Is Trump’s tide turning?

Whilst Hillary Clinton (don’t miss the photo) won’t be jetting around the United States until September 6, just after Labor Day, Donald Trump has been extending his reach into parts of America most presidential candidates have not seen.

On Saturday, September 3, he spent much of the day in Detroit. His first host was Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith International Ministries. Jackson interviewed Trump for his Impact Network. Trump, by prior arrangement, spoke privately with 100 members of his congregation then stayed on for the first part of a church service. Afterwards, Jackson invited him to address those at the ticket-only event, which Trump duly did. He read from a speech prepared earlier discussing the importance of Christianity in American life, his wish to unify the nation and how he planned to help inner cities. He concluded:

It is my prayer that America of tomorrow, and I mean that, the America of tomorrow will be one of unity, togetherness and peace. And perhaps we can add the word prosperity.

He also said:

We’re bound together and I see that today. This has been an amazing day for me.

I went into other details of the Detroit visit in a post on my site, which is recommended reading as it discusses Reuters deliberately dropping the live feed just after Jackson gave him a prayer shawl and two Bibles. In a very moving moment, the minister was giving him words of compassionate and wise advice which got cut off. Reuters was supplying the feed to all the networks covering the event.

I also covered more about his time with Dr Ben Carson, his second host for the day. Carson went on a tour with Trump of Detroit neighbourhoods, including his from childhood. Trump stopped to talk with the current owner of the house where Carson was raised.

Carson explained to a CNN reporter afterwards that Trump is planning on creating economic zones in inner cities where entrepreneurship and small businesses would be encouraged. Education would also be another priority so that young people would have the skills they need to make a proper living.

The Detroit visit had to be eased into. It would have appeared strange and sudden if he had not mentioned the black community and inner cities at previous rallies. So he started in West Bend, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, August 16. PJ Media’s Roger Simon explained:

He declared aloud what almost everyone secretly knows, that the horrifying condition of black people in urban America is at least partly, probably largely, the fault of the media’s darling, the Democratic Party. Their failed liberal policies and exploitation of blacks have been making things worse for African-Americans for decades …

Pushing the envelope further, the businessman made an overt pitch to black voters to come over to him for the sake of their own communities, to make their lives better by breaking the stranglehold the Democrats have had on African-Americans.

Of course, the media focussed only on Trump’s conclusion:

What do you have to lose?

The full text of his address in West Bend, which focusses on nearby Milwaukee, is on his website.

Trump might be reading Simon’s columns, because he is resurrecting Jack Kemp’s proposals from decades ago, just as Simon suggested. Ben Carson told the CNN reporter in Detroit something very similar to the following:

In essence, Kemp’s idea was to make disadvantaged communities tax-free opportunity zones encouraging entrepreneurship and outside investment and putting people to work. This would then take those same people off welfare and food stamps and start making them feel better about themselves.

Carson wisely omitted Kemp, and instead mentioned that Trump’s plan would be the biggest stimulus plan since FDR’s during the Great Depression.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr would applaud that. At the time Trump spoke in West Bend (see above), he was furious about two nights of violence that had taken place at that time. It’s hard to know what quote to choose here, so read them all. Here’s a starter for 10:

That things have not improved and in fact worsened in the American ghetto after eight years of Barack Obama is remarkable only to those who have not been paying attention to our nation’s cities. There’s only one answer, which is for the citizens of America to expose and heap scorn on this lying and dangerous triad of big government, liberal mainstream media and the lost souls of the urban ghettos both these institutions feed upon for their power.

Clarke would have also applauded one young man from Milwaukee who started a thread on Reddit’s The_Donald with this:

im from milwaukee and my family is calling me an uncle tom for not participating in the riots/violence. #SaveUsTrump.

Blacks are not the only minority to experience a nod from Trump. His immigration proposals — basically, enforcing existing laws — have attracted praise from Diamond and Silk:

The openly gay Briton Milo Yiannopoulos had nothing but praise for Trump’s proposed Commission on Radical Islam. Excerpts follow from Milo’s article for Breitbart on August 15:

Go Daddy! …

There’s no diplomatic way to put it. In this historic announcement, Donald Trump has dramatically overtaken the chronically Muslim-friendly Democratic Party on gay rights. I predict conservatives across the west will soon follow suit …

Throughout this election cycle, Trump has been attacked as a bigot and a reactionary on immigration. With this new plan, though, he has proven beyond doubt that he’s the only person running for President who can stick up for chicks and queers …

On August 16, Trump posted this pledge on his Facebook page:

This is my pledge to the American people: as your President I will be your greatest champion. I will fight to ensure that every American is treated equally, protected equally, and honored equally.

