And the dead shall rise and vote …

acorn voter registration

Well yes, Donald, there’s more than enough evidence that they’ll try:

Donald Trump warns vote could be ‘rigged’

Here’s some of that evidence:

Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is urging Democrats to join her campaign to help find new voters who would be willing to support her in November.

“We are hiring organizers here and between now and election day, we are going to register 3 million more people,” she said at the close of her DNC campaign speech. “We are not just going to register them, we are going to get them to commit to vote.”

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  1. Mudplugger
    August 3, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Hillary’s lots are rank amateurs in the vote-rigging game – in this May’s local council elections in Britain, one particular big-city ward had a turnout of Proxy Votes which was an astonishing 10 times the average of all the other wards in that authority. Did the local Returning Officer even blink ? Not once, he just bent over and took it silently like a man.

    And that’s not saying anything about the very unusual profile of Postal Votes in selected wards of that same city, indeed the very same ward which had that 10x Proxy Peak also had the Postal Peak for the area – coincidence, obviously. Again, the Returning Officer played a blinder in his impersonation of Admiral Nelson – “Dodgy votes? What dodgy votes? I see no dodgy votes. Move on, nothing to see here”.

    Just how many of those Proxy and Postal people are dead is unknown, how many of them actually live, or indeed have ever lived, in the area concerned is also unknown, what is known is that they all really seem to enjoy the ‘democratic process’, with or without considerable help from others.
    Take heed, Hillary, and you can fix it better than Jim ever did.

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