Yet another major danger for our armed forces

Christie O [Civil Air Patrol, see below]:

“The push for women to succeed and the subsequent lowering of the standards has ultimately resulted in the question – gender equality or combat effectiveness – which god do we serve?

And America has clearly made her choice.”

Mike Cunningham t’other day had a post on the demise of the RN. I don’t expect Mike or any reader to endorse this view below but I am going to say – night follows day. The url of this article below speaks of the navy steaming ahead to disaster:

pc admiral

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is a left wing, cultural Marxist, whose social experiment policies are turning the US Navy into a feckless fiasco on the high seas.

Mabus is responsible for pushing women into the Navy SEALs, Marine infantry, a new Orwellian gender neutral lexicon, Marine Corps Unconscious Bias Training, while also completely ignoring the Corps’ $36 million dollar study that showed why women can’t meet the rough standards of the combat arms and special operations.

Mabus’s latest social experiment laboratory creation is the selection of Admiral Michelle Howard as Commander of US Naval Forces Europe. Howard was the former Vice Chief of Naval Operations until May 2016.

In the past, the Commander of US Naval Forces Europe, like the Vice CNO, has always been an officer with a myriad of ship time, command experience and more importantly, an officer heavy on combat duty.

Admiral Howard, though, has very little ship time, command time and no combat experience. She had command of only one non-capital ship, the USS Rushmore (LSD-47), a dock landing ship. She has held a plethora of shore assignments, including serving as the Action Officer and Navy’s liaison to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Military Services (DACOWITS), Action Officer J-3, Global Operations, Readiness on the Joint Staff from 2001–2003; Executive Assistant to the Joint Staff Director of Operations from February 2003 to February 2004; and Deputy Director N3 on the OPNAV Staff from December 2005 to July 2006.

I’d suggest that even with the requisite ship time and experience, she still should not be promoted for the very reason that she is a poster girl for PCism in the upper echelons and therefore this can only detract from her performance. She is compromised. She is a political tool.

Naturally, there is an element of unfairness to that view, that it is unfair to women who really are qualified, who now have to put up with this BS from above, always being suspected of not earning the place in their own right.

Some years back, this was spoken of by a lady calling herself Christie O. Dear Christiana does ramble a bit, especially at the start but her second half is the goods – also, her points about services recruitment sound much better coming through her mouth:

She goes into the way her own sex is consistently given a free pass when they cannot qualify in a genuine contest and then she goes on to speak of how she feels about it. She’s not a happy bunny and I don’t blame her. She herself reached the men’s standard and is answerable to no one on it and yet she has had to put up with males such as myself and many fellow CAP people who will always automatically suspect her standard, in much the same way so many suspect university qualifications today.

Further, she took it up with her superior officers and was then branded a troublemaker. Nuff said methinks.

[H/T Chuckles for the link – views above are my own.]


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  1. bobh
    August 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Whenever I read articles like this I have one solution to expose the idiocy of these fools.

    From henceforth, existing equality laws must be extended to prohibit gender separation in ALL competitive sports.
    ALL women must therefore be forced to compete directly against men in all areas and gain their places on performance merit alone.

    Marathon, sprint, relay, wrestling, boxing, swimming, weights, tennis, football, rugby, cricket, discus, cycling, high jump, long jump, triathlon, etc.

    I am sure that all women will be eager to support the petition as it will finally prove beyond doubt to us arrogant males that women can be equal to any man on the sports field and the battlefield!

    Of course we must also permit any pansy who wishes to join the women in their synchronised swimming. (I doubt that would affect the viewing figures much unless as comedy.)

    When we see them level pegging in the Olympics, then we might listen to their demands to be considered equal on the battlefield.

    Might I suggest someone starts a petition for segregation on the sports field to be completely banned, from its beginnings on the school field upwards to International standards.

    Any thoughts?

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