We will reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all its forms, and seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one American people.

What’s not to like? Has Hillary said similarly? I suspect that dysfunctional anti-Trump leftists fear that by emphasising jobs and equal treatment he might start to dismantle the welfare state — even though that’s probably the only topic he hasn’t tackled. They are as allergic to work as they are to soap.

The polls began narrowing this week — even at Reuters — but Trump had been cherrypicking various surveys throughout August, a disastrous month for him. A Zogby poll caught his eye on August 16. He tweeted:

It’s just a 2-point race, Clinton 38%, Trump 36%

Zogby fell off the aggregated polls on sites such as RealClearPolitics sometime around 2012. Sites that used to list Zogby said their results were deemed unreliable. It will be interesting to see in 2016 whether some of these university polling sites are any better. I wonder. RCP has fewer polling organisations listed this year. The more I look at their polls, the more it seems they are choosing pro-Clinton results on purpose.

It would be amusing if the little-known People’s Pundit Daily poll turned out to predict the election result. Trump has been leading by small margins since August 29.

People’s Pundit and the USC Dornsife/LA Times might end up being the most accurate. The LA Times poll daily, although RCP only posts their Sunday results. Lately, there have only been a few points between Trump and Clinton. Similarly to People’s Pundit, Trump has been leading since August 28, which indicates that he will need to work miracles between now and November 8.

GOP chairman Reince Priebus is optimistic:

“What you’re going to see is these polls will begin to tighten in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

“And by Labor Day or thereafter, I think you’re going to be back to an even race if we continue down this path.”

“And I obviously just saw Kellyanne Conway do, I think, a really fantastic job in pivoting and showing the direction of this campaign that we’re going,” Priebus said about her interview earlier on the show.

“And Donald Trump has been disciplined and mature. And I think he’s going to get this thing back on track. And also tight and ahead as we move through September.”

Priebus has really improved since June. It seems as if a bit of Trump’s can-do confidence has rubbed off on him.

Perhaps the loose confederation of Democrats for Trump can help boost numbers. Most are union members in the rustbelt. One told the Washington Post:

“I don’t know what Trump would do if he’s elected,” said Mark Glyptis, president of the United Steelworkers Local 2911 and a Trump supporter, who voted for Obama in the past two elections. “But I know what Hillary would do.”

Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has seen much Trump support in Pennsylvania’s small towns. In addition to the economic situation, she points out the social tension and resentment outside Pittsburgh and Philadelphia:

Thirty years ago, such people determined the country’s standards in entertainment, music, food, clothing, politics, personal values. Today, they are the people who are accused of creating every social injustice imaginable; when anything in society fails, they get blamed.

It’s true. An ex-Hillary supporter and retired lawyer from California — the author of this piece — agrees. He even used a photo of miners to illustrate his point.

During the Milwaukee riots, a reporter with Far Eastern ancestry was almost beat up until BLM found out what colour he was:

Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!

Returning to Pennsylvania, on August 21, a state-wide poll showed that Trump led Pennsylvania by five points. It could be that the second link, from CBS8, is not working because the polling company is pro-Trump.

Ultimately, according to admin of Big Pink, Big Media outlets and their water carriers, such as RCP, see themselves as:

a political party that makes or breaks candidates.


Donald J. Trump is the revolutionary Pillar of Fire which consumes Big Media and the exhausted established order.

Most Americans cannot wait for that Pillar of Fire to blaze into the Oval Office. Even younger voters, like those at The_Donald, are annoyed with the media. One anti-media thread from August begins with a picture which bears the following caption:



Around that time, another media lie was exposed. Law professor and well-known blogger Ann Althouse took issue with The New Yorker for saying that ‘libtard’ is Rush Limbaugh’s favourite word. Althouse cried foul:

Rush Limbaugh puts the entire transcript of his shows up on his website. As a subscriber, I can search the entire archive. And there isn’t even one instance of him saying “libtard”!

Big Media march on, relentlessly criticising the GOP candidate. However, they hadn’t bargained on what happened in Mexico, just days before Trump’s trip to Detroit. Both events could well change the tide and tenor of Trump’s campaign. Added to his day in the Baton Rouge area a few weeks ago, they signal that he is a leader who treads where no one else would dare go.

