And Now You Can’t Wait To Do Something To Make Him Look Bad…

Jess Philips suddenly finds she’s not as important as the images in her head tell her she is…

Months ago I foresaw the results that were announced this week and wanted to work with the Labour leadership to do something about it. The king of the mandate holds the cards of power in the Labour party. Without Jeremy Corbyn’s backing and involvement the likelihood of anything happening in selections is nil: I needed Corbyn’s help. I wanted to work with him on this; unity is what I think it’s called. So I sent him a text message asking him to help, it read: “In the spirit of not speaking publicly without telling you my concerns. I am very worried that all Lab mayors will end up being men unless we do something. Perhaps we could have chat about that this week. Jess” He ignored me.

Oooh, it’d take a heart of stone, wouldn’t it?

So I tried a woman in his office with whom I’ve always had good relations. I wrote to her: “Hey lovely. I’ve just texted Jeremy and asked for a chat. I think we need strong action and direction from leadership on issue of women mayors. I will feel that the Labour party is not for me and other women if in 2018 we just elect loads of Labour men.” Again, I was ignored.

Even the sisterhood think you’re a tedious whinging nonentity!

People tell me I should just get behind Jeremy, work with him. On this, I tried. I would have gladly organised events in the regions for women members and councillors. I would have gone with Jeremy, stood shoulder to shoulder on platforms, encouraged women to give it a go, and offered tips and mentoring about being a representative and standing for selection. I was willing to work hard to do something that would have made Jeremy look good.

And now you publicly stab him in the back in a major newspaper the minute you don’t get your own way.

Gosh. Maybe they were right to ignore you?

3 comments for “And Now You Can’t Wait To Do Something To Make Him Look Bad…

  1. August 12, 2016 at 11:28 am

    It’s just a circus over there, whereas with the Tories, it’s just corruption.

    • August 14, 2016 at 7:57 am

      And now Corbyn’s criticizing his own deputy!

      Truly, those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad…

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 12, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Ekwalitee gone walkabout? more likely t’was ever thus.

    Blimey, it’s like poking yourself in the eye! I was in a flood of tears after reading that, coz, I don’t often force myself to read graun guff…..Now, I really am in need of counselling.

    And Jess, you poor, poor dear, but do you remember Bliar’s babes, er…… babe?

    Window dressing, is a skill er but the Socialistas as mannequins are not supposed to speak – doncha know luv and has Lord Mandy Thane of Darkness had a word?

    Alack, come to think of it and be sure to ask Ed or lickel david in NYC come to think of it who works as a puppet in INTERNATIONAL RESCUE -“thunderbirds are go!” and who thought up that moniker?…..

    Jess – diddy dave and RED Ed Miliband are both staunchly, dyed in the wool Communist dick wads being Hobsbawm boys……. and just ponder “Lovely” [bit sexist aincha?] Jess, how many gals were part of the team Sovietsky – in the politburo? It is, as I recall, a round figure.

    So march and march on a long one……Lift your sickle, carry your hod with JOY!

    Let us all [well the taxpayer anyhow] build up Socialist Utopia, lend your shoulder, work those heavily callused hands, dance the to the Socialist fiddle, lusty handsome girl of the fields, for there’s no place for you at Jezza’s table, unless to wait on your master!

    Think and inwardly digest, the lavs are no place for women, surely you know, Jezza seeks the brotherhood as allies and you know how they treat their women.

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