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From back when the BBC was good, one of the few things left on it worth the time of day:


This little night community of people who are lonely or ill or sad (or maybe just insomniacs !) make me feel there are friends out there, especially when the wind howls and the seas are rough as they have been recently.

It’s not just the leftwing bias:

BBC executives and journalists have a special patronising smile for anyone who suggests they are biased towards the Left.

‘Look,’ they say pityingly, ‘the Left are always telling us we’re biased towards the Right. Bet you didn’t know that!’ End of discussion.

That smile will have been wiped off these faces this week. Roger Mosey, former head of BBC TV news, has published a book giving chapter and verse on the Corporation’s liberal bias.

Mosey, who also used to edit Radio 4’s Today programme, confirms that Auntie leans so far Leftwards that she frequently topples over into propaganda.

He’s the first truly senior BBC executive to do so. As such, he is in a position to provide killer details.

That smug attitude of the left divides the country as nothing else can. The utter gall in trying to turn it back 180 degrees and project it onto those angry about how low quality the BBC has become is everything the left rails about itself – it is deeply offensive and it excludes a whole section of society – the 52% for a start.

Viewers tell BBC to cut ‘biased’ news and increase high-quality drama output

Before I went overseas, I recall one night, couldn’t sleep, tuning in to the Beeb and it seemed all was well.

When I came back in 2008, one of the first things I did was wait until 00:45 to hear the shipping forecast and surrounding chatter. For a start, the speaker had no gravitas, he had an accent which was not Beeb RP and the calm assurance which was always the ‘good old BBC’ had gone. He was a DJ. He might as well have been on Radio One.

Next day, I tuned in to some of the featured programmes and that insidious bias hit me in the face. Overseas, the question of leftism shoved down your throat was not something anyone dwelt on. It might have been, it might not have, I was elsewhere occupied. But now it was constant.

That’s when I recalled my Russian mate telling me [he had a tele, I didn’t] that he watched the World Service at home and he asked me why the BBC, whose reputation overseas was built on its quality decades ago, spent a whole week on the death of Yassah Arafat and devoted one cursory hour to Ariel Sharon.

Apparently the Beeb talking heads were slobbering all over themselves searching for the most OTT accolades for Arafat and of course, the opposite for Sharon. You don’t have to like Sharon, you have a right to fair play though.

Can’t remember if it was before or after that that the murderer Mandela was being fawned over in an orgy of congratulation and my mate asked me about that. I never did know my mate’s politics because it’s a bit different in Russia but on these points he was hot under the collar. What’s going on with the BBC, he asked and I didn’t know – I lived over there.

Now, 8 years after returning, it’s dire, truly dire and yet the left is seemingly oblivious. As they can’t be all thick, then they’re being disingenuous. Look at this again:

no idea whatever

To look at him, he’s not some crazy looking Trotsky apologist like Corbyn, an utter nutter, but behind those eyes comes the sort of guff you see above.

What is wrong with these people? Do all the atrocities, the rapes, mean nothing? Did Rotherham mean nothing at all? Where were such people while those were going on? Do they have any concept whatever that not only are the politics of the nation shot to bits but what’s acceptable in ordinary programmes gets the PC once-over, making life on the box unsustainable any more. You can’t watch anything, see a film, see a soap, as it is in the hands of low-lifes.

Even if we could wrest back control and get back to a sane situation, albeit boring, of say, the shipping forecast, there is still that 48% to contend with and they do not take any gainsaying, any defeat, lightly. They are violent, as we have seen. They are not good citizens.

We’re speaking of the left here. There were quislings in the Tory ranks too and they’ve not been violent, except in a Cyril Smith way. Yet their heads are stuffed with maggots too.

Why? As for their Den Mother, May, least said the better.

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  1. mona
    August 17, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    When the death of Joseph Stalin was announced by the BBC it was noticed that some of those employed there were openly weeping (heartbroken) at the news , whats changed at auntie’s ?

    • August 17, 2016 at 7:30 pm

      Perhaps nowadays it’s Leon.

  2. Andrew
    August 18, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    ### You don’t have to like Sharon, you have a right to fair play though. ###

    That’s why they consistently win. They have zero interest in playing fair.

    You shake hands with them, they won’t even wait until your back’s turned before stabbing you. Then they’ll claim it wasn’t them, they’re traumatized by the event and that they’re the real victim.

    And most people don’t see this as a deliberate act because most people would never behave like that. So they assume others wouldn’t either. Meaning deliberate acts of malice and hatred get looked at as simple mistakes or acts of stupidity or just one-offs.

    And that let’s the left get away with it again and again and again.

  3. August 19, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Antiques Roadshow has not been affected as far as I can tell.

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