Time to start calling for Brexit to be fulfilled

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Good Speccie editorial on Brexit:

With Vote Leave gone, Brexit risks being defined by its enemies and moulded to fit their caricature. Theresa May, for example, has adopted a fringe position on EU migrants, keeping open the possibility of deporting them en masse in the confused belief that, if she doesn’t keep up that threat, British pensioners might be expelled from the Costa del Sol. Vote Leave had said all EU nationals here legally should stay legally, a consensus backed by everyone from the Liberal Democrats to Ukip. But when Mrs May decided to place a question mark on the status of legal EU passport holders in the UK, Vote Leave was not around to show her the consequences.

Mrs May shrewdly appointed Brexit-eers to positions of influence in the government, but this already looks like turning into a bad episode of Yes, Minister. David Davis, the Secretary of State for Brexit, was handed a new government department only to find himself fighting a one-man turf war with the civil service. Permanent secretaries are boasting about how they have stopped their most talented officials being seconded to help the Brexit agenda they campaigned against. Mr Davis had hoped for a team of 200 people to help chart the new territory; he has been given 100.

And so it goes on. Don’t particularly like Fraser Nelson as a rule but he’s right on this. As UKIP Brexiteers know full well, Tory Brexiteers are sham. They hijacked the ‘leadership’ of Brexit after first ensuring that there had to be a ‘leadership’, a one voice.

They never expected to win. We won. Now they don’t know how to get out of it.

So they stall and make big noises, people on Twitter and elsewhere defend them but truth is – they have no intention of Brexit. It will be like Waiting for Godot.

Which is criminal and a slap in the face to the 52% of our population.

And they think they can get away with it.

And so far it looks that way.

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 20, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Post Brexit, after the initial panic why have the financial markets calmed down?

    Reason part 1. Trade goes on, no matter what and what of two…………………well, reason part 2. here is the thing:


    There’s history here.

    Be under no illusion, Understand that, and if you ignore history, you condemn yourselves to repeat those same mistakes. Just open your ears to listen, the same lies [on a loop from 60 years ago] are still being told by May and Hammond.

    As has been noted afore, since the days of ‘Arry Macmillan who knew damn well that, the ECSC was the precursor to [hence causing the end of the nation state] and towards a federal super state of Europe.

    A bit later, chronologically speaking came the laughter man and full time comedian Ted! Now TED was, a Cambridge man through and through, no doubt a Communist sympathizer – weren’t they indeed, aren’t they all?

    Ted as PM, told the nation fixing lying though smiling eyes and with his big inane grin “it’s a common market and nothing else”. Ever willing, the press all fell into line…..I mean who could gainsay it?

    And verily did; the scum party Wilson, Woy Jenkins, Healey and Crosland certainly joined in with the great ;common market’ lie.

    Though, Mrs. Thatcher fought it [the EU federal ambitions] but nevertheless still signed up to the ‘customs union’ uh…. called a single market. Using the poll tax riots as the pretext….those scumbag Grandees CONS [Tarzan, Clarke, Hogg, Turd, and Brittan et al] moved her out. Forsooth they averred behind closed doors……… “Maastricht could not be threatened!” and Thatcher even on pain of death would never have signed up to that awful act/treaty – it was an act of treason. Erm but John ‘I lerve the EU’ MAJOR signed up without a hint of hesitation, he’s always been a good little pet.

    And so it goes, even ‘t’ Yorkshire ten pints a day EU sceptic nonpareil man’…..joined the FO and suddenly had a very bad case of useful amnesia, “why the EU is the best thing since the Roman Empire” Mr. Vague breathed.

    And so it goes, Dave lost the EU plebiscite, and fell on his sword Sharia May stepped in, and a doubting EU remainiac to boot! Andrea Leadsom was defenestrated, Liam Fox was never a starter, Gove cut Boris’s nuts off and then died a death and WHO? Who could……. possibly be better placed than good old Sharia May? plus [could it get any better for Britain?] was ‘Pip’ Hammond who, like a stick of Belgian rock [candy] is printed through ‘EU forever’.

    As Mr. Johnston in the Daily Telegraph so succinctly puts it:

    It is not as though Mrs May is innocent in the ways of Whitehall. She shadowed many departments in opposition and as home secretary for six years was well placed to see how the system worked from the centre.

    Philip Hammond, too, knows the lay of the land. He has already flexed his muscles by telling Mr Davis what is to happen to EU subsidies post-Brexit even though that is surely within the new department’s remit.

    A more cynical observer than I, therefore, might conclude that this structure has been deliberately designed to fail. Mrs May and Mr Hammond, while Eurosceptics, supported Remain in the referendum campaign; and while they both insist that “Brexit means Brexit”, what they have in mind differs from the clean break envisaged by many Leavers.

    Fox, Johnson, Davies the sceptic triumvir, are beholden and putty in the hands of a totally prejudiced pro EU civil service/administration thus are, these patsies and will as it was so designed, to fail QED.

    You wanna know? and very much do I feel the hand of Brussels in all of this.

    Yep; Merkel and the Nomenklatura in Berlin, Paris and Brussels are anything if not well practised in the black arts of political manoeuvring.
    Believe it. Just have a gander, look at France and Hollande, Italy with Renzi, Spain to Rajoy, Greece with Tsipras, Ireland run by the ECB……then think back to Bliar, MacRuin, Camoron and now with May….[remember Thatcher’s supplanting by Major]……..tell me – explain that, say it ain’t so?

    That’s what the world’s financial markets have factored in.

    Out means………….ho, ho, ho and you’re still IN, period.

    • Henry Kaye
      August 20, 2016 at 12:58 pm

      Hereward, There seems to be only a few of us sharing these gloomy thoughts and I hope we may be proved wrong; but I doubt it. If only the whole history could be forcibly fed to the majority of the electorate who clearly have no idea of what’s going on.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        August 20, 2016 at 2:48 pm

        !”gloomy thoughts” indeed Henry, I wish I could be a tad more optimistic but history shows that, we cannot trust any Tory.

        The leave camp, and with a clear and emphasized sanction are now being manoeuvred by the Westminster political claque – just like in the past.

        We knew full well that these barstewards wouldn’t take the electorate’s NO for an answer.

        The pull and sway of the UK PTB, the banking coagulation with their corporate buddies – the very last thing they want is for Britain to sunder the links to the federal monster and with their cosy cartels – and law making apparatus [ECJ] dictating instructions to the public with NO REDRESS…. and that formative EU endlessly corrupt Germano elitist Empire.

        I wish fervently that, the UK public knew a bit more history, read a bit more and used their noodles a bit more, just for their own advantage. Though, having said that, the electorate are not fools, they evidently smelled the EU rat. Also, I believe that, the EU-Tories [and the lavs] risk annihilation at the next GE if, they fail the British public.

        Leave must be fulfilled and we will be vindicated and satisfied – or else.

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