Wait, I Thought Only Medication Was Effective..?

A “concerning” number of today’s four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school, new research has revealed, with children’s mobility levels said to be at an all-time low.

There’s no mention of lack of table manners (hell, any manners) or toilet training, but I’m told that’s the thing that drives most teachers to despair…

Early-years specialists monitoring children of school age found a higher number experience problems with their balance and coordination than previously thought, ultimately affecting their ability to learn in class.

Researchers from the University of Loughborough said the increase was partly a result of modern children being less active in their early years compared with previous decades, with typical movements associated with play and development reduced by the introduction of electronic toys and screens.

Ah, yes. If in doubt, blame the Internet or technology!

The tests suggest up to 30 per cent of children are starting school with symptoms typically associated with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD – conditions which can be improved with the correct levels of physical activity, experts say.

Really? So…why pump the kiddiewinks full of Ritalin then?

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  1. Errol
    September 10, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    Partially, the report is probably right. Children aren’t getting enough exercise in early years. Especially the poorer ones. I’d argue that’s more to do with there being massive social change: more buildings in a smaller space leaving fewer green spaces to play in and smaller – often non-existant gardens. Smaller homes leaves less physical room to play. Of course the other end of it is other children: I don’t want mine playing with the illiterate feral thugs from the council estate: they swear and hit one another.

    After school activities are available, but often expensive. Not all parents can get to them or they require child care for another sibling. Of course, some parents just don’t give a damn and do nothing with their children, but the obstacles are more than simply ‘toys and games’. Of course, the Independent isn’t going to address the real problem as it agrees with it.

    It comes back to there being far too many people in the country.

    • Vera
      September 10, 2016 at 4:14 pm

      Part of the problem can be lack of vitamin D because children don’t play outside as much as they used to. I now live in a flat and the child next door, who is of a well-to-do Asian family, is wrapped in cotton wool by her mother. She didn’t walk until she was over 3 years old, although she plainly wanted to. She kept trying to get up on her legs but would just collapse. My own children who had a completely different experience were both walking by their first birthday.

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