and why did you leave your children unattended; Madam?

I have written before about the joys of a Family, and of the greater joy of being a grandfather. The special moments when a small boy gives you his total trust because you are his ‘Grandad are worth all the treasures this world has to offer. At the same time as you accept the joy, you must also accept the responsibility; for you have to guard against those who would destroy that innocence which you helped bring into this world. A very long time ago, whilst living overseas, I seriously damaged a clown who was walking with one of my small children’s hand in his. I swerved my car across the road, and challenged him, but he gave the wrong answer to my question. When I slung the battered and bleeding remains on the doorstep of the police station, my answer to the Sergeant’s upraised eyebrow was clarity itself: ‘he threatened my child’. I was later visited by a very senior policeman, but I was just asked to confirm that the hospitalised man was actually the victim of a ‘hit and run’, and was just doing my civic duty in bringing him to the authorities!

So I wonder what OoL readers make of the palaver surrounding the latest point in the Kate and Gerry (Monopoly edition) saga. Seems as though their ‘Media Consultant’ has been dismissed from the ‘Madeleine gravy train’ as the cash is commencing to run out. Some £12 millions has been spent by the Metropolitan Police after special pleadings by this pair of weirdos to Theresa May when Home Secretary, but the cash mountain is running down, the fuzz have better things to do, such as arresting EDL marchers, or ignoring Muslim demonstrators, or both. Somehow, I really do not see, or even understand, the need for a Media Consultant!

I still reckon this pair ought to have at least been interviewed under caution by both police and social workers after admitting that they left their three children alone in a hotel bedroom, whilst they went boozing with friends at a tapas bar. I just wonder what would have been the response if the parents had been named ‘Wayne’ and ‘Chardonnay’, were covered with badly-inked tattoos, and came from a run-down sinkhole estate near Newcastle: instead of being well-educated, media savvy professionals living in an expensive area, such as Gerry and Kate? In fact, I’m with Katie.

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  1. August 31, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    If you’ll forgive a personal anecdote, I throw this into the mix because I have never heard it mentioned in the news coverage:

    Soon after my parents first went to live in Scotland with two children under 5, they were invited out for an evening and accepted an offer of babysitting from a neighbour – a retired woman of professional status. Having shown her the usual amenities, they went out leaving her in the house.

    On their return, at the agreed time, they found us left alone in the house with the door unlocked; the babysitter had gone home to watch television.When challenged, she was more than a little aggrieved at being questioned; “It’s quite alright”, she said, “I was popping in every half hour or so to check”.

    Further enquiry showed that this was the standard method of babysitting in the community (and in other parts of Scotland) – probably a hangover from the days of small villages or cheek-by-jowl tenements but a distinctly worrying practice in a large and sprawling new housing estate. It is certainly within the realms of probability that Gerald McCann, who would have been much the same age at the time, grew up to think this was the normal method of looking after young children.

  2. Errol
    August 31, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    They’re parents who have lost their daughter. There’s no body so they can’t grieve. There’s nothing apart from the knowledge somewhere there’s a little girl suffering. We can all be glib.

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