If they were to offer something interesting …

… then I might be interested. We’ve been here before:

Now, in the age of caller ID and GPS and all, my phone etiquette has changed to be “unknown is presumed hostile”. So what does that mean in practice? It means a white list.

My standard protocol now is pretty simple. IFF you have an entry in my telephone and your name displays, I may answer if the time is convenient. (i.e. not driving or in the shower or…) but if you have no entry, and either “Unknown” or just your phone number displays, well, those go to voice mail. Leave a message and I’ll evaluate it. Don’t leave a message, I presume it was some kind of Highly Undesirable Contact. HUC’s (and HUCksters) come in many forms. Sales guys. Promoters. Political parties. Companies. Governments and legal crap. And, this season, likely Pollsters too.

Turns out this is a highly effective filter against almost ALL offensive calls.

Me? I go one step further and only use the phone for outgoing calls, pleading a block which had to be placed on incoming. That is, the phone is disconnected. The mobile is somewhere at the bottom of some box somewhere I’ve forgotten.

This causes the companies I do deal with untold angst. One switchboard girl bellyached that if I ‘refuse’ to list a number and address, then how can I expect to be helped? Well, very easily, dear, your request has nothing to do with the service I need.

No no, WE need to know where you are.

Yes but I do not need that. And there’s an end on’t. As I explained to the sweetie – all those whom I deem need to know my details … have them. They can email me, I’ve even trained utilities companies to do this, although now all is done online. HMRC and the DWP know every single detail and I was happy to comply. But this young lady did not.

I’ve just written into the ‘how was this survey’ at YouGov why I shall not tell them anything about my finances when they are, after all, asking my opinion on Costa coffee and which supermarkets I like. Further, I tell them that when they persist in asking me, I bin the survey there and then. Either they learn … or they will be binned.

They have not learnt. so there it is. I’m not budging. If they want me to do their surveys, then they show some ethics.

No no, we MUST know these details, for our records.

What records? None which I wish you to have. The important agencies have them – HMRC and the DWP. YouGov is just a polling organization about opinions.

And there it is.

[H/T Chuckles]