THEY are already watching you!

Am I an alarmist? Do I exude worry? Do I overstate or otherwise exaggerate the problem? Consider the following scenario:-

You sit holding your tablet computer, or in front of your desktop machine. You search for an item for your home, whether it be cutlery, duvets or a new tv. You want to see what is available, either on t’Internet, or at a store convenient to your home. You locate the item desired, and decide to go shopping the next day. But you WILL notice a strange phenomenon within a few hours of your original search on many if not most websites: you will see targeted adverts, centred around the item searched for previously, and they will continue to show, blink and irritate you; because they are relentless. You can get rid of the ‘cookies’ which allow these pernicious invasions of your privacy, but it is time-consuming, picky and you also stand a fair chance of deleting the very items which ease your path towards a faster search for the pages you desire.

But there is a comparatively new threat to your privacy, your living and buying habits, and possibly even your family’s health; with the roll-out of the next generation Smart Meters. Anyone seen the profuse ads splattered all over the tv, websites and newsies for these super-duper Smart Meters? Remember watching as you are told how wonderful life will be once you allow your Energy Provider to install one of the super-slim and -smart gadgets? Remember how you were told that the ‘Smart Meter’ installation would be completely free? Remember how you were told that, once you were able to ‘monitor’ your energy usage, you will be saving money all the time? Folks, that is sheer, unadulterated, premium-grade bullshit!

The meters will not save you money, any money ‘saved’ will be by frightened homeowners switching off their central heating, or their lights, because for the first time they will be able to see how much it will be costing them. Any money ‘saved’ will be by pensioners doing without heating all together, worried beyond belief because they see the relentless digits clicking over the pounds and the pence, and; because they dislike ‘debt’, because they dislike owing anything over the odds, prefer to switch off, bundle up, and risk hypothermia rather than pay the truly exorbitant bills from the oh-so-caring Energy giants! These so-called ‘Smart’ meters are smart in one area alone, and that is getting an up-to-the second meter reading so that your bill can be slammed out in the speediest possible time. The bills are so high because we are paying huge amounts to the Wind Industry, we are paying for huge acres of solar panels which operate at somewhere around twenty % efficiency because we are at a latitude of 54 degrees North, and the sun is never that powerful; and we are paying huge amounts of cash for our Carbon Trading system, meaning that all that cash goes to huge corporations for doing absolutely nothing.

Your ‘Free’ smart meter is, in fact, anything but free, as the costs of this fantastic Government-backed boondoggle are estimated to be around £11 Billion, and all that cash will be added to individual bills, at so much every year, so the Energy Companies will not pay a single penny towards the costs of these bits of technological foolery which exist so that more control over Your energy use, more control over how and when you use any aspect of electrical or electronic equipment within your home. Every piece of modern electrical equipment comes complete with a tiny RFID chip integrated into the control system; and The Energy Company will, once they get the bloody system working; be able to detect and decide which of your bits of gear is actually switched off. They will be able to isolate washing machines, tumble dryers, even hot water storage systems, so that if they face a huge problem with literally not enough spinning and connected generators, due to the Governments’ crazy idea of depending upon foreigners, such as the bloody French and the Chinese to build our power stations; they can switch whole suburbs, or even whole cities, off the supply lines, at the touch of a mouse!

But just think back a couple of years, and find out who was pushing this enormous cost onto the British public? It was of course the serial liar, thief and speeding-fine-dodger Chris Huhne. With a backer like that, is there any wonder it will end up costing the very earth; with not a single pound sterling saved. It is typical of this sort of thieving idiot to conveniently forget some of the reasons why our energy bills are so high, and then tell us it will be easier to just pay the bills when due. With the passing of the Climate Change Act, the British Government accepted a Green Agenda which will lead to the de-industrialisation of Great Britain within thirty years. So when the last coal-fired boiler goes cold, and the nuclear ones are still just a wet dream, we shall be running on a mix of gas, wind and sun. The wind sometimes does not blow, the sun goes down in the evening, the gas is okay, but there’s way too much Global Warming; but hey; we’ll get our inflated bills on time, and if we don’t pay up on the spot, we’ll be cut off at the ‘click’ of a mouse. Happy Daze!

4 comments for “THEY are already watching you!

  1. Graham Wood
    August 8, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    Mike. I share your obvious anger at the Tom fools we have as guv’mnt ministers and the current minister can be no exception. As you say, Smart meters are a cloak for hiding high energy costs for all the known failed renewables.
    While we have the derisory Climate Change Act still on the statute books there is little hope of sanity returning to the new “Energy” department while it’s website continues to support what it laughingly refers to as (but it’s not funny) – “tackling climate change”. How does one “tackle” a climate, or it’s perceived highly theoretical change?
    This empty mantra is publicly declared as policy by almost all MPs and ministers with a few rare exceptions.
    When will these fools learn that carbon is not a problem, that climate “change” of significance is not happening either and is not a problem, and that fossil fuels are of real benefit.
    The only real problem is their ideological obsession with a non-problem, but how do we put pressure on government to abolish the foolish CCA?

  2. Henry Kaye
    August 8, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Mike, Your mention of the ads suddenly appearing after you have just been enquiring about those very same items, is right on the button! I’ve only just noticed it. A couple of days ago I was interested to know how the cut in the B o E interest rate might affect the small Equity Release mortgage that I have. Within a very short time, every website I brought up was littered with ads for Equity Release. I really am beginning to get terrified at the extent to which THEY (whoever THEY may be) are getting to control and/or influence our lives! I’m sure that your comments about the so-called Smart Meters are perfectly valid.

  3. Judd
    August 8, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    I’m no computer wizard, but suggest you try these simple steps to foil the trackers, at least a little.

    Firstly get Mozilla Firefox as browser, then try Duck Duck Go as your home page/search engine, it will not track you..

    Then from Mozilla’s Add ons, get Adblock Plus, and Ghostery, the try a little add on called Self Destructing Cookies, these three you can adjust to keep what you want in cookie land if it suits you.
    Be amazed at what is no longer tracking you.

    These add one run very well together, even for a technophobe like me, for really private browsing you could try Tor Project.

    None of us have privacy if Cheltenham wants to watch you, but they will foil the google spy network reasonably well, certainly those ads that follow you will be a thing of the past.

  4. Lord T
    August 9, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    An ill placed concern let me assure you. Just business people out to show you items you like so they can get more cash from you. In the same way that you have to pass all the cakes and sweets to get to the bread in supermarkets.

    The part you should be concerned about is the stasi watching your every move. one mistake, one word interpreted by them to mean something you didn’t say and you are in jail with a criminal record.

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