Severe threat to the balance of power

It took Breitbart all night to put up a post about it? Most of the MSM haven’t even seen it!

arron announces

Details came through of the dirty goings on – this Hamilton, with Carwell stirring it up, Evans already suspended for trying to wreck UKIP. I warned UKIP in 2010 about Evans, a chancer and one just like Harman and tthe others – low quality people, low quality minds. I do not believe for a moment she wrote that excellent manifesto.

Word is that Nuttall has fallen in with them but not confirmed.

There is a petition, for what it’s worth [click pic]:

petition to suspend

This is precisely what Henry VIII referred to – balance of power. Even if you do not like #ukip or Farage, they were and he was the ONLY opposition left in this country to pernicious Toryism, which I define as being anti-populist, anti-conservative and divisive, using shoddy tactics.

Cameron is one, so is Heseltine, so were Major and Heath. They push a One Nation type global culture of open borders and the degradation of society, they are aligned with the worst in Labour/LibDem. They would have us in the EU, which is interesting because Carswell fought and election over it, financed and run by Tories, not UKIP.

They are the 48% and want to hijack UKIP at this time. If UKIP splits, that’s the end – only fragmented factions to oppose Toryism.  Let me underscore again – Toryism is NOT conservatism [small c]. There are many in the north who have never voted Tory but they are conservative – 17.4 million of them across the UK.

Meanwhile, the demise continues:

reduction in services

And yes, they’ve lifted my ban from Twitter.

higham suspended

I’d lost about 100 people who deserted me but many stalwarts were still there. Mental note about those good people.