By the way, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards backtracked on his earlier statement opposing Trump and Pence’s trip there after the flood. On August 21, he thanked them and praised their efforts! Look at the unhappy expression on the television interviewer’s face — priceless!

On August 17, Enrique Peña Nieto said he was willing to meet with Trump. Trump accepted, and Steve Bannon made the arrangements.

Wednesday, August 31 was a busy day for him. It started with a morning fundraiser in California. Trump and a small entourage — which included Jeff Sessions and Rudy Giuliani — then flew to Mexico, near the border as Mexico City would have been too far. They went in an unmarked white plane. Trump met with Peña Nieto privately, then the two men answered questions from approximately 75 members of the press. An interpreter was on hand. Afterward, Trump flew to Arizona to hold an evening rally in Phoenix. No naps for him. Dilbert’s Scott Adams tweeted:

You can get a lot done when you work a full day. Just sayin’.

The Mexican president and Trump spoke about their mutual concerns prior to the press conference. No details were discussed. Trump said later that as he is unelected and not a politician, it was not his place.

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse thinks that if Trump is elected, it would be easy for Mexico to pay for The Wall:

If you take the $25 Billion in outbound remittances, and you apply a small 4% surcharge for each wire transfer to Mexico, that surcharge would net $1 Billion/year. Multiplied over ten years (budget requirement) that means $10 Billion into the U.S. treasury from the surcharge fee.

The optics at the press conference were interesting. This photo shows Trump, considerably taller than Peña Nieto, doing three things. First, Trump invaded his space. Secondly, he inclined his head so the two could look each other in the eye. Thirdly, Trump allowed him the upper hand in the handshake. (I read elsewhere that Trump reversed this when they shook hands after the press conference.) The tweet reads:

Who is Presidential? or or

Stefan Molyneux has a great comparison picture with Obama, Trudeau and another world leader. Spot the difference.

Sundance described the press conference and included photos for his Treepers. He said Trump acted ‘Like A Boss’:

When Donald Trump and President Nieto came to their collective podiums Trump was in hostile territory.  Nieto speaking Spanish without a formal translator provided, and without presenting his remarks in advance to candidate Donald Trump, was obviously speaking to his domestic audience more than an American one.

Yet somehow, after Nieto’s lengthy and highly politically nuanced comments – Trump was able to simply fillet the parseltongue using fewer, stronger, and far more deliberate words.

It really was stunning to witness.

For the first time in decades a foreign diplomat was standing on a stage with an American politician whose essential DNA is unapologetically American. Trump does not pretend himself to be, nor is he, a lifetime career politician.  In essence he is the globalists’ worst nightmare.

He also tweeted:

All of Mexico is simultaneously “triggered” by one unapologetic American.

Of course, the media tried to turn the Mexico meeting into something antagonistic. However, The Truth Division has a full transcript of Pena Nieto’s remarks and pointed out:

Unlike the media’s propaganda, Trump and Peña Nieto are on the exact same page — secure the border to stop the cartels and illegal immigration.

Other commentators agreed. Tammy Bruce said this was a ‘turning point’ which showed Trump as a ‘likely/believable president’. Even those who are not Trump supporters thought this was a game-changer. Byron York said it was a ‘gamble’ that turned into a ‘huge win’. Bill Kristol said Trump looked ‘presidential’ on what was ‘a good day’ for him. And Howard Wolfson tweeted that the ‘event was a home run’.

That evening, even before Trump was addressing his massive audience in Phoenix, donations flooded into Trump’s campaign website. So many people were contributing at once that the page crashed.

I’ll leave you with this marvellous photo from someone at The_Donald:

The title of the thread is:

It’s been said by the msm that the Trump movement is the white man’s “desperate last stand.” Well, I guess they don’t really know who we are.

Isn’t that the truth?

8 comments for “Is Trump’s tide turning?

  1. mona
    September 5, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    A great piece, but the MSM is a misnomer the bulk of the media is owned by just a few families who use Anglo-Saxon surnames. former President Clinton did the the bidding of these families and his wife however decrepit she may be is their last stooge for this generation. I pray for Trump to be the next US President as much as I pray for Blair to be prosecuted for war crimes.

    • September 5, 2016 at 9:28 pm

      Thank you, Mona — much appreciated!

