And shop really early for, well; everything!

I am not normally a ‘dismal jimmy’; to me the glass is always half-full, my wife, despite years of a crippling mental illness, will smile once more; I always look on the bright side, even when the clouds are uniformly black and threatening.

So why the warning in the headline?

Well, if you follow international trade links and news, if you even glance at the commercial news headlines, you will have noticed the black headlines surrounding the imploding finances of the Hanjin Merchant Shipping Line, South Korea’s largest container line. The Line, now under bankruptcy protection and desperate for funding structure, has approximately 70 vessels floating off ports all over the world; crammed, and I do mean crammed, full of everything from mobile phones to Lego packs. If the various Judiciaries rule negatively, the creditors will grab the ships,and cargo, to offset against the cash owed to them by Hanjin. America has given a temporary ruling in Hanjin’s favour, but worldwide? Its a big world, and every Marine High Court has different rules.
So if you are planning any Christmas shopping, prezzies for the kids, grandkids, wives, mistresses; whoever, just remember that Maersk can only carry so much, and Amazon only carries ‘Just-in-time’ stock for some 90% of its online catalogue; and only so many days left until Santa comes a-calling!