After The Olympics, And Before The Paralympics…

…it’s the Offendolympics! And Britain’s going for gold!

A notice at a London station has sparked a sexism row after being snapped by a train passenger.

The Transport for London board at Ilford station – which usually gives passengers a friendly ‘quote of the day’ as well as details of train delays – made a joke that some have branded sexist.

The sign read: “My wife always wanted a fairy-tale, so I locked her in the tower.”

A good start, but can do better.

An upmarket London bar changed its name after it was branded “deeply offensive” by black rights activists.

The specialist rum bar was due to open on Duke Street, Marylebone, next month under the name ‘The Plantation’.

However, campaigners demanded management company The Breakfast Group call the Cuban-inspired business something different amid claims the original name was “grossly insensitive to millions of Africans” who died through slavery.

The semi-professionals always make a good showing. Not to be outdone, there’s an official state team:

…Hopkins sparked outrage when she tweeted a poll with the line: “5 dead at Camber Sands were…”, followed by a number of offensive joke answers.Sussex Police replied to complaints on the social networking site confirming they had reported her, adding: “Simply not appropriate to joke about five deaths the day after the incident.”

But the Mo Farah of this event must surely be….well, who else?

John Barnes caused shock when he picked up and talked about The S*n on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.The ex-Liverpool star , who is revered on Merseyside, was appearing as part of a panel of newspaper reviewers and talked about the publication which caused outrage with its front page lies about fans’ behaviour during the disaster.

LFC fan John Stansfield, who was watching the show, told the ECHO: “I just couldn’t believe it. I am absolutely gutted. John Barnes is a hero of mine but he chose to pick up that paper and go through it panel by panel.”

That’s a new world record for the Scousers, surely?

3 comments for “After The Olympics, And Before The Paralympics…

  1. August 26, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Offendolympics. 🙂

  2. Ted Treen
    August 26, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    I’m getting increasingly offended by these professional offence-takers.

    We used to have a battle tank called a Centurion. Wasn’t this deeply offensive to the descendants of the Iceni?

    How insensitive of Vickers (inter alia).

    • August 28, 2016 at 6:35 am

      Good point! Just how far back do you go before people start to say ‘Enough!’..?

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