren unbelievably false. Not iffy but near-criminal.

    • August 1, 2016 at 12:16 am

      Thanks, James!

      What our EU Referendum aftermath and the US presidential campaign are showing is the confluence between the two countries with regard to pulling the wool over people’s, especially voters’, eyes. (The same is going on elsewhere, no doubt. I’m thinking of France and Canada.) As you say, it’s all media driven. We’re getting all sorts of horror stories about Brexit and how it can be stopped. In the US, it’s all about stopping Trump.

      I haven’t made my mind up yet over Theresa May and am maintaining an open mind. I haven’t seen enough yet to make an informed decision. She could be on to a plan of her own making which really could benefit Britain. For me, personally, it’s too soon to say.

  2. Voice of Reason
    July 31, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    I usually side with those who are closer to the facts. That being said, claiming that there were no US flags displayed until the last day of the DNC is an outright lie.

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 1, 2016 at 7:19 am

    I am going to stray a tad here CM, I beg………………..

    I see strong parallels with what is happening with the Dems over the pond and the nu lavs here in Britain, whence the infighting between various rabid left wing factions grows ever more vicious by the hour and by God stand well back and let ’em get on wi’ it.

    Although I do think that, our American cousins have come to some realizations sooner than has ‘our’ [grrrrr, I am loath to use that determiner because – I absolutely despise all and anything to do with the illiberal left]…. bunch of Cultural Marxist lunatics aka the lav party.

    I cannot draw much distinction, for me, whether it be called Socialism, Communism or, Internationalism the end is the same. I’ll never understand it, because Socialism goes agin the basic laws of logic and nature and therefore humankind is not, and never can be served by it nor, through it.

    Socialism, Marxism at its very core is man’s attempt at, a version of Christianity without the altruism and which denies the omniscience of a higher being. Socialism does not recognize free will, personal responsibility, individualism and thus Socialists can never truly cherish the gift of human life. Therefore, Socialism can only be misanthropic inspired ideology, small wonder they see so eye to eye with, the creed of death and isn’t that a very fine irony?

    Clinton MkII, Clinton Mk I, Bliar, Heath, Merkel, Wilson, Cameron, Obama, are, were Internationalists. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao just took it to more extreme limits, or wait with that thought. What has happened over the most recent twenty years in the EU?
    The EU, where a flood of humanity has been washed up on European shores and most of these new arrivals holding to an ideology which is inimical to the western way, it’s a recipe for civil war across EUrope and on a scale which would probably equal and surmount the death toll of WWII, would it, will it not? and we were kicking and screaming did not vote for it and that’s what happens when the government works for an alien administration. Bliar, Cameron, Merkel and the rest of the Brussels People’s Republik: open door mass immigration and ordained it.

    The Clinton MkII, she is a left wing visionary who is more dangerous than the stupid Obama could ever be, all Obama could do was talk a good game, Hillary will put it into practice. Hence, a vote for Trump, it is not too late for the USofA.

    This is where we get to the interesting bit, Bernie’s lot over the pond are appalled at Hillary’s corporate chums and yet and
    “YET she’s one of us ain’t she?” they screech, in a paralysis of conflicting emotion.
    Well yes and no, you see, in the west, the ‘progressives’ have won most of the battles, the law, the nations, the institutions, government and the effin rest of it all abide by, adhere to, wear the, strait jacket of political correctness, free speech is gone, totally disparu and with agitprop in skool, the ratchet effect takes over.
    Bernie and Hillary want the same thing, Bernie would get to Venezuela sooner but Hillary will make America Hispanic if it kills what remains of America and it is.
    Over the pond, in our benighted land, after 40 years under the cosh and scourge of the EU – the left are infighting over the scraps, Corbyn has a vision of Gaza for England and the other lot [Bliarites] want us to be an outpost of Eurabia and lackey of Saudi and do nice things Gogol-peoplesgermanwagonscompany, Amazon Socialista warriors for justice and a grossly over expanded public sector aristocracy, in the end it’s the same difference but because they can’t make up their minds and because all the battles have been won, they fight over what is best for us!

    I think that, the American public have grasped the threat sooner than us, the Democratic party although aware of their Seppuku and still is pulling itself apart in a frenzy, they know it and don’t give a fig, whereas in the UK the lavs in their supreme arrogance still believe they are a government in waiting and that’s FUBAR.

    Socialism, all it is, it begets death, it ain’t no panacea, America must Trump it, for all our sakes and for Gods sake.

    • August 1, 2016 at 9:52 pm

      Thank you. I totally agree. You’re spot on in every respect.

      ‘America must Trump it, for all our sakes and for God’s sake.’ You bet — and yuuuugely! There can’t be a little 3% to 5% difference, it has to be a Reagan landslide (1980). Otherwise, it’s too easy to flip.

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