The New Schism

The name Niemoeller is quite close to the conscious this morning, striding now into a blog with a largely secular readership but one where people also largely know right from wrong.

church of maccas

A group of parishes is preparing what could be the first step towards a formal split in the Church of England over issues such as homosexuality, with the creation of a new “shadow synod” vowing to uphold traditional teaching.

Representatives of almost a dozen congregations in the Home Counties are due to gather in a church hall in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, later this week for the first session of what they say could eventually develop into an alternative Anglican church in England.

Organisers, drawn from the conservative evangelical wing of Anglicanism, say they have no immediate plans to break away – but are setting up the “embryonic” structures that could be used to do so if the established church moves further in what they see as a liberal direction.

They claim the Church of England’s leadership is progressively “watering down” centuries-old teaching, not just over the issue of sexuality but many core beliefs including the authority of the Bible.

The homosexuality is really only a small part of it, though to the secular world, it appears a huge issue. It’s more about the ‘falling away’ from the prime directives, deviating from the handbook which had been good enough until then.

Even last evening, we had a matter to attend to in that some, including me, were seen as deviating from the core rationale of Martin Scriblerus, the raison d’etre of that idea and in this I had to agree to stop and let things take their own course.

Alinsky himself wrote of the need to create rancour and division in order to divide and rule and that’s what this is. On one side is a weird alliance of sorts, made up of what would formerly have been called conservative but now including many from the left, from the libertarian field in general, people who do not like where society is now going.

As part of that, and I hope it’s not misquoting him but Hereward wrote:

I would say that, TPTB have them just where they want them and that, ironically the generation these kids constantly complain about, are the only ones who can protect generation Snowflake and the Millennials.

It might be fanciful to call the 52% for Brexit the same 52% who are this loose alliance and the 48% the other side, but there are certainly two polarized sides.

The other side include the PTB, the MSM, the radical left, the snowflakes, the Clintons, everyone and everything we have been railing against.  The idiocy, the lack of sound logic. Plus being in power.

And it’s not too much of a conflation to include the new radicals in the church with the first-mentioned informal alliance wishing for things to be as they had been and should be and the other side being the global left establishment and supporters.

So, they now have their schism and the pretend Christians will be left in charge of the infrastructure or in other words – the money. And the new radicals [as in back to the roots] will take with them some property but not a lot.

And the globalists trying to wreck the faith will demand the radicals appear before ‘disciplinary hearings’, trying to tie them to the corrupt infrastructure of the current synod, in much the same way the EU is trying to force the UK to do Brexit by their own longwinded terms of reference, whilst still raking in British billions of pounds.

Then Welby and his corrupt bishops will expel the radicals before they can jump and voila – there’s a mediaeval drama of excommunication, vast wealth and everything a faith should not be. If there is, in fact, a God, then He’s not going to be all that happy with this falling away of the non-Christians pretending to be Christians.

I’d say they’re far more for the fiery place than any miserable sinner or atheist.

Leaving religion altogether, I’d say these same principles apply in any field at all. America’s better when it adheres to its traditional values, each European country is too, as each is then better able to deal with external threats, e.g. the Islamic hordes pouring in and about to, through Turkey.  And we’re far better off outside the EU. At a time when it’s crumbling around Europe, Britain is the one beacon still alight.

Whoever actually decided not to go into the Euro, whoever decided that we had to have subsidies – that was a wise person.  We need wise people today up there.


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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    August 30, 2016 at 11:33 am

    In its puritanical zest for redistribution and the state taking on the power of a higher authority, in secular form but without any trace of moral ethics – indeed where it falls down completely. A code which on the surface, is near to Christianity and I can somehow imagine those clever clerics in the CoE who align themselves to Marxism and its bastard malformed sister Cultural Marxism, social engineering and changing society is what they thirst, then authoritarian Socialist politics hits the spot.
    Therefore when, ill educated, misinformed, non believing priests prefer and promote secular precepts above and in preference to, the those far superior teachings and codex of the Christian faith, the plot has been well and truly lost.

    And don’t presume that, the Jesuits are immune, the Cultural Marxists and critical theorists have long permeated that particular ‘cloth’ and the Church is undone from within, it’s hard to counter when you are betrayed by your own brethren.

    Gramsci-ans, the Frankfurt School have much to answer for.

    The “chosen race” should however ponder well, in seeking to and succeeding in, undermining the west’s devotion to all things the Christian tradition and hence forwards to encouraging the eastern creed to dwell in Europe. Is it not the case that, what you originally intended and the hate you spent, will be returned in far greater intensity from a far more virulent, dangerous credo and your only allies then, you first set to destroy? Eventually, they will all turn onto the promised land.

  2. Errol
    August 30, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    There’re so many things going on in society that don’t make sense: a massive, overarching, enormous state engine. A set of structures that never, ever does anything you want it to or even act using common sense.

    A Church that picks and chooses from the bible and seems determined to destroy the same things the state wants gone as well: family, parenting, marriage, home ownership, self determination. This is a church that has actively supported ‘gay marriage’ when such is expicitly against it’s own teachings.

    We have an entrenched Left who don’t really know what they want except ‘more state’ and more money for it in the name of ‘fairness’ which means taking wealth from the earner and giving it to the shirker. There’s being ‘progressive’ which is nothing of the sort. it’s just a buzzword. It really means ‘aggressive’ to get their own way at any cost. They talk about these terms ‘fairness’ and ‘freedom’ alongside progressive and really want a regressive, dictatorial fascist state where you agree with them without discussion or debate.

    On top of this we have a government that makes law so badly that it wants another law allowing it to say what it meant the law to mean. That’s not law, it’s feudalism: a return to Humpty Dumpty ‘words mean what I want them to mean’ robber barons.

    Honest, decent, law abiding, inoffensive tax paying citizens are punished by a Church that lectures them on helping the poor and all those state buzzwords about ‘fairness’ and ‘progressive’ and yet rejects their values and mocks their aspirations.

    They’re stolen from by a massive, adversarial state machine that prevents them from doing good and not only endorses but perpetuates thuggery and criminality. A state that endorses robbery, theft and rioting as long as it is carried out by their favoured class – their client state.

    Then there’s the mammoth herd in the room: Islam. A religion that is invasive, discriminatory, racist, divisive, aggressive and intolerant and we are forbidden from stating these facts and demanding the Muslim fit in and disappear into society. When those few Muslims do, other, more violent Muslims kill them and again, we are not allowed to talk about the problem with Islam.

  3. August 30, 2016 at 9:14 pm


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