It’s all a case of when they wake up

the war room

In the light of today’s earlier posts, plus the killing in London, plus various things coming out and the raging debate on Twitter, not to mention pieces on blogs, certain things have been moved under the heading Bleedin’ Obvious, from the previous heading Tinfoil Hat.

The first is that the whole notion of the Dr. Strangelove war room through to Manchurian Candidate mind control, the start of HIV, HAARP, the Global Warming scam – these have now moved to the status of “oh dear, I never thought it could have been so” and naturally, no reference is made to the hundreds of pundits who’ve been screaming their lungs out for a decade on these matters.  This happened over Brexit, remember.

However, it’s gratifying that people are finally waking up.  The evidence itself [posts passim] has always been there. Going even further left field, the due date for all this is supposedly 2019/20 – that’s when they planned to have the one world idea running and the federalist structure in place, naturally with the politburo in each sector administering that sector.

I feel that blogs needn’t go much further with that now, so many have jumped in and are publicizing online. Even the MSM are acting, in places, as if it’s always been a known-known, e.g. the Spectator.

But it’s not that simple – there is a third player in all this – the imported Islam and Shariah, courtesy the globalist PTB in each western nation.  An analogy for this, in a small way, is how the Hamilton/Carswell alien putsch has hijacked the NEC in UKIP and therefore it’s direction, even its leadership.

right road wrong road

The Muslim factor comes down to their own agenda and they’ve not exactly been shy in stating it. It’s to convert or wipe out every infidel.

There is, though, a huge rump of stubborn resistance to allowing people to see the truth. Thus today, it’s all about “mental illness” and not the mental illness brought on by radicalisation in Islam.  The PCists have swung into its defence – that it is not the religious system in itself and what it exhorts followers to do, that all those fighting age men on the boats, with only token women and children for the photo ops, are poor, innocent refugees, that all the rapes are by gangs of “mentally ill”, all one-offs, none of them remotely part of the putsch in Dar al Harb, which is what it actually is.

Sir Bernard, who is meticulous at avoiding mentioning the religion of peace, except for when he is droning “Religion of Peace” whenever a robed and bearded butcher of the Islamic persuasion is seen with his mates burning a bus or holding a sign asking politely for infidels to be beheaded, stood with the Muslim Mayor of Londonistan and declared his intention of ramping up the level of stigma attched to low IQ people.

And the best defence against anyone waking up is this:

shout racist

Yes, the labels and the hate crimes invoking of the state and its radicalised police force.

It’s all a case of when people finally wake up. They woke up to Common Purpose and thus that organisation has now gone underground, though still funded by us. They woke up to the pollies lying shamelessly, though that one was far easier.

It’s all a case of when people finally wake up on any issue, hence the furious defences against them doing so.

But why, why, why?

Barnacle Bill, at N.O., a good lad of vast life experience around the world, wrote:

I just cannot fathom why TPTB and our political elevated piggies are such apologists for the threat Muslims pose to our civilization?

Yes I realize they have an agenda, one where the Muslims are a very convenient bogeyman to keep us devided, take away more of our civil liberties in their efforts to “protect” us and generally turn us all into sheeple.

Yet surely if they have a real understanding of the nature of the Muslim beast they are aware they have a very tenuous hold on the tiger’s tail. Their grasp is going to fail one day with the result the monster they unleashed upon us is going to devour them as well.

I replied, simplistically:

There is an explanation, BB, which defies logic – it’s called “insanity”. Criminal, psychopathic insanity and megalomania:

1. Utterly convinced they are the intelligent ones who have it all at their fingertips – and seeing how easily manipulated 48% are in our country, higher percentage on the continent, it’s easy to see how they get this idea.

2. The original source of this detests humanity. Quite simple. So schemes are devised, policies, people put in place – all to reduce humanity to abject misery. Just like the Muslims – to mark people down for extermination because they do not agree with us – that can only be called insanity.

And that’s it. Truly, that’s it.

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4 comments for “It’s all a case of when they wake up

  1. Henry Kaye
    August 4, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    There can be no greater mystery than wondering why so many people cannot see what’s going on. Society has always been one long process of change and I like to think that the changes have always been in the right direction bringing a greater freedom and a better life. And yet there are so many who simply cannot see the threat to our continued enjoyment of that greater freedom and better life. There are many like me who wander bewildered and bemused by the ignorance that is all around us.

    • August 5, 2016 at 3:53 am

      Deliberately induced by programmes and schemes, as in education, of an entire generation and the latter half of the previous one – that’s many voters. Then import hundreds of thousands per year of these ‘migrants’ and you’re almost assured of power until it implodes above, e.g. Labour. But the failsafe Left-Tories are there to do the job, unchallenged by any other imploded party.

  2. Bemused
    August 5, 2016 at 7:44 am

    People are parochial and hedonistic.

    They are encouraged, educated and trained to not open their minds, not to debate, not to listen to other opinions, not to think critically. Why be concerned about a major issue, why think, research, debate or act when you can parrot the narrative and watch Big Brother in the Jungle?

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 5, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    It’s a fact, it’s the nailed on truth, like the nose on your face it cannot be denied, like the Sun will rise in the morning, like the tide will ebb and then return, the Moon waxing will shine bright each lunar month.

    As the Sun rises in the East, it sets on the West. We are at war, that is a fact.

    Saudi Arabia demands and funds, encourages death, beheading, war and conquest; pan Wahhabism, Islamism, a Caliphate, Ummah and for, ‘the West’ we’re all marked dead or made believer.

    There will be no real push back from our kids, the youf as has been taught fuck all at skool and brainwashed, washed out and drip dried. Hollowed out; feminized, emasculated and fashioned mindless junkies, whether it be specious fantasy – computer war games, meth, skunk, crack cocaine or playing second fiddle in the office, and how many kids do you know who any longer……..actually do manual work?

    And then…………

    “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

    [GK Chesterton]

    I’d qualify the above quote in that, empty heads can be filled just as easily with a vision; a glorious prospect of power, wealth and sex slaves, white kids can go for that, think on how many thugs easily heard and then answered the call of the Brownshirts?
    We all know well that, totalitarianism/Islamism…………..and Corbynism for heaven’s sake!…………..its exactly the same death cult via just a slightly different road.

    And when ‘our’ politicians, the establishment, the administration are asked of and about Saudi Arabia, as they turn, you see their ancient yellow slit lizard eyes unblinking and hear their sibilant whisper averring,

    “why, my dear old boy, Saudi Arabia are our friends and allies!”

    You know it: this nation, the EU, the West is: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

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