Based on ‘choice’ and ‘merit’ – why not?

may-down-on-ind-schoolsIf May is even partly guilty of the Telegraph beat-up, then she needs to do some thinking.

For a start, what’s this inverse snobbery of calling them ‘private’ schools instead of what they are – ‘independent’? And there are many down-at-heel schools under that heading. ‘Fee-paying’ school does not equal snobbery, it equals ‘parents’ decision to pay out for their child’s education’. That’s it.

Why you would attack that in order to support your idea of grammar schools … is bizarre. Personally, I’m all for grammar schools. If the spotty herbert of lesser means has a bit of brainpower and is willing to knuckle down to work, then why not?

If his bro in the state system would rather loot shops and go the victimhood route or if Susie the Chav wants to get preggers in her chav kit and do other things, then that’s their affair too. Pardon me but is there not still the principle of choice?

Of course, choice is something in the state system which is largely denied any parent and that stinks too. This desperate attempt to bring everyone down to the same low standard of mediocrity is so wrong. Why shouldn’t people aspire? Do what they can for their little Johnny and Betty?

Tory totty junior snowflake Isabel Hardman asks:

Could Theresa May’s grammar school plans trigger an early election?

Why should it?

The controversial nature of the reforms announced today – and let’s not forget the proposal to lift the cap on the proportion of pupils that faith schools can admit from their own religion, which will cause a Commons row …

There is more woolly thinking. The issue should not be blanket bans or ‘caps’ on faith schools admissions, the issue should be to send Islam packing. If the Sikhs, Bahai, Christians want to do that, then why not. The reason Islamic schools should be the sole ones to be banned is because of what demonstrably comes out of them – little jihadis running around blowing up, throat-slitting and raping, chasing and beating up citizens in the streets, the layabouts.

That’s the issue, not choice of a faith school. And who are atheists/humanists to deny people their right to believe in the god of their choice? Unless, of course, that god tells you to run around blowing up, throat-slitting and raping, chasing and beating up citizens in the streets?

Here’s what I mean, this is one commenter on the Hardman article:

What is frightening about these proposals is the prominence given to faith schools. The Tory party has said that it wants to remove social barriers, yet faith schools raise them. Does anyone seriously believe that Islamic faith schools will teach the benefits of integrating with the wider society?

It’s this sudden lumping in of all faiths with Islam. When was the last pogrom by Jews in our streets? When was the last time you saw a Confucian gang raping white girls? When did you last see a Christian group run an orgy for Muslim girls? Why do so many people want to conflate all faiths with the one doing all this?

On the other hand, the rule of our traditional law must be paramount in our land – traditional being before it was hijacked by the leftists – and if a faith school is running a system of real, secular oppression on children and I don’t mean preaching that there is a god, but that it’s OK to beat up your wife or do FGM, something like that – then obviously they are subject to the same traditional law as the rest of us.

And that’s a legit argument to close down schools of that type, rather than this silly notion of ‘capping’ numbers allowed to be admitted.

I’m thinking of various Christian ‘sects’ which are anything but biblical, e.g. Welby’s abomination – hence the breakaway moves. America has the largest number of these. If they preach polygamy, then they close down, as that contravenes western traditions on marriage.

But of course, this is getting into a minefield, no? Because the law has been hijacked these days to cripple standards which were once upheld and the police are the instruments of doing this now, rather than the friendly bobbies mouthing:  now then, now then, what’s all this then?

The one which sticks in my memory is Myleene Unclassy who was in her kitchen, two thugs climbed over her back fence, she brandished a kitchen knife and hey presto – guess who was arrested?

Is it any wonder people are embracing a return to our traditions and the rule of common law … as it originally was? Is it any wonder candidates embracing this are going to win more elections?

But May – the woman seems a bit of a fruitcake in some ways, she certainly can’t think straight on many issues. Still, as long as she does implement Brexit, that’s one thing.