“Give women power …

… and women will create morally righteous ways to abuse it.” [Janet Bloomfield]

woman boss

Is anyone surprised that most compliance officers are women and that these women are the ones who create corporate cultures that actively undermine the strategic goals of the organization and help to ensure those businesses fail? HR officers of all stripes are overwhelmingly women, and their ‘qualifications’ amount to ‘soft degrees in liberal arts’ featuring a lot of cultural Marxism and not much in the way of critical thinking, strategy or math.

It was not always thus.

Deadweights that hector, punish, shame, control, enforce regulations that may or may not serve any strategic purpose…..it all sounds so familiar! I will be interested to see if the author calls out the real problem here: women.

“HR departments have in many companies been “captured” by the political forces outside the company that regulate labor, punish violations with fines and public shaming, and pressure companies into paying off diversity activists looking for support for their causes and sinecures for their political allies.

The increasing complexity of regulations and government enforcement have, as in academia and hospitals, increased the number of deadweight HR employees needed to handle administration.

Like the commissars and parallel political officers of the old USSR, HR functionaries are unconsciously acting not only for managements wanting managers to avoid legal and ethical trouble, but for governments reaching into the organization to achieve political goals and promote government control of private businesses.

Smart managements will neutralize these tendencies by paying close attention to attitudes and activities of HR managers and staff. While companies need to avoid trouble with governments, they need the best employees and competitive products and services to survive and thrive.”

My line has been for a very long time now that we are NOT talking ALL women here but the Harmans, Pelosis, Clintons, sundry HR battleaxes, Cressida Dicks, Fiorinas, Dunns, Mayers, Whitmans, Warrens – drunk on their modicum of new-found [last decade or so] power and wanting to fling it about to show who’s boss.

We’ve all seen the type in action, we’ve all seen Brazilian electricians die from it. we’ve seen Missouri basin homes flooded directly due to it. But there’s something more and this, I suspect, is designed to show these non-comp women up. Take pretty Marissa, take an already failing company, due to board and management [happened to be male], put one at the head of the other and watch it go down by degrees. Look at Whitman’s HP now. Same thing. Rebekah Brookes.

Four women in a row in charge of this Rotherham enquiry and have you see the most recent?!! Straight out of the Marxist playbook.

incompetent womanIf senior boards or managers see a basket case and if they actually WANT to see women fail, then they’ll appoint this type to those roles. Eventually, there will be such an outcry that no one will appoint women any more to senior posts and that’s a classic case of the 48% ruining it for the 52%.

The reality is that there are some first class administrators who are men and also some who are women. The latter do not seem to get a look in, in key positions involving employees or the public. The incompetent seem to shut them out or else they’re not interested.

Perhaps the bosses higher than them prefer the type, as the type is compliant and incompetent. A surefire way of telling is if she starts a witchhunt. And that includes incompetent, pussified men too.

[H/T Amfortas]

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 12, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    A whole organization can be usurped by the and through political correctness – only.

    The police, you know the drill: risk averse.

    Don’t dive into that canal mate to save the drowning child before you’ve filled in a risk assessment form….”we don’t do football matches”.

    We can’t afford to send any plods out on a Friday night in town centres, but the Monday Morning shift is over subscribed – as per.
    Cyber crime is our focus, the streets are left up to their own – whatev.
    Turn your heads girls – voting fraud on an industrial scale…. “nothing to do with us anymore!”
    Send out an armed unit, there’s a fight in the School playground [primary year 4-9 year olds].

    What happened to our UK police force? Women with Sociology degrees and Cultural Marxism happened.

    Next council social services and this, where the tea lady gets to be boss and all that that failure entails, egregious incompetence just doesn’t cut it – does it? Diversity and ekwalitee quotas are the cancer within institutions and Common purpose are the lymph nodes.

    Where to next………..the Royal Navy, defo. The corporate world gets off lightly, government institutions are where the real action is at.

    • August 12, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      When it infiltrates our armed forces, that’s the time to put the foot down.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        August 13, 2016 at 12:33 am

        I concur but there are no limits for this lot and only by wiping them out metaphorically speaking can solve it.

        Can it be calculated what is the liability to the public exchequer, undoubtedly the bill must be astronomical! For, the public sector is run through by politically correct nutters who spend money as if Waddington’s Ltd [as was] Monopoly money, print it.

        Cultural Marxism, the whole shebang – enforced gender equality and positive discrimination ala diversity quotas, political correctness needs to be eradicated from society and that starts with, from the PM down. Across the administration, we demand a public confession and a formal apology – made to the whole nation, done on network TV, and until such time as, the problem is admitted there can be no penance meted before we set it to rights.

        • Henry Kaye
          August 13, 2016 at 3:29 pm

          I’ll support you when you get arrested!

    • August 14, 2016 at 7:56 am

      “What happened to our UK police force? Women with Sociology degrees and Cultural Marxism happened.”

      Spot on!

  2. August 13, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    From schools to Health and Safety to the medical profession: it’s all feminine now.

    I am encouraged by Theresa May, who seems to be somewhat of a ‘man’s woman’ in not following prevailing feminine memes, and hope she breaks the mould here. We can but see.

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