The case for Great Britain

union flag smallGrande Bretagne, Großbritannien, Groot Brittanië, Gran Bretaña, Gran Bretagna, Великобритания [velikobritagna].

Other nations do not, in their description of this country, differentiate between Great Britain as she was and the United Kingdom [of GB & NI].

I would suggest that Great Britain is the happiest designation, as politically, we are far from a united kingdom. However, we’re showing signs of greatness again since Brexit.

All of our success worldwide has been as Britannia or as Great Britain, not as the United Kingdom, a political concept open to much abuse.

Though my loyalty is primarily to Northumbria but as that is a dormant concept, then to England, yet much of the ‘greatness’ if you like, in global terms, has come as Great Britain, plus the idea of ‘Great’ in the name is more than even the Donald can aspire to.

It’s redolent of all sorts of pride in our heritage.