Oh no, its not a fair cop; we only wanted to work!

I did a small post on the immigrant saga at Byron Burgers last week, but the Today BBC bunch brought it out again this morning by interviewing one of the deported ‘illegals’ in Brazil. Now the theme of the piece was all about the harsh and ‘underhand’ manner in which these clowns were trapped; how terrible it was that someone who was ‘paying taxes’ was shovelled onto a plane, and kicked out.

This clown accepted that he had a fake Italian passport, and a faked NationaI Insurance card, and was thus working totally illegally, but his ‘beef’ (pardon the burger bun pun) was with the underhand manner in which Byron Burgers planned the ‘illegals’ takedown, with stories of a ‘staff meeting’ and ‘health and safety’ concerns about rare (cooked, that is) burgers. Just imagine, a British Company taking steps to comply with the law, incidentally avoiding a huge fine: and with apprehending a bunch of thieving (I use the term deliberately because they stole the jobs from legally-entitled people) chancers who knew they were breaking the law, but went ahead, fooled the company by the use of forged and faked documents, and laid themselves wide open to immediate deportation.

But the best part is where the solicitor gained full agreement from the Beeboids presenter, that it was so, so terribly sad that the Borders Agency had stooped so low during their enforcement of the LAW; a point worth noting that all the Unions who were demonstrating were keen to publicise; that the Borders Agency were just wrong, and harsh, and just plain nasty: and so misunderstanding of these people; who only wanted to work in Britain!


Aand these people state that they represent all that is best in Great Britain!

Sighs, again.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 6, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    “and these people state that they represent all that is best in Great Britain!”

    Said with, I hope, in dryly laconic and humourless, ironic, scowling guffaws.

    The whole sorry affair leaves me so fucking depressed and tired.

    These rainbow nutters and SJW’s believe that, anybody [from anywhere] is perfectly entitled to travel here, cross and enter the country irrespective of what he/she brings to the table, or is, carries or desires to do. Though I wonder, how many of these Brazilian burger joint flippers would they [SJW yuppies] invite to live and sleep under their own roofs?
    Yeah – not very many I shouldn’t wonder but then – why do they indignantly at that, expect the rest of us to pay to put them up?
    Does the north london Socialists bleeding hearts brigade regard the UK as fit only as, a country sized doss house and nationwide charity organization given to feeding, clothing and giving jobs to all and any comers? And then to demand that, the poor bloody taxpayer furnishes these Brazilians with housing benefits, top ups on their wages and the rest of it, policing, hospitals, schools, roads, street lighting, a sewerage system which doesn’t dump millions of tons of shite into the Thames, like happens in Copacabana bay?

    Ah but then……………

    Cultural Marxism, nefarious devilment it is, Cultural Marxists/Critical Theorists/Communists [same difference] are spiteful, money and possessions fixated [though they would never publicly admit to that], jealous, amoral beings. Plus it’s a career move, caring 24/7 – being part of the liberal tosserati – gets you a long way these days in the gubmint – to such an extent they’re starting to become known as ‘the public sector aristocracy’ salaries, pension, revolving door no object or, responsibility, accountability…………..yeah I know.

    Cultural Marxism, inculcates, urges, encourages hatred and contempt for ones own the home nation, the country of one’s birth and replaces patriotism with Internationalism where everything alien is championed and lauded to the roof tops at the detriment of what they would once have cherished; British culture, traditions and its peoples.
    At skool, up at uni, tutoring, this sort of divisiveness begets the desired outcome ie division, even between kin. You cannot logically, reasonably debate with this lot!

    How easy is it, to turn young men’s minds to evil when reason and moderation have left flown the coop or never been taught thought of……. in the first place.

    Where, and at the back of a bad man, more often than not, is his muse, a screaming shrewish misandrist and hating Brits and Britain is what they do.

    Furthermore, the bbc, its offices, is a powder room for misandrists to gather and foment malignant idiocy even if it means cutting off their noses and like all fundos and crazies, killing and death to the kuffar/ unbelievers will never be far from the conversation.

    The bbc, whaddaya get, Misandry!

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