      However, a detail must be clarified about the Thomson family — present owners of Reuters; they are Presbyterian going back generations (emphases mine):

      ‘As more emigrants would settle in Scarborough in those early years they tended to keep up this pattern of settlement in similar communities, to their lives in Scotland. This community was based upon their families and the church, the Church of Scotland, also known as the Presbyterian Church.

      ‘Thus, David and Mary Thomson recognized the great need to have a church for that early community. From the time they had immigrated to Canada the only opportunity to practice their religion had been irregular and had occurred without ordained clergy.

      ‘In 1818, David and Mary Thomson donated one acre of the eastern part of their land, on the ridge above their farm, to the Presbyterian Congregation of Scarborough …

      ‘The Thomsons were and continue to be a extraordinary family. The descendants of Archibald Thomson included Lord Roy Thomson of Fleet, and his son Ken Thomson. …’

      Otherwise, I agree with your comment: I, too, pray that Trump becomes president. Yes, some people in politics should be prosecuted for their crimes, war or otherwise.

  2. Hereward Unbowed.
    September 6, 2016 at 4:58 pm

    “In essence, Kemp’s idea was to make disadvantaged communities tax-free opportunity zones encouraging entrepreneurship and outside investment and putting people to work. This would then take those same people off welfare and food stamps and start making them feel better about themselves.”

    Helping people to help themselves and lift themselves out of the mind numbing inertia of poverty with, by and through their own hands.

    It’s the only way, big government [the DEMOCRAT WAY]…… only gets in the way and I think instinctively Trump can – now understand that.

    Go Donald, Go DONALD – for the little guys, GO VOTE TRUMP.

    • September 7, 2016 at 1:45 pm

      Indeed — thanks for the enthusiasm!!

      It must be difficult for American blacks to come out in favour of Trump. I read the comments in the Detroit Free Press following the article about his visit. Several people said that they did not need a white man fixing their problems; they were perfectly capable of doing that themselves. Yeah, via other white men — Democrats. Things have only got worse there. I visited the city nearly 50 years ago. It was far different to what it is today.


      Diamond and Silk have a good video about the Democrat plantation. They said the Dems are giving inner city residents what slaveowners gave slaves: housing and food, just enough to keep them quiet. I’ll try to remember to post it at the weekend.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        September 8, 2016 at 11:00 am

        Yeah [post vid]…do that CM.

  3. September 7, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Late to the party, CM. Yes, another great piece. It is this I tune into for the updates, not the MSM.

    Also, did you see CNN doctoring it’s own poll, using 2012 data? Post coming up soon.

    • September 7, 2016 at 1:54 pm

      Thank you, James! That means a lot!

      Saw the CNN poll but not the doctoring bit — I appreciate the ‘heads up’.

      Trump is going to have to be picture perfect for the next 60 days. I have been enjoying the readers’ ground reports on The Conservative Treehouse. Everyone says Trump is doing much, much better than the polls indicate.

      On this subject, I will include one account of a mass illegal immigrant vote registration in Florida at the weekend. It’s anecdotal, but comes from a Treehouse reader. Another reader has sent the report to Trump’s campaign.

      I have also heard Larry Nichols explain to Alex Jones how he used to bus poor people from Arkansas all around the state to vote for Clinton when he was governor. It wasn’t an act of charity. He was working for the Clintons and perfected vote fraud on their behalf. He said to expect the same this year nationwide.

      Nichols repented of his sins long ago and is, sadly, dying of cancer. He is telling people this to set expectations for November.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        September 8, 2016 at 11:14 am

        It’s hard to quantify but and good Lord there are, so many Americans arriving at the conclusion, that, the more they hear about Clinton the female half, the less they like her, some of us could have related the history of this civil rights lawyer batsh*t for brains Frankfurt school alumnus……. and long ago.

        I believe Donald Trump is gaining a momentum that will be hard for Hellary’s team autocratic left wing corporate shill for Goldman Sachs to counter.

        Indeed, Mr. Trump has been doing lots of small things but good things and believe it, small gestures and generosity of spirit count far more than clever sound bites and tired rhetoric. Heaven knows, she does look so dog tired these days – and that of course is what she is, an exhausted hollow woman, with dead eyes, a loser that she is, anyway.

        I believe that, so many Americans seek new and bold solutions, like him or detest him, at least Trump provides a much altered perspective and a novel prospectus.

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