For what we about to listen to…..

……..Please preserve our very sanity!


16.30 – E-petition 131215 relating to EU referendum rules – Ian Blackford


For those OoL readers who believe that the Westminster Parliament is simply an expensive farce, yet more proof shall be served up today by a debate in Westminster Hall discussing UK referendum rules; and how those 17-odd million British voters who stated ‘Leave’ were really mean to us, and how they didn’t set the rules as we would have liked; and its just not fair: and its still our ball and we’ll go home if we want to: so there!

For a real hearty laugh, check out the actual map of those signing the petition!

1 comment for “For what we about to listen to…..

  1. Errol
    September 5, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    This should be shut down. A referendum passed a majority. The Left seem to hate democracy when it doesn’t give them what they want.

    All it takes is for parliament to state that all further ‘petitions’ relating to the EU referendum will be ignored and to state, firmly and finally that the people have spoken and we are leaving the EU.

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